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November 16, 2009

Over the weekend

The other day I wore my Miu Miu spectator pumps from fall 2007-they are some of my favorite shoes ever, I love the butterscotch & pink color scheme. I have to admit that they are pretty painful to walk in...they pinch your toes so bad! Totally worth the pain though. Its funny, usually my shoes are too extreme for my friends tastes but my girlfriends really like these..how could you not? They look like a pastry.


Worn with a Comme des Garcons chiffon skirt, a vintage satin blouse, and a very old Dolce and Gabanna belt of my mom's...I love this belt, I used to steal it all the time when I was 13-14...it's nice to get it out again! 

I have another shoe score to share..

Check out my amazing Alaia wedges! Tina (of Bag Snob fame) tipped off my mom and I to a great sale at Neimans Last Call...75% off Alaia is not too shabby. These guys are really comfy too.

 Worn with a vintage suede vest my mom got at Feathers in Austin. These shoes and this vest were kind of made for each other...

I went to Alzheimer's Association Dallas Rita Hayworth Gala with the Helloooooo.com crew on Saturday and it was so much fun. It was a great opportunity to dress up-I wore a vintage 50's dress from Sielan's Vintage in LA and my Chanel bow-tie booties. For now I only have iPhone pics but Jonathan took a ton of pictures during the night...I'll post them later this week!

&n bsp;

What a fun night. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

xo Jane

UPDATE: Got pictures of the Gala courtesy of Helloooooo.com ;) Thanks guys! Click below to see more!





What a great night for a great cause.

After party was Mickey Avalon at the Ghostbar..fun!


Again thanks to Helloooooo.com for the pics


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Photo of WIkifashion

Love the skirt and shoes. Divine :)

Photo of WIkifashion

Love the skirt and shoes. Gorgeous :)

Photo of frenchghosts

i'm in love with those alaia wedges! so dreamy.

Photo of s h e r r y

I'm in LOVE with those Miu Miu spectator pumps. Wow. <3

Photo of KD

Yummy! And those Alaia wedges are AWESOME.

Photo of Laura

Great pictures! Love all the full skirts with pretty heels.

Photo of michelle @glisters and blisters

These are all awesome shoes !
Don't think ur shoe tastes are over the top for me !
My mom has a similar miu miu's to yours but they're in a different color scheme..
Not the butterscoth n peach ones :)

Maybe I should raid hers :D

Love ur ruffle front top with the flowy skirt !
It looks gorgeous :)

Photo of kat

amazing outfits! i esp. love your alaia wedges and vintage dress!!!!! beautiful!

Photo of Christing

those alaia wedges are so incredible! love them, and love the skirt and blouse in the first outfit. you look so sweet and classic! i find all miu miu shoes pinch...but are oh so cute!


Photo of Pia

your alaia shoes are soooo amazing! you are beyond lucky to have your mom's closet to shop it :)

also, love the vintage dress you wore to the gala

Photo of Marie

Great pics... love the pastry shoes on the leaves.(nice close up) All of the outfits are great...first one is my favorite!!


Photo of Josephine

those wedges are PERFECT

Photo of Marie

love the wedges... sounds like a great deal!


Photo of CJM

You look spectacular in these photos--so many great colors. Your waist is so dainty; it's absolutely lovely in everything you wear. And, of course, the shoes are incredible. Your blog is always a bright spot in my day.

Photo of DSD

I have the same shoes and I'm so glad it's not just me that finds them painful!

Photo of Becca

Those are a pair of miu miu's I've been hunting for on Ebay in my size for ages. So lovely!

Also, those Alaia are BEAUTIFUL. Love Love Love.

Photo of Libertad

Oh my, love those wedges, they're so cool!! And the first coordinate is just perfect, yaw!

Photo of Christine

Great post!

I love the Miu Miu's, they're so refreshing and will always be in style.

Photo of Brigadeiro

LOVE your vintage dress, the CDG skirt and those Miu Miu's! They sure do look good enough to eat ;)

PS. Your mom's vintage belt is so gorgeous too, you must have the tiniest waist!!!

Photo of (always)alanna

those wedges are to die forr!
and the fall leaves look gorgeous paired with that outfit!

Photo of lala

ive wanted those 'pastry' shoes my whole life
even before they existed i swear i dreamt of them
and the tiger shoes. love. love. love


Photo of twitter.com/juliaherself

hey! are these the same shoes featured on the The Sartorialist?? check it out, love your blog!


Photo of The Bambina

LOVE the belt and wedges. Beautious.

Photo of Amy

I am so obsessed with the Miu Miu pumps! You're right, so much like a delicious pastry :)


Photo of Gon

OH oh! I love the vest ande the new wedges and i love the way you combined it !!

kiss from Portugal,

Photo of confessions of a marc addict.

it's almost disturbing how jealous i am of those alaia's.

Photo of wale

I've said it before, but I have to say it again: you have the tinniest waist I've ever seen!!
You look amazing, love the 3 looks....and the shoes!!!!!!!!!!

Photo of erica

ahhhh! is the Neiman's sale still on? running there right now ...

Photo of Amy

Beautiful shoes and outfits. Love those Miu Miu pumps!

Photo of Annie

apart from all the obvious stuff, really like your nails

Photo of Leonid Gurevich

the Alaia wedges are incredible. Great pick

Photo of Marina

Where are you in the first picture?
Is that at your house?
It looks like a very cool '80's pool-ish thing... I'm not really sure.
:)-- Love your blog, Jane!

Photo of Le 21eme Arrondissement

Great photos, Jane! The pics in the leaves are so cute!

- http://21Arrondissement.com

Photo of Lizzy


Photo of Kelly

You always have the most beautiful photos, they belong in a magazine!

**Check out my giveaway, win a Johnny Depp tote and navy blue Hard Candy Nail polish**


Photo of Bel

I love it when you post more than one outfit :) Really old school sea of shoes.

Photo of Michelle

Such pretty pictures with the yellow ginko leaves! Fall is definitely your season.

xo Michelle

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

i love all the photos, jane!
i love this look of you and the outfit!
if those shoes are food, i'm sure they're yummy!

you're sparkling on that night party, jane!


Photo of Rosie Unknown

Wow, it is all so pretty!

Photo of dana aharon

do you know "sea of shoes" its a phrase in hebrew.. it means lots of shoes!
I love your blog!! I ADORE you :]

Photo of Kate Hartland

all great(: both shoes are fabulous!


Photo of Connie

I love those Miu Miu pumos! I especially love the perfect amount of toe cleavage it gives.
I don't know why, but I hate when my pumps give either too much or too little cleavage.
Haha! Toe cleavage is a funny subject to comment on, huh?
Also, weren't those the same pair you had to wear for the shoe challenge you did a lonnnggg time ago?
Or I think you might have had it in the picture of the shoes that were an option for the challenge.
I remember the oddest things, even if it was ages ago.



Photo of dy

looks like a lot of fun!

Photo of Sam

I know everybody says nice things no matter what but I really do like the skirt.

Photo of Stéph

You look so nice!
How could you go to all this event?
Love the Miu Miu shoes :)

Photo of Voycik

Mickey Avalon must have been a blast!

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