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November 03, 2009


I have been sooo excited to post these boots...I got them in Austin at Big Bertha's Bargain Basement..they were so out-of-control that I had to have them. Even if they are too small for me.

But looking at these boots I can't help but think that they are directional...I can totally see this shape of boot for fall 2011. If a YSL Tribute boot dropped acid at Woodstock and got knocked up by a cowboy boot, then maybe their offspring would look something like this.

Wore these last week with Hysteric Glamour jeans and a Jelly Garcia lace tank top & jacket I got in Tokyo.


Borrowing a Pamela Love necklace from my mom and a Mr. We cross.


On to this crazy 70's poncho...I am sad to say that it is not mine. My mom let me borrow it for this picture. This poncho is so painfully beautiful-there must be at least 10 different furs on this poncho. The best thing about this poncho is that it has hand-painted flowers on the inside of it.
 It belongs in a museum. 

My mom got this poncho at Archive Vintage here in Dallas...talk about the find of a lifetime. 




*I am not in any way endorsing Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are. I thought it was a pretty depressing movie. My best friend cried the whole time when we saw it together. 
 This post gets it's name because when my mom was taking these pictures, she asked me to do my best WTWTA reenactment. Pictures of my really good impersonations are not included in this post to preserve my "dignity"..."dignity" that was totally lost when an astounded passerby caught me in the middle of my "wild rumpus". Sigh...at this point though, I am pretty used to embarrassing myself in the name of beautiful clothes.


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Photo of elizabeth

ohh, i looooove fur.

if the poncho is vintage (which it is if it's from archive) then who cares that it's real? those little critters have been dead for a while, might as well wear 'em!

you're not supporting the fur industry by buying a piece of vintage fur.

also, i applaud you for having the balls to wear those boots. bravo.

xxx cake and lipstick

Photo of oliverio

Dang, your mom dropped 2k for that jacket as I noticed a while back on the archive site

Photo of Kym

It's not that I condone fur really, but I can't understand why posters get so upset about fur, and they don't get upset in the least about leather shoes??? I don't know a thing about fabrication or production, but I do doubt that cows that are killed for meat are then skinned and sent to tanneries for shoes. But hey, that's just me...meanwhile, Jane, what's with the hair -- is that another color? I do like it, but you kinda were rockin'Isabella Rossellini with the dark hair when it was pulled up!

Photo of Daphne

It is vintage fur, people! Not the same as new. It is beautiful, Jane. I wear vintage fur, too. There is nothing wrong with that.

Photo of germangirl

After I once visit the homepage of PETA, I would never wear fur again! Watch the videos..it´s so cruel!

Photo of The Cheap Girl--Canada's Budget Fashion and Beauty Blog

I really love the fall colours! The boots and the jacket complete the whole picture! XOXO

Photo of corrine

the jacket, the tank top and the necklace and cross look great together. What i really dislike are the boots...sorry, but they are kitsch and resemble clown footwear. And even if the poncho is a vintage find, it still was made by killing animals and most of all, do you really want to be a teenage girl that likes wearing fur? you should think about dressing somehow according to your age but still having a personal style. Now i realize that you're just a lucky girl who can mix styles and different garments because you have resources and imagination.but there are hundred of girls or even more that are probably more creative and can create an original look; the only problem is that they don't have your possibilities. I wish you luck with your projects and hope that your next posts will reflect your good taste in matters of fashion :)


These shoes are INSANE! I looove this look, so... YOU!


Photo of newt

Hanene said "If you eat food grown in a field, live in a house made from lumber, or god forbid eat meat or wear leather, your hands are just as bloody as any fur wearer."

