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December 31, 2010


Wearing a 40's sweater and a Comme des Garcons skirt, both from Vintage Martini's 50% off sale...my mom and I went with our friend Tina (aka BagSnob) and ended up having way too much fun with Ken and staying for four hours. 

The CDG skirt and this sweater paired up to be very Bringing Up Baby....my mom and I had fun shooting this. Thanks for the amazing photos mom. Maybe it will be my New Years Eve outfit!

December 28, 2010

1000 BC

This insane shearling vest I'm wearing was a Christmas gift from my grandma. It's 80's Christian Dior. My grandma got it at a flea market.....thank you Grandma!! I love the whipstich detail. I can't take it off! I'm wearing it as I type this post. It's kind of apocalyptic isn't it...very Planet of the Apes/Zardos/Logan's Run.

The pants I'm wearing are Rugby. My mom and I both got a pair of these.  I am in love with them. Even though my friend Viky calls them the Grapes of Wrath Pants. Also wearing a J Crew men's sweatshirt, necklace by the Woods, an amazing belt I got somewhere in LA, and some vintage braided silver bracelets.

Giuseppe Zannoti buckle shoes!

December 26, 2010

The Nutcracker

The band jacket with pink sleeves returns...the dress I'm wearing is from Banana Republic, I bought it when I was twelve. I wore this to go see the Nutcracker with my boyfriend recently. Definitely my favorite thing to do for Christmas. The production at Bass Hall in Fort Worth was amazing!

I've been wearing these Pradas any time I go out. Pointy toes forever!!

I hope everyone who celebrated it had a great Christmas yesterday! We had a photoshoot for the Nowness....helped them celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. ;) Go see our bird themed feature over there!

Oh, and thanks for all of the sweet birthday wishes on Thursday!

December 22, 2010

My Picks from the Art Contest!

The long awaited post on the Art Contest I held two months is FINALLY here! As you may remember, at the beginning of October I held a contest inviting readers to artistically interpret their favorite spring runway look. A thousand apologies for the embarassing delay--to say there were a few technical problems with the gallery would be an understatement. I know that there are four copies of some entries in there. If your entry is not in the gallery, I am very sorry, believe me that the mistake was not intentional!

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to participate, it means so much to me! The response was tremendous and it was so much fun seeing the new submissions every day. The creativity and skill levels of the entries were mind-blowing and inspiring. Some of the interpretations were so far out--there were dolls, cakes, animals, and dresses made of paint swatches.

Needless to say choosing fifteen of the entries to show on Sea of Shoes was not a piece of cake. Please have a look at the gallery to see all of the entries, they are truly incredible.

Shannon Stokes, 33, NYC, Prada

Leslie Olson, 19, Minneapolis, Alberta Feretti

Derek Cardigan, 24, Vancouver BC, Marc Jacobs

Daniel Lloyd, 36, Melbourne, Vivienne Westwood

Caitlin Shearer, 21, Syndey, Jill Stuart

Sarah A, Milwaukee, Chanel

Pamela Quinto, 19, Quezon City, Erdem

Maria Bordeanu, 28, Bucharest, Romania


Annie, 23, NYC, Alexander McQueen

Naomi Alessandra, 33, San Francisco, Mary Katrantzou

Georgia, 12, London, Gucci

Millie, 21, Sydney, Prada

Caroline Brown, Toronto, Alexander McQueen


Jennie Ahn, 28, Los Angeles, Junya Watanabe

Natalia Sanabria, 27, San Jose Costa Rica, Manish Arora

Before I close off this post, I have to say thank you again to all of the kind people who participated in this contest!! I can not believe that so many talented artists would deem this contest worth their time. You're amazing!

December 17, 2010


I've been dying to show off this coat for a long time, but I wanted to wait until Christmas...for obvious reasons. I got this beauty at Vintage Martini this summer. It's a 60's sheared rabbit fur from Neiman Marcus, and it still has its tags. Unfortunately, no explanation on the crab. Santa coats never struck me as a crab's natural habitat. I can only extrapolate that this coat was part of a zodiac collection of furs. Nothing says Christmas like a crustacean I guess!

