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January 13, 2011


Wearing the most amazing vintage asymmetrical Bill Blass jacket, vintage Elvis tank top given to me by the sweet ladies from Fruition in Las Vegas, vintage belt, Ralph Lauren bandana, vintage clutch from Vintage Martini, beetle and octopus necklaces from our own jewelry line, Current & Elliot jeans, and my beloved new Yves Saint Laurent platforms.

I am a huge, huge Adolfo fan but ironically I do not own any Adolfo hats (Adolfo began as a milliner). My mom was at Vintage Martini with our partner in crime Tina (the Bag Snob) and called me wondering if I'd be interested in a raccoon hat by Adolfo. In my mind's eye it wasn't quite as...intense. But you know what they say here in Texas, go big or go home. 

In New York I saw fur hats in this style that were much larger and more dramatic. I couldn't help staring at them like they were big furry fungal growths on their owners heads but it didn't seem to phase New Yorkers. 

This hat will keep me warm in the weeks to come...it hasn't gotten above freezing all week here in DFW.

Check out how the right side of the jacket has a velvet lapel and a turned up sleeve, and the left side is plain. 

I've gotten some questions about the red lipstick I wear...it's Serge Luten's Votre Sienne. I find most shades of red lipstick too blue for my tastes, and this is a nice brick red color. Plus the tube is really small, great news if you don't usually carry purses (me).


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