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October 17, 2010

Sunday at the Flea Market

Still buzzed on all of the inspiration we found in Paris, my mom and I headed to the Market Hall in Dallas this morning to visit the Buchanan Flea Market after my grandma called us about it. It was a last minute field trip but I am soo glad we went. I can't get all of the images from Hanna Bernhard's studios out of my head. (I'm still editing the thousands of photos I shot there--post coming very soon)

But since the day starts with breakfast I will first share a picture of mine...

A few weeks ago my mom taught me how to make these biscuits and ever since I've been obsessed with them. They're so tasty and simple...and even I can make them! This morning I made a fresh batch. Check out the recipe my mom just posted.

This is my favorite type of tea--and I've just started using loose leaf tea. It makes a big difference. Assam tea is so strong its almost like coffee.

Nothing like tea in bed with your dogs. Here lies a pensive Staci.

Okay--on to the flea market.

Three pounds of lace--next DIY project?? I loved photographing all of the lace.

Here is a Madeleine doll house. Remeber in the Madeleine books how the dining table and the rows of beds went on forever? In the house they've painted them on the walls--how cute.

What a nice weasel. I asked the seller about this--he is actually a 1920s German mask for Mardi Gras, with two holes in it for you to see through.


My mom and I found so many great things--I have not photographed any of it yet but an art dealer from Oklahoma had some incredible stock that had been in storage for years. I am so excited about it. I must take pictures soon! I got some huge books of Disney animation history too.

A pair of harlequin bookends.

An amazing pair of Mexican vases that now flank my mom's desk.

A cool candle holder that has now become a jewelry holder.

This vintage Jean Paul Gaultier biker jacket was a steal--can't believe it. What a piece.

My little sister Carol has been busy in the kitchen again--look at the beautiful cake she made!!


The doggies want a piece...

Townsend, my corgi, being ridiculous. Business as usual for him-he always sleeps this way. I guess its comfy if you have really short legs.

You'll hear from me soon--I can't wait to post the pictures from Hanna Bernhard's studio!

xo Jane



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