It has star shaped buttons too!

One more thing to share--an amazing 80's Lilie Rubin blouse I'm borrowing from my mom. Aren't the sleeves insane!

I love my new Jean Michael Cazabat shoes.

This vintage Judith Lieber Lion belt is nuts. We call it the door-knocker belt. 

In the background is our sad little Christmas tree. This is our first year without a big tree. I made the gold bird ornaments for it out of paper plates. 

Gotta run--just got into New York last night for a photoshoot and I'm up early for it this morning. I'm chomping at the bit to get home to enjoy Christmas with my family. Happy holidays to yours too!


December 13, 2010

Childhood Library

 The older I get, the more I enjoy my toys and children's books.. When I'm creatively stumped, I love to flip through colorful fairy tales. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that life doesn't have to be so serious all of the time. 

My best toy and books finds were always from Japan. When I went to Tokyo two years ago, I picked up an amazing magazine called Pooka. The issue was an entire retrospective on illustrator Arai Ryoji's artwork. I fell in love with his style and began collecting his books. It was a little tricky ordering them from Japanese Amazon because you can't look them up in English characters. This definitely isn't my whole collection! I have them scattered all over because I refer to them constantly! Of course, I can't read them at all....

So, in case you want to order Arai Ryoji's books too, just click this link for his listing on Amazon.jp :) 

He has a blog too!

Arai Ryoji's retelling of Snow White might be my favorite.

I'm also a big fan of 'guided' coloring books, such as Taro Gomi's.

I love all of these! Above left is a Japanese coloring book kit, top right is a French Taro Gomi, La Fabrica di Immagini is an amazing Italian sticker and coloring book, Rosie Flo's has the most fantastical fashion illustrations, and 642 Things to Draw is great when you need to be told what to do.

These are pages from La Fabrica Di Immagini.

Aww....what a classic. I love Margaret Wise Brown's illustrations so much.  

One last thing....

I fell so hard for these zebra calf hair wedges at Barney's sale! They are unbelievably beautiful on the foot. Isn't it so cute how Jean Michael Cazabat stuffs the toes of his shoes with little plush hearts?

Happy holidays everyone! Coming up next...the Art Contest results. For real this time.


December 09, 2010



I got these bell bottoms with lace inserts at Free People the other day. Great find because its so hard to find flares that are skinny through the entire leg, with a nice elongating bell shape just toward the bottom. The only other pair I have that have this shape are some jeans I bought at Le Grand Bleu in Tokyo--and they were mens jeans!

Wearing a thrifted vintage leopard coat, thrifted chiffon scarf, my trusty Mr. We cross and a Pamela Love chicken claw necklace I borrowed from my mom, and Celine criss cross platforms

Look at my yucky dog balancing a serpent on her head. If given a chewy treat, Staci turns into a homicidal maniac and will guard her bone to the death. That's the psycho chihuahua in her. She is a very complex animal. She has a very flat head as you can see.

December 05, 2010


Wearing a The Dress & Co hoodie I got at 55Hotel Boutique in Laforet during my trip to Tokyo, worn with an old bandana as a scarf. Sorry I haven't been posting much this week, things have been busy. We did another exciting shoot for the Nowness at our house, so my mom and my sister and I were hustling and bustling to get it together for the shoot. It was Christmas themed, so there was lots of festive baking and decorating...I am dying to see the final photos because the shoot was so fun.

I realize I'm a month late juding the art contest---many apologies. I feel awful. Believe me, the post is on its way. The gallery workload is killing me.

I'm in love with this vintage Nerfetiti choker necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane. It is super banged up and in need of some love. I guess I can get it replated.

It looks very cool with a vintage Mary Mcfadden grecian-style dress.  I love Mary Mcfadden so much. I was watching Beverly Hills Madam, a classic good-bad sleazy movie with Faye Dunaway, and in the first few minutes of the movie Faye Dunaway buys a Mary Mcfadden dress. Delightful. :) If you love bad 80s movies, I would highly reccomend it.

Happy holidays everyone!!

xo Jane


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