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10 posts from October 2010

October 31, 2010

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Happy Halloween!!
I'm chanelling Bette Davis as Baby Jane Hudson in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?'.

I had fun with my costume--Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is one of my favorite movies. I wore a 70s faux-edwardian blouse, skirt by Jelly Garcia, beaded shawl from Tokyo, and Alejandro Ingelmo CeCe boots I borrowed from my mom.

Had to share Annebet Duvall's costume--she went as me!! Haha!! The best part is that I have the exact same vintage necklace she's wearing!! Her date was Tavi. It was so nice meeting you during fashion week!!

Hope you all have a great Halloween!



October 28, 2010

5 days in New York

Sorry for neglecting Sea of Shoes--I had a busy 5 day trip to New York with my mom. We spoke on the blogger panel at Teen Vogue University. It was such an honor to be included on such an impressive roster! I also got to meet some of my favorite bloggers...pictured below are Hanneli and her sister Tirill, and Phil Oh of Street Peeper. We had such a great time with them!! Thank you Teen Vogue for inviting us.

Hanneli and Tirill getting snapped by Phil

We also had the pleasure of visiting What Goes Around Comes Around's warehouse in New Jersey to pull some pieces for the event we hosted there on Tuesday. 11,000 square feet of heaven.

All my outfits in New York were kind of weird. I am the worst packer. I need to go to the Anna Dello Russo school of packing because I feel like the only place I dress up is at home.


In love this these Pucci embellished Levi's!

I was super happy that my trip coincided with my boyfriend's never-ending tour schedule. Hey, can you make a nice face for my camera for once??

Love this picture of my mom--her vintage fur sweater is on my to-steal list.


A random outfit when I was out grabbing an early lunch. I picked up these Levi's at the WGACA warehouse. I borrowed my mom's fur trimmed shawl a lot--it was pretty brisk in New York this weekend.

I got these Celine criss-cross platforms in Paris. Gorgeous, and very teetery.


I ate a loooot in New York. How does everyone stay so skinny there with so much good food? Coming home to subpar tex-mex was a rude awakening. My spinach enchiladas this afternoon were like cardboard served on a bed of cat puke.

Thank you to those who came to the event at What Goes Around Comes Around on Tuesday--it was so nice to meet some readers and see friends!!

It feels amazing to be home...I love travelling and have done a lot of it this year, but the best part is always coming home. I always miss my New York friends though!! I've got two trips coming up real soon, so I better enjoy home while I can.

I can't wait to see blogtown is cooking up for Halloween...I better try to pull a costume together. If I don't wuss out I'll take pictures! Hope everyone stays safe this weekend. I know the roads in Dallas on Halloween are about as treacherous as they are on New Years.

xo Jane

October 21, 2010


Man, I carry my purse like a jerk. Who does this limpy forearm position when they carry big bags except for me and Paris Hilton? I'm exageratting but I can't help notice my refusal to shift the weight of purse at all in the following photos. It's rare that I carry bags...usually when I go out I wedge some cash and my ID in my phone case cover...can't have a purse slowing me down.

Anyway, yes the Jean Paul Gaultier jacket is from a Target collection! Explains the good deal i got on it. I love it!
Worn with Current Elliot jeans, a scarf from Tokyo, and beautiful, beautiful shoes that were sent to me by Peter Som...they were designed by Charlotte Olympia. Thank you so much for my new favorite shoes ever!

These Charlotte Olympia for Peter Som lace up boots are my new favorite things in the whole world. Beautiful perfect and unusual shoe!!

A snapshot of my favorite candy to close this post. I'm a licorice junky...I never have to share this candy because everyone else thinks its so gross. ;)

October 19, 2010

Inside Hanna Bernhard

One of the highlights of the trip to Paris was getting to visit the studio of my favorite jewelry designer Hanna Bernhard. I've featured Hanna Bernhard on my blog frequently this year and was thrilled to get a behind-the-scene glimpse.

As much as I already loved Hanna Bernhard, I think I love it that much more now that I've seen the process that goes into the pieces they make and the amazing environment they've created.

Above is an unfinished lemur that will eventually be heading to Dallas--I'm glad I got to see him in progress!

Enjoy the photos of their space--and thank so much to Natalie and Fernand. Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas!



October 17, 2010

Sunday at the Flea Market

Still buzzed on all of the inspiration we found in Paris, my mom and I headed to the Market Hall in Dallas this morning to visit the Buchanan Flea Market after my grandma called us about it. It was a last minute field trip but I am soo glad we went. I can't get all of the images from Hanna Bernhard's studios out of my head. (I'm still editing the thousands of photos I shot there--post coming very soon)

But since the day starts with breakfast I will first share a picture of mine...

