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January 14, 2012


Between my patent leather shorts and my sequin sweater, I feel like a human disco ball.


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January 12, 2012


Wearing a beautiful dress given to me by Elizabeth and James on a cold morning flipping through magazines. I'm so excited, I have found a really cool apartment in an eccentric 60's complex and I'm having fun getting decorating ideas!

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January 08, 2012


I thought I was going crazy when I stepped outside on Friday and felt like it was summer for a second. It was amazing! I started out wearing this  jacket but it got so hot that eventually I changed into my new tiger swimsuit from Black Milk.

Wearing vintage cut-offs, vintage Culture Club tour shirt, and an 80's glitzy band-style jacket I found in Palm Beach.

Wearing a twisted brass bracelet by Kelly Wearstler and my Black Milk tiger swimsuit (I love it!!)

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January 07, 2012


Super simple outfit I wore when I went into town for dinner the other night. This seventies men's polka dot shirt is my favorite. Wore it with a Rugby tweed jacket, Rich & Skinny metallic legacy jeans, a men's belt from Lucky, and my Dolce & Gabbana star booties. It was their first night out!

Love Christian Louboutin's Christmas display!

I'm really going to miss seeing all the Christmas lights.

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January 05, 2012


I have such warm memories of sitting at the Guerlain makeup counter  and when I was very young...it was where my mom always took me on my birthday. The beautiful little perfume bottles fascinated me. The pink color and feminine tassel of Shalimar Intial take me back to that feeling of childish enchantment.

It was an honor to be chosen by Guerlain to interpret my own vision of Shalimar Initial. It is as seductive as the classic Shalimar, but more subtle and innocent. It smells as sweet as it looks. Click here to learn more about Shalimar Intial!



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January 03, 2012


These Dolce & Gabbana star booties remind me of David Bowie--new favorite shoes ever! There are still a few pairs left on Net-a-Porter.

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January 02, 2012



I got inspired to put together a 70's look when I was reading old issues of groupie magazines late one night. I was looking at a picture of girls dripping in beads, wearing huge platforms with tiny suede shorts when it dawned on me that there were no hot pants in my life.

I knew my mom was going to be doing some shopping  in town while I was busy with something else, so I asked her if she would look for some hot pants while she was out. Actually, I wrote a note asking her to look for hot pants and left it on the stove with my credit card on top of it since I wouldn't be seeing her in the morning. We live in a crazy people house where its normal to find handwritten notes about hot pants lying around.

She took me up on my hot pants mission and came up with these amazing paisley shorts from Free People. I have the best mom ever :) I'm wearing them with a leather 70's vest and belt. Also wearing a 30's piano shawl purchased on my recent trip to Tulsa--amazing! The tights are my absolute favorites, sent to me by Hue.

The skull necklace I'm wearing was made by my grandma. She gave it to me for Christmas--thank you so much grandma, it's so beautiful! I'm pretty lucky, I have a grandma that makes amazing jewelry and a mom who likes to go hot pants hunting.


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January 01, 2012

A Few Moments from 2011

Happy New Years everyone! What a year it was. This morning I went through a year's worth of blog posts. 2011 holds a lot of special memories for me and I'm sad to say goodbye to it. The new year is going to be full of exciting changes though. Before I jump into 2012, I'm going to post some of my favorite memories from 2012.

Kim is easily the most important part of 2011 to me. We adopted her in February and I know I'm going to sound like a crazy dog lady (which I am), but I cannot tell you how much joy she brings us. Kim is so effervescent and hilarious...truly an ethereal being. We are all so lucky to have these special animals in our lives!

The year started off with two trips to Las Vegas--one to speak on a panel for Kodak at the Consumer Electronics Convention and one to attend WWD's Magic tradeshow with Teen Vogue. The CES convention was so fun! Vegas was so surreal. My mom and I wondered around Crystal shopping center people-watching...seriously fascinating crowd. A lot of crazy looking people. We probably fit right in though, with Kim tucked under our arms ;)

These totally insane Yves Saint Laurent platforms were purchased while we were in Vegas (naturally)! I love this photo of my mom and my sister and I wearing them. I wore these shoes about every day this summer. I fell really hard at a party in them--like head over heels. Sooo embarrassing.

I got to meet so many other bloggers I admire this year and see so many of my other blogger friends! It's so cool to finally get to meet someone who you feel like you know already because read their blog. When I got to meet Alix I was pretty starstruck--I love her blog so much!! This was taken while we were on set for Glamour's Young and Posh photoshoot-shot by Garance Dore. Garance is so sweet and funny. We got to see each other soon after when were in Palm Beach for the House of Lavande dinner party.

This year I had the chance to interview Nicholas Kirkwood, one of my favorite shoe designers, while he was in Dallas--what an honor! He was so much fun to talk to.

Had a brief fling with bangs this spring. Not my favorite look, but my mom and I enjoyed doing this photoshoot. Lesson learned: no impulse cuts in 2012.

I was in New York for a weekend during August, and I came back to find our studio totally made over! My mom amazes me with the speed with which she can complete a project. We love to hang out here now! I'll be sad to leave it when I move.

My mom and I co-hosted at Miu Miu's Fashions Night Out in New York this September, which was a blast! I was with some of my favorites that night--Tavi and Elizabeth namely. Miu Miu sent us some of the fall collection samples to shoot before the event. To shoot that collection was a dream come true for us! We shot this all at a local feed store.

I was the Fanastic Mr. Fox for Halloween this year--it came together very last minute but sometimes that's how things work out the best!

This year my mom and I got to meet one of our idols--Kelly Wearstler. Kelly is one of the sweetest people I've ever met! I remember how excited we were to be at a dinner party she hosted in New York this fall. What a magical night! My mom and I were thrilled to be able to shoot her new clothing line. When the boxes arrived, it was like Christmas morning. We used the beautiful wrapping paper as a set backdrop.


Shooting the Reed Krakoff pre-fall collection was pretty amazing--Reed is one of my favorite designers. I had the chance to meet him in New York earlier this year--definitely a highlight of this year! Reed is so kind and warm.

My mom and decided that we liked these photos the best out of all the ones we took this year--we had planned to shoot it somewhere else, but then my mom was just testing the light while I was getting ready in my bedroom and happened to get something really cool.

This is one of my favorite shots I took of my mom from this year! It looks like she is casting a spell.


My sister's return from school for the holidays was one of the happiest moments of 2011. We miss her so much and are having so much fun now that she is home for the holidays.


Shooting with Mario Sorrenti in November was definitely the most nerve-wracking thing I've ever done. He's used to shooting supermodels, so shooting me had to be a looooong way down from that. You can't imagine how self-concious I felt walking into his studio!  The shoot ended up being insanely fun and Mario was the nicest person you've ever met. I cannot wait for the project to debut this year!

What a crazy year. Thanks to all of the amazing people who made it so special--and thanks to those who keep tuning into Sea of Shoes!


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