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11 posts from May 2010

May 30, 2010

Victor Costa & Givenchy Wedges

Here is what I wore yesterday...I wasn't planning on taking pictures, but I found this 80's turquoise Nora Noh skirt and got inspired to dress up. It was a thrift find. I've been looking for a skirt of this exact length and shape to wear with my new Givenchy wedges from this season. I have to admit I had not envisioned my first outfit with these gothimatrix shoes as being so colorful.

I'm wearing a vintage Victor Costa bolero my mom found on eBay-for such a great price! It has got to be my favorite Victor Costa piece I've ever seen. The sleeves are full of tulle. 

The scarf was given to be my grandma a few years ago. She gets lots of vintages scarves on her many trips to antique malls.

My awful dogs always jump right into my pictures when I'm photographing myself! I tried to lure them away with their favorite squirrel toy....

But to no avail...Townsend, the corgi, loves to have his picture taken.


These shoes are surprisingly steady for their height. They're about six and half inches tall. The patent cap toe is my favorite part.

I think you have to be careful about showing too much leg with this shoe. They're pretty stripperella to begin with...anything hemline above the knees might make you look like a bimbo. I like an ankle length flared skirt with the shape of this shoe.

I recieved this bracelet as a gift from Natalie Bernhard (co-designer of the fabulous Hanna Bernhard animal jewelry I featured on my blog in January) Thank you so much Natalie!

Wearing a vintage Nettie Rosenstein cameo necklace and a Christopher Ross dove belt buckle.


May 28, 2010


Yesterday's outfit: vintage silk Ungaro blouse with a plaid Prada Sport skirt. The shoes are the Prada spat shoes from Spring 2008. The necklace is vintage...my mom found it. The seller told us it was recently used on a Vogue photoshoot. No idea if this is true or not...but in any case, isn't it blowing your mind? You have to wind it around your neck about fifty times because its so long.

I couldn't find any shirts so I went out to the garage where we keep our vintage stock and found this Ungaro blouse--think it was a thrift find. I felt like I got extra lucky finding a shirt that complimented the necklace so well.

I always stick this red crinoline underneath my skirts for extra poof. Last night I wore this outfit to my friend's going away party and I lent my tutu to some other girls throughout the night.

Shelley got a haircut recently. I think she looks like an albino merkin come to life.

The belt is part of my mom's extensive collection of Christopher Ross that I always steal from. I love the look of this guy-the eye is what kills me.

May 25, 2010

Weekend in Review

I met the best dog ever this weekend-her name is Goldie. She belong to our friend Hanh, who brought her along on a jewelry buying appointment with Atlantis Vintage on Saturday. I was more than happy to babysit while Hanh tried on my mom's jewelry.

She was so well behaved, I couldn't believe it. And look how nice and clean she is! She's a Havanese. My little toy dogs-Staci and Shelley-are no where near as ladylike and pretty as Goldie is. Staci is oily smells like Fritos and Shelley looks like a seamonkey. They're still lovable though.

Finally busted out these amazing leopard tights I got in Tokyo from a little boutique in the basement of Laforet.

Worn with Prada studded slingbacks.

The dress is from Urban Outfitters a year or two ago. Many people asked me where I got my neon green bra in my Cassette Playa post...it's from Urban Outfitters. So is the one I'm wearing here. They come in a whole rainbow of colors. By the way...is UO the last place on the planet where flat chested girls can find lingerie?Sure beats Hello Kitty training bras from the  kids section at Target.

The tie dye cable knit cardigan is from Aritzia. I will be blogging more of this store soon!

The Society of Young Philanthropists held the SYP Dallas Debut Gala at the Dallas Contemporary later that night. An amazing assortment of young creative professionals came to support a great cause. The gala's proceeds benefited the Genesis Women's Shelter, a charity that is certainly close to many Dallasite's hearts. If you'd like to get involved with the Society of Young Philanthropists, please visit their website!

Hayley and me dancing.

My friend and talented photographer and jewelry designer Dustin's signature tangle of adornments...most of which he made himself. Visit his store to see more of his awesome feather pieces!

There was some amazing art to be auctioned for the gala, including this piece by Tramaine Townsend.

You have to check out Tramaine's blog, The Misadventures of Flaco. I'm freaking out over it. This guy has an amazing range of skills.

Tramaine was sweet to let me take a picture of him with his art! He's so stylish.

