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December 27, 2009


I got this jacket at a random boutique in New York...it was very cheap and its not very warm. I still love it though, even though my friends think it's hooker core. ;-)

Worn with a F21 lace top and a Miu Miu skirt.

This is my mom's Dolce & Gabbana jacket-she got it way marked down at a Neimans outlet...I am so jealous! I loved this collection. The shoulders!

This Comme des Garcons skirt was a very early surprise birthday present from my mom last year-I love it so much! When I first got it, I wore it all the time to the most ridiculous places and damaged it a little. I'm more careful now...I want to save it forever!

Worn with a Zara crop top sweatshirt.

Last year, I wore it to school on one of our free dress days. It was one of my favorite outfits!

Speaking of my favorite things..while I was taking pictures my friend Ronald came over!

I was so excited to see him, I haven't seen him in months. He's been on touring with Neon Indian all over Europe. So famous now. Ronnie was wearing all Topman..and a special cat scarf his sisters got him for Christmas. Ron loves cats.

December 24, 2009


Merry Christmas everybody!! Hope you all are having a great Christmas Eve tonight and find lots of presents under the tree tomorrow.

Everyone in North Texas got the surprise of a lifetime this afternoon....fluffy white snow! Unbelievable. I have never experienced a white Christmas in my life...

Now I'll know how it feels...Christmas Eve feels 100 times more magical when there is snow on the ground.

I was taking pictures of my outfit when the snow started coming down.


Wearing a Gianfranco Ferre shirt I found at a thrift store (!!!), leather leggings by the Row (borrowed from mom ;P) , Ann Demeulemeester vest, and Balenciaga ankle boots.


This 70's choker is known as the 'Big Bottom Lady' in our household. She is my FAVORITE piece of jewelry.

Right after I took this picture, snow started falling like CRAZY!

Even my comatose dog got off of her couch to come check it out.

Later that afternoon mom and I went out to take some snow pictures. Gotta make the moment last, you know this snow won't be here for long.

Mom wearing an 80's swing fur coat, cut-off corduroy pants, Zara scarf, and Ann Demeulemeester wedge boots.

My grandpa found this leopard spot fur jacket at a thrift store and got it for me. Thanks Nonny!! Wow, my grandpa has amazing taste. I love this leopard coat. Worn with a BCBG Max Azria blue leopard scarf, thrifted flannel, leather leggings by the Row, Rugby Ralph Lauren tartan beret and Ann Demeulemeester triple lace boots.

Merry Christmas again everyone...my family is making smores right now, I'm going to go join them.

xo Jane

P.S. Thank you for the all birthday wishes yesterday! Feels good to be 18 :)

December 22, 2009

More Pictures from the Crillon Ball

I can't believe that the Crillon Ball was a month ago today. I was just sent these pictures by Ophelie Renouard, thank you so much! Very fun to relive the experience.

These pictures were sent to me by Adlers-thank you so much!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.

I've got a lot of celebrating ahead of me. Today is my boyfriends birthday, tomorrow is my birthday, Thursday is Christmas Eve, Friday is Christmas, and Saturday I'm going to Tulsa to visit my family. Phew!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Click below to read a translation of the article in Elle France that ran the of the ball..it's called 'A Day in The Life'

Thank you SO much to one of my favorite bloggers July Stars for translating the article for me!

Elle November 2009 Jane 300 dpi

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December 17, 2009


I want an all 80's wardrobe!! Lately I feel like I don't want to buy new clothes anymore, I just want to expand my vintage collection. Not just 80s obviously. Here is an 80's Victor Costa jacket I just got-my mom has some more amazing pieces of Victor Costa in the garage. I love how girly and over-the-top his things are. The sleeves of this jacket are poofed up with tulle.

I've had these vintage Yves Saint Laurent bow-tie pantaloons for a month and I'm afraid I'm wearing them so much that they will get damaged...I wore them to the cocktail party and waltz lesson at the Crillon Ball and to the Guess event with my Dolce and Gabanna surreal 'face' wedges.

Here are some pictures I snapped today of my outfit..I went for bow overkill....it's Christmas, why not? 




 And I've been excited to show off these Miu Mius for a long time!! I was obsessed with the shoes from this collection...and not just because  I really, really like insects. My mom and I both have this same shoe in green, and instead of a ladybug it has a dragonfly. I had been wanting the ladybug shoe for a long time and finally got mine on eBay...they are too big for me but I will still wear them...

My aunt used to to study entomology...I remember when I was really young I would go  over to her house and there hundreds of petrified bugs encased in glass on her walls...it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. She used to have tarantulas and gigantic African millipedes too. She used to bring the millipedes over to our house and let them crawl on us. They were cute but my skin still crawls thinking of how their legs felt when they wrapped themselves around your arm.