Just to clarify, there are many ways that animals are killed for the commercial fur trade and none are very quick and painless. It is easy to research the most common methods of killing by google-ing the particular animal and adding the word fur or skin. In our lives, our field grown vegetables and our lumber are not tortured and if we eat meat we have resources now to be more and more discerning about it's treatment in life and at death if we concern ourselves to know exactly where it comes from. Fur and animal skin are not just a byproduct of the meat trade and it is not usually a humane end for these animals. Let's do what we need to do for ourselves and let everyone else live their lives, just please try to speak in facts, if some people are concerned about the way animals are treated let them be, no need to disparage. On the flip side if some people are not, let them be, don't disparage. To paraphrase Ghandi, live the change you wish to see in the world.

On another note, Jane I love these photos! I loved WTWTA, the book and the movie, and your rumpus through the woods looks excellent!

Photo of newt

I'm sorry, I was referring a comment by Jesse, not Hanene, in the above response!

Photo of Alison

post the inside of the poncho???

Photo of Rosie Unknown

Wow. Those boots are too amazingly perfect!

Photo of Cruz

<333333333333333 everything about this outfit!!! Love your theory of how the boot came to be - pretty spot on.

Photo of Courtney Michele

That poncho is the most beautiful/amazing thing I've ever seen. It looks so warm and comfy. I'd wear it everyday until winter is over...and maybe risk looking like a sweaty-fool in the summertime, too. hehe
And the boots are great too! It makes me want to go boot crazy.

Breakfast at CC's

Photo of Bisou-joue

Wow !! Once again you look amazing ! The whole outfit is magnificient bur your boots are just so awesome !

Photo of Michelle Park

These boots and coat are FUCKING INSANE!! If I were Rachel Zoe, I would be dying right now!! So freaking cool. This is one of my fav series of photos so far. You get more beautiful everyday.

Photo of jamie

Those shoes are really something different! Details are great!

And I'm really stunned by those comments on the fur coat. Who said those animals only died for their skin? All the rabbits and other animals that go into slaughter, why not also use their skin if they're dead anyways? And it's vintage so more or less recycling. I wonder how much of those commenters also eat meat etc.
I just dislike it when people force their opinion onto someone else. There are a lot of fur haters and also a lot of fur lovers. No one is perfect.
Oh and I LOVE your blog!

Photo of I Get a Fever

I ADORE the lace jacket you have on in the first few photos - so gorgeous and works wonderfully in contract with the ripped jeans and kri-zay-zee boots. Hilarious analogy, btw!


Photo of anastassia

That poncho is the most amazing thing I have seen. The boots are interesting, but the poncho, well it speaks for itself.

Photo of Mini

love the shoes! but do NOt wear fur pleease!

Photo of Brigadeiro

Those boots are unreal! LOVE the jacket and outfit and pics! Reminds me of a different movie, can't quite put my finger on it...

Photo of MusingAround

What an adorable post! You are the cutest thing!


love those boots! Great find!

check out all my designer shoes and more at www.fashionsnag.com

Photo of fur..? really?

really not into the fur thing :( so sad.

Photo of Kati

hi jane, it's so much fun following your bloggins. PLEASE give us the embarrassing pics ;-) I'm still waiting for you in that Chanel ballroom dress... your mom looks so great - she's probably about my age. cu from Germany, Kati

Photo of lala

i'm really sorry but those boots are beyond heinous-its hard to imagine uglier shoes

Photo of meghan

Oh my... this is your best look yet by far! I'd be crazy happy if I scored any one of those pieces.....

And to weigh in on the fur issue: I think people have a problem with fur (as opposed to leather or even sheepskin with attached fur (i.e. Uggs!)) because it so OBVIOUSLY looks like it came from an animal. Other forms of animal products become transformed into new objects and we see them only as what the maker has intended (boots, purse, sofa, soap, rubber, LUNCH, etc). Fur cannot do that. You cannot transform fur into anything that lends itself towards forgetting what the material actually is.

That said, I would be very happy with even purchasing NEW fur (yes! new!) if I knew that the animal was being used entirely or was raised/killed humanely. Fur is a much more sustainable material for this planet than petroleum-based synthetic furs and fabrics.

