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8 posts from April 2010

April 25, 2010

Packing for Tokyo!

I leave for Tokyo on Wednesday-that's three days from now! I decided to pack a little early. It's always a disaster trying to pack the morning of your flight-you always end up forgetting the important stuff!

I guess this could be a little much for a week long trip. I swear it's not as much it looks like though!
Okay, I might narrow it down to two pairs of heels and two pairs of flats. Hmm...

I can never travel without toys, of course.

Isn't the mini Fendi bag the cutest bag ever?! My little sister found it at Neiman's Last Call but she never, ever carries it. I'm going to have to barter with her if I want to bring it to Tokyo.

The hardest part about traveling is camera equipment. This time I have a backpack to carry around with me. How fashionable! Oh well...I'm excited to take pictures!

I do have a small question to ask some of my readers out there. What are the best toy stores in Tokyo? I love Kiddyland but I know there has to be more! I'd be very appreciative if you emailed me any recommendations  you might have! Thank you in advance!

April 21, 2010

Pillow Mountain

I made a half-hearted attempt at a pillow fort today. Maybe I'll work on it some more tomorrow. I get some pretty cool light in my one window bedroom...my window faces the east. We had a beautiful sunset today and I was inspired to snap a couple of pictures in front of my new fort.

Wearing a Jelly Garcia bed coat I got in Tokyo with a lamb fur vest and lace trimmed dress from Anthropologie.

April 20, 2010

Elizabeth Anyaa

Dallas has more to offer in the way of fashion than most might think-I'd like to introduce local talent Elizabeth Anyaa. She is originally from Sierra Leone, and after high school won a scholarship to study textile design in Finland and later Maryland. Elizabeth now resides in Dallas. Recently my mother visited her studio in South Lamar and was lucky enough to get some of her pieces on loan.

I was immediately mesmerized by the texture and three-dimensionality of her work. Elizabeth uses an unusual no-sewing technique of  fusing different fabrics together. The unstructured nature of Elizabeth's work makes these pieces extremely versatile...I'm pretty sure you could easily come up with 300 ways to wear just one of them.

Here I wear a hand-dyed vest made of wool and silk chiffon and a wool scarf. 

Worn with Quail tee shirt, Madewell jeans, BCBG ponyhair booties, and vintage lucite bracelets.

Here are some pictures my mom snapped when she visited Elizabeth's studio last week.

I'm about to go with my mom to Elizabeth's studio to return the pieces and I am so excited to meet her and see her work space!

You can visit Elizabeth's website to check out more of her work.

April 13, 2010


Yesterday my mom and I went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to snap some pictures. There are some new Hanna Bernhard pieces that the designer Nathalie sent over from Paris. This time we have less aquatic creatures...doesn't the beetle look pretty in the undergrowth?


Here I'm a wearing a vintage velvet Lilie Rubin bolero-I love Lillie Rubin-with some yellow brocade trousers I got in Tokyo last year. The label is furfur-I cannot WAIT to see more furfur when I go to Tokyo in two weeks. The cage sandals are Yves Saint Laurent from last spring.

I can't quit my ahnk necklace-I wear it with everything now. I wear the vintage Nettie Rosenstein necklace a lot too-I really liked the way the cameo pendant complimented the Victorian bolero.

We brought a bunch of toys-you have probably glimpsed this T. Rex (named Mother Rex by mom) on this blog before.

Mom and Mother Rex share a zen moment.

How adorable is the Hanna Bernhard walrus?

His big tusks are really cool and his face is so alive-this guy is REALLY heavy! My neck hurt after wearing.

Wearing my Prada studded 'mohawk' shoes from last fall.


Wearing the Hanna Bernhard walrus with a gold vintage Vivienne Westwood jacket with thrifted pleated skirt, and vintage chiffon scarf.

My mom brought her new Celine wedges-aren't they cool? I have the same ones-they will be perfect for Japan.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the Hanna Bernhard pieces!