I liked this feature on bugs in Ten Men magazine.




More updates tomorrow-I just got some amazing new pictures from the Crillon Ball! I'm excited to share them.

TTYS...xo Jane

December 14, 2009


Sorry for the slowdown in updates!

Things have been kind of crazy but it's been a wonderful two weeks since I got home from Paris. My boyfriend came to visit, and Lucrecia from Fashion is Poison stayed for a few days and we had so much fun.

The meetup on Thursday at Guess was wonderful and thank you so much to the readers who came out! It was so nice to meet all of you and please stay in touch! Thanks so much to Guess and Harpers Bazaar for having us.

Unfortunately there has been a camera tragedy...it was stolen...with my favorite lens on it. I'm really upset about it. A replacement is on the way. Good thing my mom and I have back-up cameras. For now I had fun trying to cram my whole body into my 85mm lens...NOT!  I can't wait to get my new lens. 

I felt kind of festive today...here are some outfits I may or may not wear to Christmas parties or whatever.


My mom got me this 50's pleated taffeta skirt from a flea market. Isn't it beautiful? I can't get enough poofy, girly skirts. What I need right now is a bigger crinoline...going to order one on eBay this week!

Worn with a F21 lace top, a vintage velvet bolero, vintage belt, and Chloe midcalf boots.

Had to take a picture of this necklace...isn't he cool?

He is jointed and everything! I wonder if you wore him long enough, would you start to hear his song...

Finally got these Pradas! My mom has had them for two months, but I waited till they went on sale...they're so pretty. Great shoe for jeans!

And for tonight I wore one of my favorite outfits...vintage Kenzo floral print velvet harem pants with a Koos van den Akker shirt, Prada pumps from Fall 07 and a Razza elephant necklace.

Wow....I always said if I could have one pair of shoes from my moms closet, it would be these. For some strange reason they are too small for her now. So she gave them to me. They're Prada from Fall 2006...the best season for shoes ever.



Expect more updates as soon as I get my camera situation resolved...which should be soon. For now I need to get to bed, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow...

xo Jane

P.S. Many readers have asked for details on the beautiful Adler necklace that I wore at the Crillon Ball.. Here are the details: Bracelet  in white gold set with 17 cts of white diamonds and 8 cts of black diamonds.

 Thanks so much to the Adler family for their beautiful jewelry.


December 11, 2009


Through the images of others...



December 08, 2009

Please join us Thursday night!


Join my mom and me Thursday, December 10th at the Guess by Marciano store in the Dallas Galleria from 6:30-8:30 for a cocktail reception and special shopping event.  A five dollar donation allows a 20% discount for the evening, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Palliative Care Program at Cook Children's Medical Center.  For information call--972-385-3184.

I will note that there has been a small misprint on the invitation: my mother has her own blog and Sea of Shoes is my blog! It happens a lot :)

Really looking forward to meeting some readers!

xo Jane

December 07, 2009

Winter weekend


I am really, really, really obsessed with these studded 'mohawk' Pradas I brought home from Paris. I was dying for a pair of the studded fringed Pradas from  Fall 09 but when I went with my mom to the Prada boutique in Galleries Lafayettte in Paris, we were told that most of the crazier shoes didn't go into production. They offered to round up some of the shoes that had been used on the runway and show them to us on Saturday. Long story short, these shoes were sitting on the display shelf all along and I ended up liking them best of all. My dad delivered them to me during preparations for the Crillon ball (thanks dad!) and these shoes were glued to my feet up until the second I had to switch them out for the Chanel platforms that went with my gown. And after the ball they went dancing at L'Arc and Montana. 

I loved the Prada heels with the fringe around the ankle, but I think I like this variation even better. I think this shoe really needed the platform to balance out the proportion of the mohawk. 

I still can't stop looking at them. They look awesome with tartan knee socks :)


The bag is Burberry, and it is the bag of my dreams, and thats saying something because I've never really been a bag person! I have two 'major' bags: a ratty suede tie-dyed Miu Miu with voodoo dolls and pen marks all over it, a patched nylon and leather Prada 'dinosaur' bag. If I'm not carrying these, I'm stealing my moms bags or stuffing my phone, cash, and chapstick in my pockets. 

When I saw this Burberry marked down like *crazy* at a Neimans Last Call sale, I couldn't believe my eyes. How did someone not get this bag before I did?! Lucky me, I guess. This could be the bag that turns me into a bag girl.

Took some pictures of my boyfriend wearing his N.HOOLYWOOD cape this weekend...so cool!!



I ordered these BCBG ponyhair wedges a week before I left for Paris and they were here waiting for me when I got back...been switching between these and my Pradas all week!

An Ivan Grundahl wrap belt I stole from my mom over a thrifted 80s dress...

 See ya later!


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