My dear friend and Helloooooo blogger Jonathan.

Jonathan, Dustin, and the Society of Young Philanthropists founder Elishia.

The next day I went to see my two very best friends graduate-an exciting day for sure. So proud of them!

Congratulations Viky and Stefanie!

Congratulations to all of the other recent graduates too!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

xo Jane

May 21, 2010


A pair of leather suspenders have been on my dream wishlist for a long time now...but they aren't exactly easy to come by. So how I excited was I when the sales assistant at Hotel55 showed us these The Dress & Co. suspenders??

The leather is so nice, and the perfect color. The embossed shoulder straps are nice because they keep the suspenders in place...no sloppy shoulders.

Worn with thrifted silk Armani shirt, vintage Levi's 501's. Sorry to interrupt your nap, Denise.

Wearing the beyond beautiful Celine wedges. Everything about this shoe is perfect-gold nail detail, extra thick trimmed straps, super sturdy buckle, orange buttery leather color, and most important the perfect hefty wooden platform. Amazing.

May 20, 2010

Shoe Inspection: PRADA & DRIES

Dying over the pointy toes & bows-perfect compliment to my collection of 50's swing skirts.

The baby blue evil nanny shoe--not so much. Love the color, but too stumpy and mannish. Have you ever noticed how some shoes look mean?

Big yes to all of them-remind me of the chunky heeled Jil Sander shoes from Fall 2007 that I loved so much.


All shoe photos from Elle and Style.com.

May 19, 2010

Cassette Playa & Yohji

This men's Cassette Playa has to be one of the coolest things ever. Wore it yesterday with a Yohji Yamamoto skirt that I've been meaning to borrow from my mom forever. Tank top is Simone.

I haven't posted these Ann Demeulemeester sandals yet but I'm obsessed with them. They look so good on.

May 15, 2010

Picnic at Hanging Rock

This dress was the best thing I found in Tokyo. When I walked into Hotel55 boutique, my eyes found it immediately...it was so full of volume and texture, and the detail spilling down the shoulder was so lovely. It's my favorite color too-it reminds me of the undyed cotton batiste fabric my mom used for her line Atlantis Underground back in the day.

It's The Dress & Co. by Hideaki Sakaguchi.

The scarf is also The Dress & Co. and was found at a boutique called Casbah in Lumine 2. Casbah carried all of the same designers that Hotel55 did.

Worn with Givenchy flats (very worn in now-remember when I first posted them?)

Vintage Michael Morrison belt

Bangles from Elements here in Dallas

This dress reminds me of the costumes and mood of Peter Weir's Picnic at Hanging Rock...just not as uptight. I thought of this when I first tried it on. Such a great scary movie. Funny, I think my best friend and I may watch it tonight...

May 11, 2010

Sea of Shoes Guide to Tokyo

I've been to Tokyo three times now, and I'd like to think of my tour of Tokyo as the Hardcore Shopper's Tour. I go for the clothes. It's the ultimate trip to make for avant-garde enthusiasts. While I've only seen a limited amount of what Tokyo has to offer, I'm afraid my list is pretty hefty. See below for my picks.

Hotel and location are important-some of the larger hotels in Tokyo have a very clinical, shopping mall feel to them that can be pretty suffocating. We stayed at one of the massive hotels in Shinagawa last year and by the end of three weeks we were about to lose our minds. It was a very strange part of town. This time we stayed at the Cerulean Tower at the recommendation of an editor at Elle Girl Japan. It's 40 stories high and located near the enormous Shibuya cross-section. We had a beautiful view of the city on the 28th floor. Comfy beds and super showers. My mom and her friend Beth had great food at the hotel Mediterranean restarunt three nights in a row. The bar on the fortieth floor has a breathtaking view of the city. The staff was so helpful and spoke excellent English. We all had a wonderful experience here and I'll be certain to stay here again. It's a very fun location-at night Ronnie and I had fun getting lost in the maze of Shibuya and discovered some great restaurants close by. You're also right by the new eight story Opening Ceremony store. The hotel is within walking distance of Harajuku.

Visit the hotel's website here.


Photo via Tokyofashion.com

Spend a day checking out the many levels of the Laforet fashion mall in Harajuku-I spent most of my time on the fourth floor at furfur and Hotel55 boutique and in the basement buying magazines and markers and pens. You have got to see some of the wacky magazines they have to offer. On the third floor is Cafe F.O.B.-a good place to have an iced tea and people watch.

