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November 10, 2009

Shooting for Lucky Magazine x Dior Beauty

Two months ago I did a shoot in New York for Lucky Magazine to promote Dior Beauty-the shoot was a lot of fun and the December issue just hit the stands today. It's exciting to see the final product! Click below to see the promotion and my outtakes from the shoot.

It was pretty freaky to see your own eye super-sized on screen....





The coolest thing about this shoot was that the photographer used to be Albert Watsons assistant-I'm a big fan of Albert Watson and it was so cool to hear about the photographer's experience working with him during his time at German Vogue...he also showed me Albert Watson's old studio on the way to a location!

Here is one of my favorite shots of Kate Moss by Albert Watson.

I had a great time at the shoot and thanks to Lucky and Dior for having me out!

xo Jane


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Photo of Robyn.

That's so cool! Congrats on the magazine!

I'm envious of your ability to put mascara on properly! My eyeslashes are to long to make it look not...really overdone.
Yuo have very pretty eyes, by the way!

Photo of Sputnik Sweetheart

you look amazing jane! lucky you. love all your photos and your eyes is mesmerizing :))

Photo of Mel

Wow sounds like fun! I can't wait to get the new issue of Lucky!

Photo of Style Odyssey

What a lovely post. I'm a Lucky Mag subscriber...look forward to seeing this. My copy won't arrive for at least another month due to my remote island outpost, so I'll be impatiently waiting to see the Dior promotion featuring Miss Sea of Shoes!
I can honestly say DiorShow Black Out is awesome mascara- and I'm rather picky.

Photo of Lauren

Picking it up tomorrow!

Photo of Jules

Wow! That's cool! And you look so awesome!

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Photo of Brigadeiro

How incredible & surreal! Congrats! And do you really use all those Dior products? Am curious about the Skinflash one... :)

Photo of Tina

Jane, you look amazing! The close up of your eye is flawless!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

Photo of Olivia

That skirt is so beautiful. I want it!

Photo of Jen

Did you dye your hair back to blond or is this old?

Photo of Asa

Congrats Jane! You look fabulous! I can't wait to pick up the December issue of Lucky Magazine and see your amazing shoot. Thanks for sharing.

Photo of Stephhh

your hair looks AMAZING!!! :)

Photo of ++MIRA++

your outfit is so you. u have this chic girly style that u can only pull off. nicely done

Photo of boysinstripes

These pictures are GORGEOUS! You look like perfection. Can't wait to get the magazine.

Photo of Allyson

SO COOL. Did you write the article as well?

Photo of Sarah Khan

you look absolutely stunning, I love all of the photography on this website!

Photo of k604bc

It just keeps getting better and better! Congrats on your another achievement Jane!

Photo of Niki

wow, this is amazing. you look so beautiful. and i love dior makeup, diorshow mascara is the BEST hands down.

xx Niki


Photo of K

When I see these ads in Lucky, Allure, Marie Claire, etc with a new international It-Girl each time, it always makes me laugh out loud. Such unsubtle, overdone marketing with the faux aura of accessibility. That aside, you look cute and natural in yours, and if you're going to shill make-up, it may as well be the fabulous Dior. Congrats!

Photo of Alissa Loves

That's amazing! You look so beautiful :)

Photo of Cecylia

You have to be the luckiest girl on the planet Jane. You look gorgeous I like the sultry look =P

Photo of EMILIE

OMG! Such an amazing experience!!!!!!!!!!
You look beautiful Jane!

Emilie from http://whatshappeninginmyfashionworld.blogspot.com/


What an exciting moment you had lived!!
My dream is to do such a thing!
Congratulations, from what I can see, you look perfect.


Photo of Anna

Lucky you. You look amazing!:)

Photo of victoire

your eye is so stunning. wish mine could have such an interesting color!

Photo of Carola

Great pictures, Jane! I love your outfit (very YOU!) and especially the hairstyle! Will try that on me. But I am sure that a shooting like that is pretty exhausting...I didn't know Albert Watson used to work for German Vogue. Interesting!



Photo of Dominika

oh, congatulations Jane! ^^

Photo of kat

how exciting! you look really pretty.

Photo of Jyun

Beautiful eye but I've always wondered about your fixed expression..

Photo of Pearl Westwood

Wow, what an opportunity!! You look amazing in the shoot! I love Dior products, I couldn't live without Show mascara!!


Photo of Marie

Hej Jane, i love your blog and your sgtyle! You are such a huge inspiration for me! How do you make your "inspiration boards". I really like them, and want to try to do one by my self.

Photo of Barbro Andersen

Congratulations - you look great as always, and I really think you deserve all of the fabulous things you have going on in your life! You're awesome, girl <3

Big hugs from Norway

Photo of Michelle

Beautiful! and the close up of your eye is SUPER cool!

Photo of Laura

Congrats! Great opportunity for you!!

Photo of juliet

I hope the photo shoot was loads of fun! It looks like it at least!

juliet xxx

Photo of a la mode

Wow looks amazing! Congratulations. Your eye is beautiful!

Photo of Petulia

such a beautiful dress!the animal print is reminiscent of the rachel comey leopard retractors dress which I have written about on my blog...


Photo of Pia

congrats! you are so lucky to be in lucky :)

Photo of Account Deleted

You look really stunning. :)

Photo of Writer Vixen

Congrats Jane! Like Colina, I also picked up the December issue of Lucky but didn't see your spread in it. Is it in the January issue?

Photo of Die Konigin Der Herzen

I'm still trying to understand your significance.

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