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November 01, 2009

Photoshoot with Shannon Sewell

More photos by the talented Shannon Sewell-it was so fun doing this photoshoot and I love these pictures! 







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Photo of Connie

Simply stunning! --all three of you!
& Your mom can totally pass as your older sister.


Photo of Eileen

They are all lovely. Love your mom's black coat! Mix of black and white with color is a nice touch.

Photo of Erin

you guys all look so adorable!

Photo of twitter.com/dollyallison

The first photo is absolutely stunning! I love it!

Photo of Michelle

first comment spot !
i love your sisters blue biker jacket very much .
and the gold XL cross necklace is superb . matches well with your platforms and pants :)

Photo of Becca

wow, you are all so stunning!! who makes your sisters jacket? I LOVE it and must know.

Photo of Michelle

I love Carol's leopard flats, too cute!

xo chelle

Photo of Rachel

wow last outfit is killer


I love these photos! You are all so beautiful!

check out all my designer shoes at www.fashionsnag.com

Photo of Sputnik Sweetheart

you are as cute as a seagull and i mean that in a very good way! :)

Photo of Nahal

I love your sisters jacket!

You guys all look awesome!

Photo of Dora

Love your blog Jane, and you all look adorable.. love it :))

Photo of Corks & Caftans

YES the python print jeans are back!!!!!! Welcome to the fun, little sister. :)

thanks for the inspiration,


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Photo of Christine

i love your sisters blue leather jacket..ahmazing
and the one of you on the bench :)

Photo of style_substance_sutton

where were these photos taken? lovely, all of you. check out my blog - www.stylesubstanceandsutton.blogspot.com

Photo of Jasmine

those pants in the last photo are soo awesome!


Photo of Le 21eme Arrondissement

These are so great, Jane! Thanks for sharing!

- le 21ème

Photo of ava

Beautiful Jane. The last pic is my favorite,I love the pants and shoes. <3 ava

Photo of Cruz

Beautiful photos - you guys look great! The outfit in the picture with the LGB pants is phenomenal!

Photo of The Voguette

omg jane your family is absolutelyyyy gorgeouss!!! i am dying for your jackettt!!


Photo of mr. freddy's mom

the aldridges girls rock!
the three of you are very beautiful!


Photo of Kelly

You all look stunning! Love the pants in the last pic!!!

The toy store in the last post looks like a blast, I want to go!


Photo of Style Scientist

Gorgeous photos! Love your outfit in the last picture.

Photo of xAZD

wonderful photography, and what fierce pants those are, jane!!


Photo of Brooke

You all look great. Your relationships remind me of my mom, sister, and myself :)

Photo of kari

such a pretty family!!!

Photo of Ganymede Girl

You all look so cute! That pants and shoes combination in the last photo is genius!


Photo of dy

great shots! you guys are gorgeous! was the photoshoot for something specific or just for fun?

Photo of Michelle

I saw you in a preview for the city. cant wait!

Photo of Isabel

Your family is insanely fashionable! Carol looks really awesome - I love the jeans/dress/leopard flats look.

Photo of Jyun

Your mom looks gorgeous.

Photo of kelly

you three are so alike! nice smiles!

Photo of Alia

eh? in the first picture your sister's smile makes her look somewhat like kate hudson! and your family is absolutely darling. yall have the cutest little dimples :)

Photo of Brigadeiro

Such gorgeous photos! Especially the candid of Carol...just beautiful...

Photo of Girl in the loft

awww these are so sweet. i think beautiful moms and sisters and daughters are one of lifes best gifts! so precious

Photo of fashionisfor

love the last picture! adorable and fashionable family.

Photo of olaitan

i love the b/w photo of you in the plaid beret and military jacket.
its cute!

-signed a citizen for the advancement of dialogue between strangers;)


Photo of thalialouise

these are really pretty photos ! so photogenic...

Photo of Emily

great pictures! is that your sister?

Photo of T.L

awesome !! love the pictures <3


Photo of Chelsea

Beautiful photos, Jane! The black and white ones are especially striking.

Photo of Andrea Carolina

The sixth photo, beautiful Jane, beautiful..

Photo of Christine

You & your family are so beautiful. These are really great photos & it looks like you all had a blast!

Photo of Catherine

You ladies look so great! I love Carol's blue jacket.

Photo of anastassia

great family photos. They really capture happieness and ease.

Photo of kirsten

your outfit is SO cute!

{uninhibited fashion}

Photo of Sammi

Tell Carol that she's stunning!

Cutest family everrrrr.

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