January 25, 2011


I got home from Palm Beach the night before last, but since I've been here my hands have been pretty full with our new family addition. Kim is an 8 month old chihuahua....her puppy mill breeder dropped Kim and her sister off at the pound. We found Kim through the Furever Friends adoption program, and immediately fell in love. She had to be spayed and had to have surgery for her cherry eye, but she came home this weekend and my neighbor babysat her. 

In the end, my neighbor adopted Kim's sister, and now they live next door to each other...they are extremely bonded but I think the autonomy is good for both of them. 

It's so sad to think that sweet things like Kim and Roxie end up in pounds--the chihuahua overpopulation problem in California is heartbreaking. A lot of these chihuahua's are being shipped all around the country to rescue shelters where they have a better chance of being adopted. I love chihuahuas...for all of their neuroses, their extremely complex personalities make them wonderful companions. My family was involved in bullmastiff rescue for ten years, it's funny that the strongest personalties really do come in the smallest packages.

Kim is totally precious--but admittedly a bit of a brat. She has to be held *all* of the time. To be honest I always wanted a dog like that. I have two toy mixes who are completely neurotic (but extremely lovable) and way too rough-and-tumble to really be lapdogs. Kim is sleeping in my lap as I type.

She has to wear a E collar until her stitches heal--her sister helped her take them out. 

I had a blast in Palm Beach at the House of Lavande party. House of Lavande is an incredible vintage couture jewelry store--I could have spent days going though their merchandise. 


It was so wonderful to see so many familiar faces! Garance Dore and Andrew Bevan were just a few familiar faces. I can't even tell you how much fun the party was, and I'm not doing the setting justice when I say it was breathtaking. Everyone looked incredible. Thank you for having me and my mom out! 

I am dying to get back to Palm Beach...the vintage surpassed even my very high expectations. The town itself was like Disney Land, and I loved the architecture. It was like a 40's movie... uninterrupted opulence as far as the eye can see. 

I'll have to come up with a scheme to get back to Palm Beach soon. 


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