Off my soapbox... Anyway, great look Jane... you and your mom inspire me constantly!

Photo of Tanya

Fur? Shame on you girl, shame on you ;) Thought you were a rolmodel =)

Photo of Stephanie


Photo of Roxanne

I love your comic installments Jane, those shoes are completely awesome you've got such an eye for beautiful things. I must say i love that Poncho as well infact i love it all!!!

Photo of Elizabeth Ilia

The boots remind me of Woody in Toy Story. I'm not sure why exactly, but they remind me of the colors he wore and the shapes in the movie. Maybe I'm just excited for Toy Story 3.

Photo of Alexandra

I love those boots. They're so amazing. As is the poncho, obviously. What a great eye you and your mother have!

I also completely agree with you on WTWTA. Max was perfect, it was visually perfect... and then we were treated to a twee little hour-long group therapy session. I just didn't care about their neuroses.

Photo of Kat

Yet another person weighing in on the fur debate here...

I don't condone wearing fur, I think the way in which a lot of the animals die is horrendous. I don't wear leather either. But in the case of vintage items I think it's ok, I'd rather recycle them than see them thrown away.

Photo of Red Lipstick Style

what a beautiful shoot! I think you have your dignity and more! Just lovely! You and your mom are the best mother and daughter team ever! Is your sister going to get into the business of clothing also?

Photo of Pearl Westwood

I cant decide if the boots are fabulous or hideous LOL! Looks like you had fun anyway!
Pearl x

Photo of Jen

Haha your comparison is great! I totally thought of tribs when I saw the first picture. Those are so cool.

As for the fur, it's absolutley breathtaking. And it's vintage, people. So unless you're going to go back in time 30 years and reprimand whoever made it then, just let it go.


Photo of Synch

There is no doubt you have amazing style. But can you please make do without the fur?

Photo of Kate Hartland

beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, perfect, so you, love it(:


Photo of Kay

your outfits are so creative.

shoes+jacket = brilliant

Photo of Stella Mayfair

LOVE this, jane!
and yeah, political super correct anti-vintage-fur campaigners: i hope you are 100% vegan, never eat anything animal derived, don't love burgers, live in a 100% cruelty free home environment, & that your shoes are all plastic and sweaty, bohoo.
sorry, but i had to go there.

PS: i eat about 90% vegan. do you people too? i always have. but i DO wear vintage fur, and i'm pro leather, too.

Photo of Brooke

Awesome poses :) Great outfit for fall. I love the colors together.

Photo of ashley

love the necklaces and the poncho!

- Ashley

Photo of Johanna

hahaha, love some embarrassment for fashions sake! You make the perfect woodland sprite!

Photo of luxirare

The poncho and boots are stunning!

Photo of Synch

See this:

and lots more on YouTube

One cannot compare fur farming to eating meat and wearing leather shoes. The amount of cruelty involved in the production of fur clothing is just enormous and completely pointless.

Fine, it is vintage fur that Jane is wearing. But she is virtually a celebrity now and this post albeit indirect and not deliberate, looks like an endorsement.

Photo of Anna

Sweet Jane, how could a depressing movie inspire such a happy and spirited photo shoot! "Where The Wild Things Are" is a place where we are meant to escape the harsh realities of life, or childhood, unfortunately, sometimes these cold, hard truths find us even when we are there. We just have to remember how to let go and once again "let the wild rumpus start".

Photo of Alexa

Hey guys, Jane, as usual nice pic' ^^

i got a new blog, check on it.. hope you're gonna like it..
Fashion blog from Paris.

Photo of Alexa

AmAaazing shooting as usual Jane.

Guys, just have a look on my blog..and please let some comment.!

xoxo from Paris

Photo of Jennifer

Wow those boots are crazy! Crazy wonderful!!!

I really need to make a trip to Big Bertha's soon!

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