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15 posts from May 2012

May 30, 2012


Wearing a suede fringe beaded jacket purchased at a vintage show in Austin several months back--too cool!! I need to bust it out a few more times before it hits 1000 degrees here...which shouldn't be too long.

The lariat necklace I'm wearing is a piece we are doing for an exciting upcoming collaboration! Can't wait to share more soon!!

These Givenchy open toe boots were borrowed from my mom...I love their futuristic hooven look. The tank top is Herff Christiansen and the jeans are Madewell.

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May 29, 2012


I'm wearing a t-shirt by one of my favorite artists, Justin Wallis, the incredibly talented creator of the MILKBBI universe! I have been following his work on Tumblr for a very long time...his talent is mind blowing and his vision is so extraordinary! The print shown in the background of this picture is one of my favorites of his. I am so happy to have a piece of his work. Take a look through his website, you will get lost in his candyland world :)

Justin has told me he is sold out of this t-shirt for the moment, but says he is working on some exciting new things for his next collection, so stay tuned! I know I can't wait to see!!

I put on a cosplay wig to look more MILKBBI-ish ;) ♥ I want to transport myself into one of Justin's pictures!

May 27, 2012


Yesterday my mom and I went furniture browsing at  Again & Again...I have an extra bit of space in my bedroom and I've been thinking about putting a little seating area in it. Makes your bedroom feel a little more luxurious, right??
Wearing a Style Nanda blouse and skirt with a pair of my mom's Roberto Cavalli strappy heels from 2000. I love these shoes so much, simple is better when it comes to sexy sandals.

Test driving all sorts of chairs...getting out of hand....

Hey!! Did these chairs come from Prince's Paisley Palace??? I could get used to this....

The most intense chair touch in the world....




May 25, 2012



I have been told by countless friends and a few amazing hairstylists that the wig shop on Lemmon Avenue here in Dallas is the best for crazy wigs. Yesterday my mom and I were shooting an exciting project that called for something a little extra so we popped in. I guess wigs are a good way to try new cuts and colors....the black is super fun, maybe I'll try it when I'm ready for a big change!

P.S. I did a shopping list over at Barneys today! <3 those Balmains...

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May 22, 2012


Pink IS the best color!

1. Etoile Isabel Marant quilted cotton jacket

2. Mimi Holiday by Damaris silk-chiffon bra

3. Marc Jacobs quilted shoulder bag

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs striped peplum top

5. Laurence Dacade lace red buckle heels

6. F-Troupe mesh saddle shoes

7. TEXTILE by Elizabeth and James tie-dye cut-off shorts

8. Carven printed skirt

9. Elizabeth and James pink blazer


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May 20, 2012


I have been admiring Meredith Wendell's accessories ever since my mom turned me on to their things on Net-a-Porter. At the time they had done a square leather bag with a blue suede patch on the front that seriously brought me to my knees. It was unlike any other bag out there. That's what I love about their bags!My mom and were lucky enough to meet Meredith and Wendell, a husband and wife design team based out of New York, when they were passing through Dallas last week.  It was so exciting to meet designers I admire so much...they were so fun and sweet!

Meredith Wendell was extremely kind to give us a few of their beautiful accessories..the green, gold, and brown drawstring tote my mom is carrying is exquisite!

Meredith designs every kind of accessory imaginable...I immediately fell head over heels in love with her abstract plexi-leopard necklace. How cool is it???

 Below is the python and white purse I've been carrying with everything lately!

Above are Meredith's cute Miu Miu mules and a gorgeous turqoise and pythn bag of her own design.

I can't wait to share some of the other things from Meredith Wendell! I'll be back soon ;)

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May 19, 2012


I can't remember the last time I had sneakers on...probably the last time I went to the gym, so centuries ago. I needed to run to the store and had left my usual Zara flats at my mom's place, so I went digging around in my closet and came up with these Purcells sneakers. I can only assume they belong to my sister and I have no idea how they wound up at my place.

I ended up wearing them to go pick up some sandals at H&M at Northpark...I was glad to have them on!! Why didn't I get sneakers sooner? Wearing them with some neon shorts sent to me by Notify, a Herff Christiansen tank top, and my trusty Lucky belt.


PB&J at the Mermaid Bar is the best!!

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May 17, 2012



It took me long enough...I seem to always be late to the game on these things. I am on Pinterest now! Great, another time abuser ;) But it sure is a pretty way to pass the time.

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