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12 posts from July 2010

July 31, 2010

Cockroaches, Cupcakes & Cartoons

What a crazy week its been! I'm happy to have a quiet Saturday to myself.

Yesterday while running some errands I ran into Dolly Python, AKA Dallas's treasure chest. You can find all kind of freaky folk art, knick-knacks, jewelry, books, records, and clothes here...did you see the Elle Italia editorial with Erin Wasson? The shots inside Dolly Python are beyond!

I brought home this cockroach necklace--I'm obsessed with the insect jewelry of the Victorian era. This guys a cutie...the detail on the side of the pendant is incredible! Thank you for the necklace, Benjamin & Ari!

You can find more of Tetanus Jewelry by Benjamin Hubert at Dolly Python (Dallas) and Shampoo Salon
 (Fort Worth). For now you can find Tetanus Jewelry HERE.

Worn with a Lucky Brand cardigan

Today my little sister threw a surprise party for one of her friends. The table arrangement she set up was very impressive! She made these cupcakes too--sooo pretty.

She and my mom picked out these pretty glasses at TJ Maxx last week-so nice!

They remind me of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is my current all-consuming obsession...I really don't care to admit how many episodes I've seen this week but I'm sure it's a LOT.

The character design, backdrops, and color schemes are so inspiring! Definitely my favorite Craig Mccracken cartoon, though I still love Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, and Samurai Jack.

I guess the baroque-psychedelia of Foster's Home has my eye trained on the more whimsical touches of the mansions from the Gilded era. I got this book at Dolly Python yesterday and  love to see l that so many of these suffocatingly extravagant rooms have touches of candy colors like mint green, bubblegum pink, and robin's egg blue.

This amazing image by Flickr user Oldoinyo really captures the mood I'm feeling lately...it's of the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.

Have a great weekend!

July 27, 2010


Was so glad to see the faux-fur from Chanel fall 2010 being used in an editorial...I took the photos from Dazed & Confused August issue. Though if I remember correctly the shirt the model is wearing in the above photo is not in fact Chanel...anyways...

Just beyond...!

TAGS: Inspiration

July 26, 2010


My mom styled all of her brooches (some from her personal collection and most from her store Atlantis Vintage) after this look from the J. Crew fall lookbook. She asked me to wear it and I happily obliged...love this look!

Worn with Madewell shirt and jeans, thriftstore jacket, and Banana Republic pearls.

Exciting news to share-my mom and I were recently shot by the talented Douglas Friedman for the Nowness. We were thrilled (and I must admit, very nervous) to be working with such an amazing photographer.

Douglas was such a pleasure to work with-unbelievably sweet and down to earth. I love his work--see below for some of my favorites from his website. Incredible!

The photos will be up in a week or so...expect to see them soon!

July 25, 2010


What I've been playing lately...

Electric Lucifer-Bruce Haack (1970)
The Best of Dolly Parton (1970)
The Wanderer-Donna Summer (1980)
Tokyo Joe-Ryuichi Sakamoto & Kazumi Watanabe (1978)
The Dreaming-Kate Bush (1982)
Right On Time-Prophet (1984)
The Best of Patsy Cline
Neo Geo-Ryuichi Sakamoto (1987)
Arpadys-Arpadys (1977)
Diamonds and Pearls-Prince (1991)
Lovesexy-Prince (1988)
Rhythm Nation-Janet Jackson (1989)
Change Your Mind -Sharpe & Numan (1985)
This Time Baby-Jackie Moore (1979)
Rip It Up-Orange Juice (1982)
Exotic Moog-Martin Denny (1969)
I Robot-The Alan Parsons Project (1977)
Suspiria soundtrack by Goblin (1977)

Nightporter-Japan (1982)
Look Into My Eyes-52nd Street (1982)
Do You Like Japan-Melon (1982)
Chance Operation-Chance Operation (1981)
Rice Music-Masami Tsuchiya (1982)
Turquoise Trail-Pictureplane (2008)
Frederico and the Marrakech Orchestra-Frederico and the Marrakech Orchestra (1983)
Albedo 0.39-Vangelis (1976)
Lone Justice-Lone Justice (1985) God I love Maria McKee..best cow-punk
With Vivien Vee-Vivien Vee (1980)
How Much, How Much I Love You-Love and Kisses (produced by Alec R Costandinos..found today, I love it)
Don't You Know-Brenda Mitchell (1978)
Beers, Steers, and Queers-Revolting Cocks (1990)
Man Parrish-Man Parrish (1982)
Texas Love Triangle Mix by TommyBoy for Vice Magazine (amazing showcase of local music by our own Tommyboy of Arawa.fm, a must-listen)
Cat People-David Bowie/Giorgio Moroder (1982)
Night Bird-Keith Mansfield (1970)
Headhunters-Herbie Hancock (1973)


xo Jane

July 23, 2010


This python jacket was yet another find from the treasure trove that is Cheap Thrills vintage in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My mom and I laid eyes on the jacket and knew it had to come home with us. The jacket was being kept in the backroom, and we happened to glimpse it as exited through the back of the store to avoid the rain. We saw this jacket and froze...the owner wasn't in the store so we had to come back in the morning for it, and thank god Cheap Thrills was open on Fourth of July.

When it's laying flat you can see that the sleeves are ever so slightly puffed...so seventies. The python skin is in perfect condition. Glorious.

Worn with a Madewell denim shirt, a Ralph Lauren little girl's skirt my grandma got for me, a Lucky Brand hat, and those totally crazy no-name vintage boots I got in Austin last year at Big Bertha's.

To share a quote from my favorite movie Wild at Heart....

Sailor: Did I ever tell ya that this here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?
Lula: About fifty thousand times.

Have a good weekend!

July 21, 2010


This vintage bolero was another find from Cheap Thrills in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was love at first sight for me. It immediately evoked a Joan Collins meets the Wicked Witch of the West kind of vibe that I couldn't resist. For 12 dollars, I couldn't not bring it home. 12 dollars, you guys...

My boyfriend Ronnie drew his interpretation of the glamorous super sorceress who would wear this bolero.

I love the bolero this much more now!

This wicked jacket needs some wicked shoes and I think these pointy, piecey, shiny, strappy, snake-like Chloe heels are the perfect sidekicks.

Sorry for the slowdown in updates-haven't had a stable internet connection for days now. Bye for now-I'm going to paint my jacket!


July 15, 2010

Gotta make it work somehow

I found this dress yesterday at a Goodwill in Irving that I like to frequent. A problem with thrifting is that 99% of what you find that you like isn't your size anyway. This dress is a case in point. I love the pattern and the colors, but it's quite roomy and shaped a little weird. The actual waist on this dress falls at about crotch level...not a terribly flattering look.

I decided to try to make it work today...I just hiked the dress up, wrapped up the excess fabric in a ponytail holder and stuck a petticoat underneath it. Cha cha! It kept me cool while I ate tacos outside. Love is love, and I couldn't not wear this dress.

Wore a big stack of vintage bakelite bracelets compliment its Carmen Miranda-esque feel.

And my very beloved beautiful Chanel bowtie heels...aww, these shoes are so sweet.

xo Jane

July 10, 2010

Martin Margiela Haute Couture Fall 2010

Oh my god...........can't say MMM is suffering without the man himself after this collection.


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