A few weeks ago my mom taught me how to make these biscuits and ever since I've been obsessed with them. They're so tasty and simple...and even I can make them! This morning I made a fresh batch. Check out the recipe my mom just posted.

This is my favorite type of tea--and I've just started using loose leaf tea. It makes a big difference. Assam tea is so strong its almost like coffee.

Nothing like tea in bed with your dogs. Here lies a pensive Staci.

Okay--on to the flea market.

Three pounds of lace--next DIY project?? I loved photographing all of the lace.

Here is a Madeleine doll house. Remeber in the Madeleine books how the dining table and the rows of beds went on forever? In the house they've painted them on the walls--how cute.

What a nice weasel. I asked the seller about this--he is actually a 1920s German mask for Mardi Gras, with two holes in it for you to see through.


My mom and I found so many great things--I have not photographed any of it yet but an art dealer from Oklahoma had some incredible stock that had been in storage for years. I am so excited about it. I must take pictures soon! I got some huge books of Disney animation history too.

A pair of harlequin bookends.

An amazing pair of Mexican vases that now flank my mom's desk.

A cool candle holder that has now become a jewelry holder.

This vintage Jean Paul Gaultier biker jacket was a steal--can't believe it. What a piece.

My little sister Carol has been busy in the kitchen again--look at the beautiful cake she made!!


The doggies want a piece...

Townsend, my corgi, being ridiculous. Business as usual for him-he always sleeps this way. I guess its comfy if you have really short legs.

You'll hear from me soon--I can't wait to post the pictures from Hanna Bernhard's studio!

xo Jane


October 16, 2010

Dress Up

Wearing a Dolce and Gabbana spring 2009 jacket with a vintage Chloe blouse, ratty shorts, Dolce and Gabanna suede 'face' wedges...here is a picture of the shoes!

Playing dress-up...I was ready for some color. I did the worst job packing for Paris last week--I tried on everything in my closet and then proceeded to confidently pack just two pairs of jeans and an enormous satin opera coat..and not much else. I never did wear the opera coat so I wore all black the whole trip.

Happy Saturday to everyone! I'm trying hard to get the art gallery together--my inbox is a disaster. I haven't emailed all of the new submissions back and I'm sorry for that. The entries are blowing my mind--see for yourself!

If you emailed me your entry and its not there, I am very sorry! You can resend it to me. Please title the email 'Art Contest' to make it accessible in the cesspool of junk mail that is my inbox! I know I'm probably missing out on many entries.

I also need the entries in a jpeg file format. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation with the troubleshooting of this contest!! It's been so fun seeing the entries and I've been turned on to so many new talented artists.


October 14, 2010

Paris in Pictures

My mom and I tagged along with Hanh of Life In Travel for a short jaunt to Paris. It was an incredible trip with wonderful friends--I laughed soo hard. Thank you Hanh for the invitiation--it was a lovely time! We also got to meet up with Martina of The Little Fashion Treasury and William MG...who are absolutely some of my favorite people! The weather was beautiful--I was in Paris around this time last year for le Bal, and going back brings back wonderful memories.

We all paid a visit to Hanna Bernhard's studio--a life-changing experience! I am dying to share the pictures. Expect a post soon!

Here are some snapshots from the last couple of days.

Martina's Balmain studded sandals....so beautiful!

Hanh's Jeffrey Campbell boots

Hanh wearing the Alai hiking book in black suede--AMAZING!

Living art--this is a wall of ice in the lobby of Le Meurice.

Wearing jacket by The Row, a Japanese kimono belt my mom bought in the 80s as a scarf, Levi's jeans, Ann Demeulemeester ankle boots.

Giuseppe Zanotti's window

A beautiful pair of Giuseppe sandals!!

My mom's trusty bird scarf

Martina's beautiful Miu Miu clogs

More to come soon!

I am very behind on the art contest--the participation has been overwhelming and I am thrilled to have so many entries! Please forgive me for being slow to get back to everyone. There are so many I don't know where to begin...they are all incredible!

xo Jane

October 08, 2010

One skirt, a few ways

This 50s skirt was a vintage find from Austin-it immediately reminded me of Adolfo and Chanel. The mint green color on it is so beautiful. As much as I love it, I haven't been wearing it as much as I would like to, so yesterday I played around with a couple of different looks.

Worn with Chanel herringbone ponyhair captoe boots.

Worn with a vintage blouse

Worn with Ann Demeulemeester tripe-lace boots (cannot wait to start wearing these boots again)

Worn with a Lillith plaid rufflefront blouse

Worn with a Zara cropped sweatshirt and silver Chanel peeptoe boots.

Such a gorgous skirt-I've always been in love with that shape of skirt. Recently I've gotten a 70s ankle-length tweed skirts that I can't seem to stop wearing...I should post that soon! Really feeling modest hemlines for fall.



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