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December 07, 2009

Winter weekend


I am really, really, really obsessed with these studded 'mohawk' Pradas I brought home from Paris. I was dying for a pair of the studded fringed Pradas from  Fall 09 but when I went with my mom to the Prada boutique in Galleries Lafayettte in Paris, we were told that most of the crazier shoes didn't go into production. They offered to round up some of the shoes that had been used on the runway and show them to us on Saturday. Long story short, these shoes were sitting on the display shelf all along and I ended up liking them best of all. My dad delivered them to me during preparations for the Crillon ball (thanks dad!) and these shoes were glued to my feet up until the second I had to switch them out for the Chanel platforms that went with my gown. And after the ball they went dancing at L'Arc and Montana. 

I loved the Prada heels with the fringe around the ankle, but I think I like this variation even better. I think this shoe really needed the platform to balance out the proportion of the mohawk. 

I still can't stop looking at them. They look awesome with tartan knee socks :)


The bag is Burberry, and it is the bag of my dreams, and thats saying something because I've never really been a bag person! I have two 'major' bags: a ratty suede tie-dyed Miu Miu with voodoo dolls and pen marks all over it, a patched nylon and leather Prada 'dinosaur' bag. If I'm not carrying these, I'm stealing my moms bags or stuffing my phone, cash, and chapstick in my pockets. 

When I saw this Burberry marked down like *crazy* at a Neimans Last Call sale, I couldn't believe my eyes. How did someone not get this bag before I did?! Lucky me, I guess. This could be the bag that turns me into a bag girl.

Took some pictures of my boyfriend wearing his N.HOOLYWOOD cape this weekend...so cool!!



I ordered these BCBG ponyhair wedges a week before I left for Paris and they were here waiting for me when I got back...been switching between these and my Pradas all week!

An Ivan Grundahl wrap belt I stole from my mom over a thrifted 80s dress...

 See ya later!


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