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November 13, 2009






Couldn't resist getting this 70's poncho out again ;) Its so breathtaking...

Oh yea, I changed my hair again-put some blonde and red in it.

Worn this time with Herff Christiansen dress, Lucky Jeans hat, and Barneys Co-op Boots



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Photo of Dena

You look Stunning and OMG those boots.

Photo of ediot

such amazing photos. got a certain 70s western wibe to them. and i love it :)
have a great weekend. take care xx ediot

Photo of ananya

you are far too pretty. jellin'! i would be in love with the poncho too if it were mine... xx

Photo of Camille

Hi ! I am french , your blog is very pretty !

Photo of tippy

your hair looks great! i love the tights w/ those boots!

Photo of simona

amazing hair!
love your hat)

Photo of Katie Hoeynck

jane, you are amazing. the poncho is so crazy! but i love it, and your blog!

Photo of Michelle

this is breath taking as usual darling .
you look great .
and i love ur blonde highlights and red in ur hair as well ! you're always terrific !

Photo of Laura

Your hair looks lovely!!!

Photo of M

is style caster free??

Photo of Jenn

so cool, love this style. Your blog is amazing!

Photo of Ilgın

You are very pretty and lovely and I like most of your combos but I think this outfit is not appropriate for your age and also the dark make up shadowing your natural beauty, you should keep it smile, it is best that way:)

Photo of Eileen

Gorgeous..... Love the colors of the poncho against the background of the farm. OTK boots with webbed tights are fabulous!

Photo of Eileen

Gorgeous... Love the colors of the poncho against the background of the grass. The OTK boots with those tights are just fabulous. Beautiful photos!


Photo of amelia

Great photos!! Love you're blog, who does your hair by the way?

Photo of romy

the effects in the photo are amazing with the poncho
got love for you


Photo of Nathalie

That poncho is just awesome. You look great.

Photo of boysinstripes

Your hair looks fantastic!

Photo of MªÁngeles S.T.

The look is beautiful...green nails? Really fantastic crazy color ;)

Photo of Becca

The second photo is amazing :)
I love your blog, I visit it everyday, because I want to see your newest post :)

Photo of alex

this is hideous, what happened to your style it used to be so inspirational and nice

Photo of Nicola Madore

Who takes your photos? They are amazing!!

Photo of Olivia

Would love to see what purse you'd use with this outfit! And know where you'd wear it!


Photo of Courtney H.

i love the pattern on those tights! and the highlights really brighten up your face. awesome outfit!

Photo of Riley Black

Love the hair.
The color is gorgeous!

Photo of Niki

love the new hair, and your boots


Photo of jetblackdye.blogspot

headwear makes u look diff! u look less soft, more mature, a nice twist!!!!


Photo of jd.

your makeup looks great! and i'm absolutely in love with the boots...!

Photo of Sabina

You're right to wear it again, it looks great on you!

Photo of Sheila

The first shot is resoundingly masterful: textures of wood, rusted metal and soft fur under a brassy Texas sun, like a double homage to Noguchi and Titian. I agree that Jane's makeup *is* beautiful, but maybe a lighter touch would have been more in line with the Bohemian hat, hair and poncho. Jane makes Texas glamorous again (esp. compared to the ridiculous Vogue-Italy November editorial.

Photo of jojo

fur is murder and you're a spoiled little brat!

Photo of Marit

I love these pictures!

Photo of iouiou

Ton look est superbe... comme toi Jane.

Photo of Victoria

Wow! You look so incredibly warm in that poncho! Love the styling of the entire look--especially with the over-the-knee boots and patterned cut-out tights. The new hair color is great Jane, it photographs really well!

P.S. I caught your cameo on The City. You were very poised and beautiful as usual!


Photo of Carmen

Your hair is gorgeous, love the wind swept photos.


Photo of maddie

the autumn light is gorgeous..so is the poncho!

Photo of Zoe

The poncho is definatly different, i love how you've worn it! Great outfit! (:

Photo of juliet

Well, you have great reason to love it. It is awesome!

juliet xxx

Photo of Kat

I like that you're mixing it up a bit more with your makeup at the moment. But I think the last shot of you is a bit too photoshopped. Your skin looks very artificial...Photoshopping is all well and good as long as the end result is that you still look relatively natural.

Photo of m.

Sorry Jane, as much as I love your blog, I really can't get behind the poncho. Fur can be fabulous, but this is just a bad piece of roadkill!! On the other hand, I love the lighting in this- such a beautiful photograph

Photo of Dithy Rambe

Poncho is savage. You can barely see you in some of these images though- fashion camouflage?


Photo of Florent

Love the scenography and styling!

Photo of Tobias Sweden

I really love the poncho!!!

Photo of divinebunny

this poncho is simply divine!

i just posted jewellery that would go amazing!

check me out

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