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November 10, 2009

Shooting for Lucky Magazine x Dior Beauty

Two months ago I did a shoot in New York for Lucky Magazine to promote Dior Beauty-the shoot was a lot of fun and the December issue just hit the stands today. It's exciting to see the final product! Click below to see the promotion and my outtakes from the shoot.

It was pretty freaky to see your own eye super-sized on screen....





The coolest thing about this shoot was that the photographer used to be Albert Watsons assistant-I'm a big fan of Albert Watson and it was so cool to hear about the photographer's experience working with him during his time at German Vogue...he also showed me Albert Watson's old studio on the way to a location!

Here is one of my favorite shots of Kate Moss by Albert Watson.

I had a great time at the shoot and thanks to Lucky and Dior for having me out!

xo Jane


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Photo of Busy Bee Lauren

Congrats! That is so exciting!

Photo of F.E. Castleberry


Looks like a really fun experience...you look great!


Photo of monica burnett

jeez jane, you look GORGEOUS in these photos!
congratulations, this is so exciting! i am going to have to pick up a copy!


Photo of Brooke

Beautiful! Your eyes are an awesome color.

Photo of Isabel

The photos look amazing!
You're so lucky.

Photo of Christina

That sounds like so much fun! I bet you had a blast :)


Photo of Ganymede Girl

Awesome, I've wanted to try Diorshow mascara for ages, is it as amazing as everyone says? That's one of my favorite photos of Kate Moss too.


Photo of ebay fashion addict

OMG everything looks GORGOUES! congrats on a great shoot!

Photo of Paulina

Wow! You look beautiful :) Congrats!

Photo of Paulina

Wow! You look beautiful :) Congrats!

Photo of Francesca Robertson

so cool! love ur blog


lekisskiss.blogspot.com <-- two girls living in nyc and chicago blogging all things fashion!

Photo of Sharon Clemons

Great shoot! You look fabulous like usual. :) You have really beautiful eyes and great natural lashes! Lovely! Abosolutely lovely.

Photo of wale

How fun! Di you learn any new make-up tip during the shoot that you can share with us?

Photo of anastassia

The parisian lace shirt and poodle skirt look really suits you. Woah!! that is a really close look at an eye. Is it just me or do you seem to have very little veines on your eyeball.

Photo of The Daydreamer

Wow! That looks like it'd be an amazing experience. You look absolutely stunning! Plus, Dior beauty products are the best. I personally love Diorshow Iconic mascara

Photo of Bryony

You hair looks gorgeous all wavy like that
Such a beaut, great style :)
- FF x

Photo of m

Hey Jane, right after I saw your post, I started looking for your picture in this month's Lucky but I wasn't able to find it! :(

Photo of michelle @glisters and blisters

You've got the most beautiful eye color . I lovel green-brown colors much better than the typical blonde girl blue .
Awesome styling ! That skirt is gorgeous ..
Can't wait for the issue to come out :)
I might ge myself some of ur dior must haves too..

Photo of Antonia

Gorgeous pics Jane, you look fabulous!


Photo of Marie

Wow! All of the photos came out great... sultry night out is my favorite look!


Photo of (always)alanna

im waiting to see you in the next vogue editorial
you're on your way to even more great feats girl!

Photo of Gon

You're so lucky ! You look beautiful :D


Photo of Andrew J

Very nice Jane! Finished product looks great!!!

-Andrew J.

Photo of Emilie

Oh, Jane, you're so lucky!!!! Congrats!

Beautiful eyes!


Photo of Kelly


Can't wait to get the mag and check it out!

Photo of Tiffany

How fun is that! Congrats Jane :) Love the photo shoot!


Photo of Lauren

this article is kind of funny because I'm sure you don't have the same day meetings and sultry nights out as the working women Lucky is targeted for...you're not even 21, much less employed with a 9-5. Although you are making a business out of this blog! Your shoot is great, I am just pointing out the irony :-P you probably don't wear dior make-up, either.

Photo of Maria

It's crazy how much recognition you're getting! Totally deserving of it. Congratulations!
(And psst, check your email :D)

Photo of Celina

So so beautiful! I hope we can get this in Australia~

Photo of K.B.

Wow your hair looks fantastic in the mag shoot...is it naturally wavy? And if it isn't, how did you get that wave?

Photo of Erin

thats so fun! your makeup looks great!

Photo of Mariela

you are great Jane!! i love your stile!!


wow, congratulations Jane! You look beautiful! How exciting =) xoxo


Photo of Nini's Style

That's awesome!! congrats Jane!

Photo of coldlight

looks like so much fun! love the different looks, you're really beautiful :)

Photo of Josephine

Pretty! looks like fun


Photo of b. anca

Do you mind telling us who photographed you, Miss Jane? I think I might have assisted for this guy. Is his name David?

Photo of thebeautyfile

I'm obsessed with DIORSHOW mascara....convinced there is absolutely NOTHING out there that's better! You look stunning {as per usual} and amazing that you were picked for this shoot! Look at you giving bloggers such a good name!

Photo of Caroline

Beautiful! Congratulations! I loooove your blog!!!!


Photo of Colina

Wait, for the actual December magazine??? I just read it and didn't see that anywhere...maybe i'm blind?

Photo of Closet Cravings

The closeup pic of your eye is really pretty. Love the pics - you look like you must have had a fabulous time.

Photo of Johanna

How cool! congrats, you such a lucky girl, hehehe ;)

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