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10 posts from June 2010

June 28, 2010


Fred Beshid, curator of the Museum of Fred said, "Making art is too important to be left only to art professionals" Art made by non-professionals also happens to be a lot more charming. The naive charm of bad art will never fade for me. I've spent the past couple of days perusing online thrift store art galleries. All of the below images from from the PBS Thrift Store art gallery and Bill Davenport's gallery. Thank you for sharing these, Paul and Bill.

It's a good thing I love crude art so much because that's the only kind of art I'm capable of creating, as evidenced by the following images.

I have a history of inflicting my inexpert artistry on my poor clothes. I did these jeans at the tender age of fourteen. My mom gave me an old pair of her Levi's and I went crazy on them with Sharpies/fabric pens. At the time I was really into Swedish Dala horses. (Yeah, don't ask..)
I wore them all that summer in San Miguel de Allende...and I still wear them sometimes these days.

This jacket that was sent to me by Aritzia. It's a little too blah for my style but it's still basically a cute jacket...the perfect candidate for a paint job!

But before I go in for the kill I've got to warm up. Can't decide between demented baby animals or perverted fairies theme. Here are few little practice runs I did.

This DIY could take a while...don't expect to hear updates too soon. I want to cake it up with so much paint that the jacket crackles and leaves a trail of flakes everywhere I go.

Wish me luck with my bad art!

June 26, 2010


I haven't been thrifting in a while...I used to go all the time but it can be so hit or miss. Ysterday I went with my aunt and my mom. We went to three...Haltom City Thriftstore, a Goodwill next door to that, and Thrift Town. Got some good stuff!

Judging from the label this blouse is from the 70s...its so tiny! It has a little staining...but too sweet to pass up. The pleated dance skirt is also really old...its nice and heavy and swingy.

I wasn't going to buy this sweater but when I showed my mom she convinced me I should.

Really enjoy the circular bead patterns on you, sweater dress, but you are large and ill-fitting. Had to pose kinda weird to make this not look like a sack on me.

The barfy pastel colors of this skirt won my heart. For $2.99 I couldn't not take it home.

Today my mom made this muffler out of some old faux fur in our garage. Cool scarf mom!!

Sweet puffy sleeved granny sweater with little roses and pretty buttons. Aww...its label looked like it was in German...

Have a great weekend!

June 24, 2010

Ingrid's Chanel China Doll

While in Florence for Luisa Via Roma's Firenze4ever event, Ingrid of The Bag Hag Diaries fell for this China Doll on display in the Chanel boutique. She is from the Paris-Shanghai collection. After much debate, Ingrid decided to name her Ling Ling. She doesn't hold much (a credit card, lipstick, and maybe your cellphone if you're lucky) but her personality makes up for it.

I fell in love with Ling Ling too, I had to take her picture!

Thank you for letting me snap these photos Ingrid!

Here are a few more pictures from Florence :)

A picture that Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil snapped with my camera outside of Miu Miu on the way to the party.

I was eyeing these studded Miu Miu brogues. Not my thing at all but very pretty.

I brought a lot of shoes to Florence, but I couldn't make up my mind what to wear. I I tried on everything I brought.

Cute girl trying on a cute Eudon Choi jacket in Luisa Via Roma-so pretty with her skirt and hair!

Went for after-dinner drinks with Denni, BryanBoy, Wendy of Nitrolicious, the Bag Hag,  and William MG.

Bryan posing with the Luisa Via Roma-mobile

Sorry that my updates have been slow this week. Sometimes you get carried away enjoying real life ;))

June 19, 2010

Great stuff


This is a long post of some of the images I've accumulated over the past month or so. Could also be titled 'Hoarders: Internet Edition'. You've got to click below to see everything.

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June 17, 2010


This is the outfit I wore to the Luisa Via Roma 10th anniversary party.

Dries van Noten dress from spring 2008, Dolce and Gabbana sequin belt from the 90s, Dolce and Gabbana suede 'face' shoes.

Thanks to my little sister for taking these photos :)


June 14, 2010

Friday in Firenze

Denni of ChicMuse wearing a look she styled from Luisa Via Roma...she is so sweet! Yesterday she and her boyfriend and Bryanboy and I spent the whole day lounging in cafes in Florence.

Bryanboy doing a jig on the way to the speech the mayor of Florence gave during Firenze4ever

William MG on the way to pre-dinner drinks

William's beautiful blue YSL bag, with Damir Doma boots

So many cameras snapping, rolling that night!

Vintage crocodile bag

Gorgeous Acne shoes worn by Elin

Beautiful Elin of Style by Kling on the way to dinner

My Prada chandelier shoes. These shoes are so loud when I walk. Worn with a poorly executed rainbow pedicure. I've never had a professional pedicure in my life actually...

I have more pictures to post later! For now I'm back in Rome. It's been such a fun trip. Always a mind-opening experience talking to other bloggers and so exciting to meet so many that I admire! Thank you so much to Luisa Via Roma for having me out.

June 12, 2010

Luisa Via Roma event

I'm here in Florence for Luisa Via Roma's Firenze4ever event. It's been a blast so far and there are way too many beautiful places, people, and shoes in this city!

These are DSquared...roll that around in your mind for a minute. Totally thought they would have

A surprising shoe from Giuseppe Zanotti.

Me with Wendy from Nitrolicious and Bryanboy

Jimmy Choo

David Koma

Versace of course

More to come!

June 10, 2010


I'm in Rome now, but I'm going to share some pictures of the lovely clothes that Aritzia has sent me.

These are all from their own labels: Talula, TNA, and Wilfred.

Check out their site for more info.

Dallas readers, Aritzia has just opened a new store in The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano. I will be checking it out when I get back!

I fell in love with the 'face' sweater...I collect clothes with faces on them!! I love things with faces because I  always personify inanimate objects anyway.

They sent me a version of it with a gold tooth that I will blog soon.

Can't wait to share my pictures from Italy! I am headed to Florence for the Luisa Via Roma's 10th Anniversary event. I look forward to meeting some fellow bloggers. Talk soon :)


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