Look at these beautiful crayons I got! I found them in the magazine store in the basement of Laforet-they are called Sakura Coupy-Pencils

Nearby on Omotesando is the Forbidden Fruit cafe, which is the secret entrance to Bedrock. You have to go just to see the store. I can almost guarantee that Bedrock is the coolest shopping experience you will ever have. The Forbidden Fruit cafe is next to the M.A.C. store wedged in Omotesando Hills. I would highly recommend the hotel's smoothies and green vegetable curry. The curry is delicious. To get to Bedorck, you have to go through the secret, forbidden looking silver door in the back, and go down a winding staircase. Down here you will find Bedrock, carved out like a little post-apocalyptic cave shell, with a large terrarium and abandoned motorcycles. The atmosphere has a twinge of New Orleans voodoo too. They play good dubstep. Here you will find Le Grand Bleu (L.G.B.) and If Six Was Nine, as well as Givenchy, Ann Demeulemeester, John Galliano, and Rick Owens. Forget about trying on any of the beautiful shoes if you're any larger than a 38. If you're a denim enthusiast, try on some of their jeans-they're amazing. Try on the men's jeans too.

Up the street is Cafe Anniversaire. It's a very trendy and upscale cafe where you can sip a gin and tonic and watch three Western style wedding processions in one sitting. It's really a magical experience. The staff is very friendly and the drinks are excellent. Another reason to come to Cafe Anniversaire is to see all of the floofy dogs in baby strollers the customers bring in.

Park outside of the Lawson convenience store on Omotesando with your camera. Stylish people hang out here just waiting to get their photos taken for streetstyle blogs.

One of my favorite restaurants is off of Omotesando, and it came recommended as a vegetarian friendly option from a reader last year. The Brown Rice cafe is located next to the Crayon House and features an all vegan menu resplendent with different varieties of tofu, pastries, and teas. The vegetarian curry is our favorite. Here is their website.

Be prepared to wait a while for a table. While you wait, go across the street to the Crayon House bookstore/toy store. That's where we found our cat Nao! The kids here are so adorable.

It's touristy, but Kiddyland is a very fun stop if it's not too crowded. Each of the eight floors has a very different selection of toys to offer.

I must admit that if I had to pick and choose my toy stores, I would much prefer the one in Ginza that so many readers recommended to me. It's name is Hakuhinkan. They have an amazing selection of plushies....and just look at this cat thermos I got there!

Go to Ginza on the weekend when it's closed off to traffic. You will be amazed at how calm, slow, and quiet the masses are as they move through the streets for their Sunday shopping.

If you discover that you really like Hotel55 boutique, you may want to check out Casbah in Shinjuku at the Lumine 2 mall. They carry Jelly Garcia and the Dress & Co as well. They have a great bookstore on the top floor of Lumine 2 as well. Find the address here.

Wearing one armed leather vest, tank top, jeans, and pouch bag from L.G.B. and Bedrock

If you fall in love with Bedrock, I would recommend you check out the L.G.B. sister store in Roppongi. They have a much larger selection of denim and men's clothing, as well as some very high end bags and jewelry. While you're there you might want to stop into the storefront cafe for some delicious tartines. You will find the adresses for Le Grand Bleu and Bedrock here.

Go to a bookstore, grocery store, and drugstore. If you're a beauty junkie, you will love the makeup in the drugstores. I stock up on makeup brushes when I'm here, and if you're super pale like me you will be happy to find many shades of pale foundation.

If you want to visit a cat cafe, here is a listing of cat cafes in Tokyo. This website is extremely helpful for picking restaurants, they have great reviews and photos of places all over Tokyo. Here is a listing for vegetarian friendly restaurants.

I really want to see the Studio Ghibli Museum-I missed it this time around. You have to reserve your ticket in advance.

Go to the Comme des Garcons store in Aoyama (it's only right up the street from Omotesando). It is so much cheaper than it is the states. The staff is so helpful and sweet and the selection is *incredible*. Invest in one or two Comme des Garcons basics and you will never regret it.

If you're at Kiddyland, walk towards Laforet-take the very first side street to your left and go to the end of the street. Here you will find amazing Thai food-cooked right in front of you! Ronnie and I loved it.

Have fun exploring Tokyo-don't be afraid to wander. (Isn't that how you find the best restaurants?) Hope my guide was of some help!

xo Jane


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