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December 17, 2009


I want an all 80's wardrobe!! Lately I feel like I don't want to buy new clothes anymore, I just want to expand my vintage collection. Not just 80s obviously. Here is an 80's Victor Costa jacket I just got-my mom has some more amazing pieces of Victor Costa in the garage. I love how girly and over-the-top his things are. The sleeves of this jacket are poofed up with tulle.

I've had these vintage Yves Saint Laurent bow-tie pantaloons for a month and I'm afraid I'm wearing them so much that they will get damaged...I wore them to the cocktail party and waltz lesson at the Crillon Ball and to the Guess event with my Dolce and Gabanna surreal 'face' wedges.

Here are some pictures I snapped today of my outfit..I went for bow overkill....it's Christmas, why not? 




 And I've been excited to show off these Miu Mius for a long time!! I was obsessed with the shoes from this collection...and not just because  I really, really like insects. My mom and I both have this same shoe in green, and instead of a ladybug it has a dragonfly. I had been wanting the ladybug shoe for a long time and finally got mine on eBay...they are too big for me but I will still wear them...

My aunt used to to study entomology...I remember when I was really young I would go  over to her house and there hundreds of petrified bugs encased in glass on her walls...it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. She used to have tarantulas and gigantic African millipedes too. She used to bring the millipedes over to our house and let them crawl on us. They were cute but my skin still crawls thinking of how their legs felt when they wrapped themselves around your arm.

I liked this feature on bugs in Ten Men magazine.




More updates tomorrow-I just got some amazing new pictures from the Crillon Ball! I'm excited to share them.

TTYS...xo Jane


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