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November 09, 2009

Revisiting one of my favorite dresses


Dress is a no-name label bought on eBay a year or two ago..worn with vintage belt, a stack of my favorite bangles and Givenchy basket-weave wedges.

This dress is the best, a polyester wonder. I bet the girl who originally owned it wore it to Studio 54..wore it to Studio 54 all the time! I tell myself these things because I want to believe them...

November 07, 2009

Cool art & other things

I was so honored to be painted again by the talented Danny Roberts  of Igor and Andre..this time with the shoes I designed for Urban Outfitters. He is amazing! Thank you so much Danny!

I was introduced to fellow Dallasite Blake Wright's blog by my friends at Helloooooo...his blog The Blake Wright is so funny. You have to go look at his skeches! He sent me this one last weekend...thanks Blake!


Too true.

And to round off this post I'm going to post some of my favorite things as of late...click below if you want to see more!

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November 03, 2009


I have been sooo excited to post these boots...I got them in Austin at Big Bertha's Bargain Basement..they were so out-of-control that I had to have them. Even if they are too small for me.

But looking at these boots I can't help but think that they are directional...I can totally see this shape of boot for fall 2011. If a YSL Tribute boot dropped acid at Woodstock and got knocked up by a cowboy boot, then maybe their offspring would look something like this.

Wore these last week with Hysteric Glamour jeans and a Jelly Garcia lace tank top & jacket I got in Tokyo.


Borrowing a Pamela Love necklace from my mom and a Mr. We cross.


On to this crazy 70's poncho...I am sad to say that it is not mine. My mom let me borrow it for this picture. This poncho is so painfully beautiful-there must be at least 10 different furs on this poncho. The best thing about this poncho is that it has hand-painted flowers on the inside of it.
 It belongs in a museum. 

My mom got this poncho at Archive Vintage here in Dallas...talk about the find of a lifetime. 




*I am not in any way endorsing Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are. I thought it was a pretty depressing movie. My best friend cried the whole time when we saw it together. 
 This post gets it's name because when my mom was taking these pictures, she asked me to do my best WTWTA reenactment. Pictures of my really good impersonations are not included in this post to preserve my "dignity"..."dignity" that was totally lost when an astounded passerby caught me in the middle of my "wild rumpus". Sigh...at this point though, I am pretty used to embarrassing myself in the name of beautiful clothes.

November 01, 2009

Photoshoot with Shannon Sewell

More photos by the talented Shannon Sewell-it was so fun doing this photoshoot and I love these pictures! 







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