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November 09, 2009

Revisiting one of my favorite dresses


Dress is a no-name label bought on eBay a year or two ago..worn with vintage belt, a stack of my favorite bangles and Givenchy basket-weave wedges.

This dress is the best, a polyester wonder. I bet the girl who originally owned it wore it to Studio 54..wore it to Studio 54 all the time! I tell myself these things because I want to believe them...


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Photo of Miss Vintage Vixen


Photo of twitter.com/MolokoVellocet

I think that same thing about this amazing green silk Pauline Trigère I couldn't resist buying even though the crazy bitch who owned it first positively COVERED it in cig burns!

Photo of sim yee khor

that is definitely a great dress you've got from ebay, how come do i not always score beautiful things from ebay?? the colour of the dress is so vibrant and totally match your porcelain skin.

your just-out-of-the-shower hair looks gorgeous with this dress too.

Photo of syd vicious

what a find! perfect for studio 54!

Photo of Jasmine

that dress is amazing..and so are those shoes!
i love ebay


Photo of Antonia

This dress is the most amazing find - I love imagining the people who used to own and wear the vintage clothes I now have in my closet!

Photo of Fickle Red Riding Hood

Lovely dress, and you hair looks fantastic. Love the red.


Photo of kari

your hair looks great!!

Photo of Closet Cravings

Love the shoes with this dress. =)

Photo of Gon

It's so lovely ! It's so Dries and it's perfect on you !
Studio 54!


Photo of Julie

Beautiful dress, beautiful outfit, beautiful pictures! =)

Photo of Erin

i bet she wore it to studio 54 too!

Photo of cindrellaundertheumbrella

i love the dress and the shoes!!! u look gr8!!


Photo of Tasha Gregson

This looks great on you! I love the shoes!



Photo of fashionbyhe

not only is the dress amazing, but so are the heels...love the stacked bangle too

-He apprves


Photo of bloomingvogue

What an awesome dress! It matches perfectly to the colours of some leaves in the background!


Photo of pink horrorshow

I can't make out the detail of the belt but it looks so gorgeous. This dress is such a sick find and it'd probably look really good with your hair pulled back so the knot shows a little more.

Photo of Suzanne

its so gorgeous! love it:)

Photo of kat

gorgeous!!! love everything!

Photo of Alison

fall at the aldridge house: posing on rocks and studio 54 dresses. nice. the crystal/lucite bangle as awesome.

Photo of Alissa Loves

i love love love this dress! i'm glad you're revisiting it again...

Photo of English Rose

ohmygoodness i am in love with this dress!! i love revisiting old items and falling in love with them over again and i completely get what you mean about creating amazing back stories for second hand pieces - i do it ALL the time - nice to see its not just an eccentric english thing!


Photo of Michelle

I love your chunky lucite bangle, too fun! I love that you aren't afraid to wear bold prints.

xo Michelle

Photo of Teresa

That is a gorgeous dress! Don't you just love finding steals on Ebay that probably no one else will have?



Beautiful with your auburn hair.

Photo of The Cheap Girl--Canada's Budget Fashion and Beauty Blog

I saw this on the lookbook site. Gorgeous! I love the fabric print and the slouchy aspect of the dress! XOXO


Love this no brand dress... and your hair as well.


Photo of Tiffany

I love the movement in this dress! Beautiful!! Definitely a great find!


Photo of ediot

the dress is unique. really. and it looks so great on you!

Photo of Malicious Mallory

This is a beautiful dress! At first glance on my Bloglovin I didn't like it, but now I see that it's really gorgeous!

Photo of juliet

It is gorgeous!

juliet xxx

Photo of Sarah Hannah

love love this dress! it's so gorgeous! and you're looking quite fetching too little miss! xxx

Photo of sofiasophie

indeed the dress could have been one of the "studio 54" host.... perfectly!

Photo of esther

Jane, this dress is fantastic.

Photo of Agnieszka

I love this dress!

Photo of Cléo

love it ! I want the same !

Photo of Meadow

beautiful! gorgeous! amazing! love the accessories. the shoes... *I DIE*.

Photo of Anna

I understand why that's your favourite dress. It's stunning!

Photo of Peaches and Cream

Wow, I really like the dress. I'm thinking maybe I could experiment with draping fabric remnants over a contrasting dress for a similar effect. Could do any combo really. And your hair looks lovely like this, too, by the way.

Photo of thebeautyfile

Oh, I totally believe that. She was a swinging, partying socialite diva who sashayed and parlayed with the best of them...you know, Mic Jagger, Andy Warhol, Debbie Harry....those kinda people.


I love that dress too! gorgeous photos of you!

check out all my designer shoes at www.fashionsnag.com

Photo of Brigadeiro

Gorgeous outfit! I have a similar belt, by Chloe, must use mine more often :) LOVE the shoes!

Photo of Ebay Fashion Addict

the dress is awesome and the way you accessorized it is perfection!


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