April 10, 2010

Remember Nao?

If you're a long time reader of my blog, you may recall a certain plush cat my mom and I picked up last summer in Tokyo. Her name is Nao. 

Our trip to Tokyo is only three weeks away! I am so excited, I can't stop day dreaming about it. Nao will be really happy to visit her hometown again too. I just found out my friend Ronnie will be joining me too! Now the trip is going to be twice as fun. When I was in Tokyo last year, I got Ronnie a cat from Kiddy Land. Her name is Dori. Dori is coming on our trip too. Here is a picture Ronnie took of Dori when she went on tour with him.


It's been a while since Nao has gotten out of the house. I thought it was a perfect day to take her to get some nachos at my favorite mexican restaurant. Mom snapped some pictures of us while we were out.

Wearing a vintage Michael Morrison studded belt with a vintage ahnk necklace and vintage Razza ram necklace. Gold chain bracelet from J. Crew.

The dress is from Feathers Vintage in Austin...I got it a few years ago!


Wearing Gucci wooden platforms and borrowing my mom's Prada bag...what do you call bags like this?



April 07, 2010

Spring Shopping

Yesterday I headed into Dallas with my mom to pick up some things at Antiques Moderne. It's one of our favorite vintage furniture stores.

Mom snapped my outfit while we looked around...I wore a vintage band jacket with a Quail tee, J Brand cargo pants, and Givenchy patent pink pumps.

I walk really, really slow in these shoes. I brought ballet flats as backup.

(No, I wasn't buying an iPad! Haha. I don't even use a Mac.)

We had veggie enchiladas outside at Chuy's....the weather has been so incredible lately.

While we were on our way to lunch, I saw this old hotel covered in greenery and wisteria. It was so beautiful, I felt compelled to take some pictures out of it. So I pretty much leaped out of a moving car to get these shots...thankfully I wasn't wearing my heels when I did this!

I spy a left-over Easter egg!

Spring is in the air! I never realize how depressing winter is until spring rolls around...and it looks like it's going to be an especially beautiful spring this year.

April 05, 2010

Grange Hall

Last week my mom and I met up with fellow blogger and shopping buddy Tina, one half of the Bag Snob. We had a delicious Columbian lunch at La Duni and finished with chocolate bread pudding...we were celebrating my mom's birthday. :)

 After lunch we dropped into Grange Hall. Well, 'dropped in' makes it sound like we were window shopping but in reality Tina, my mom and I spent two hours obsessing over the Natalia Brilli selection.

I think Grange Hall is the coolest shopping experience you can have in Dallas. It's like a Victorian apothecary with a heavy dose of voodoo magic. I was so excited to photograph the store...unfortunately my pictures don't do the store justice. If you ever have the chance to check it out..you definitely should.

Yikes! Careful with this chair.

I fell HARD for this pearl necklace...

I love all of the animals in Grange Hall.


Look at all of that Natalia Brilli! Grange Hall has the largest selection of Natalia Brilli in the US.

For more information about Grange Hall check out the website.

April 03, 2010

The Beetle

My aunt Karen made this beetle belt buckle-it's part of the new jewelry and belt line we are launching soon. You may have seen it over at my mom's blog. I've been really excited to show you Karen's work! (You may also know her as the brains behind Plastic Animal a Day) Karen has a background in entomology...and as you can see, she likes her bugs super-sized. Mister Beetle is nine inches long. He was cast in solid bronze, hand finished, and weighs about a pound. The beetle will retail for about $600. If you're interested in ordering a beetle belt, please contact us .

I wore my beetle with a Dries van Noten pleated skirt my mother purchased in the mid eighties from Stanley Korshak. The skirt was from one of Dries van Noten's first collections. Stanley Korshak had just picked him up here in Dallas. This skirt is very special to me. Worn with lucite bracelets purchased from Neiman Marcus a long time ago and a silk shirt I got somewhere in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The wedges are Givenchy.


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