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November 13, 2009






Couldn't resist getting this 70's poncho out again ;) Its so breathtaking...

Oh yea, I changed my hair again-put some blonde and red in it.

Worn this time with Herff Christiansen dress, Lucky Jeans hat, and Barneys Co-op Boots



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Photo of Louis Duke

Who photographs you on this blog?

Photo of Ekaterina

Oh, very unusual and wild poncho! Like it! :)

Photo of veronicahhh

honestly, these photos are printable/editorial/magazine quality.

Photo of Editor

I just came across your blog less then a week ago and I can say without doubt that I am sure you will be placed as the next editor in chief of vogue once Anna is out, 100%.


Photo of Naeh

I just found your blog, and I like it a lot :) I really like your style, it's so personal and original :) the last picture is gorgeous :) and also the dress that you wear in that older posting, love it, I would take it anytime ! :) I think I'm gonna start following you :)

Photo of melissa

I love your hat..and the pocho is wonderful!


Photo of The Cheap Girl--Canada's Budget Fashion and Beauty Blog

I love your new hair colour Jane! You look so pretty and the poncho is beautiful! Have a great weekend! XOXO

Photo of Rosanna

Beautiful photos!

Photo of anastassia

The poncho again!!! That poncho is amazing. The styling of the whole outfit is great. You look like you'd fit right in with Mick Jagger and his crew back in the 70's.

Photo of The Baker

I love the tights the most!

Photo of isadora

"Really like your boots and the leggins your wearing."

^^ I second that. Wish you would've kept your hair darker though, it looked awesome!

Photo of Kate Hartland

theres so much color in these pictures! and your hair looks great(:


Photo of amber

that poncho is INSANE! Beautiful photos. You've got some amazing photoshop skills girl! Ugh, I have to learn. Lovely!



Photo of electra

i found your blog today. you're simply beautiful!
well.. your skin looks perfect, and I would really like if you tell me which products you use.
Since i lost lots of weight (61 pounds) my skin looks tired , without life!
I accept sugestions!

Well, it would be very helpful to learn with a beautiful woman like you.
kisses from Portugal.

Photo of Style Odyssey

ahhh, that incredible fur poncho...i'm too petite to wear such a style, as it would swallow me whole, but i am convinced you can rock any look! the fresh way you've styled it here is quite creative...the autumn light doesn't hurt, either. and there are those killer tights i remember from a previous post.

Photo of kiriko

2d picture; A-MaA-ZiING.
looks like a vogue editorial

Photo of Amy

I really like those tights! Your hair looks really cool too :)

Photo of Ljubica

that is such a gorgeous poncho.. you look really great in these photos! i love the hat too with it!

Photo of chantele cross

You look awesome, this outfit is amazing. And your hair is looking stunning with the new streaks in it!

Photo of cy

that poncho looks so comfy!
i handsew dresses that would great with your hair color!

Photo of KD

Absolutely stunning pictures! Not only is the ensemble great but the background is super. :-)

Photo of Dominika

that poncho is totally AMAZING!
love your nail colour <3! ^^
nd your hair looks great!

Photo of Kaelyn

Great look Jane! How do you get your hair to style like that?

Photo of shay

that is just a perfect piece, it really is.

Photo of Daniella

you really captured the fall mood, especially in the second and third photos.
i'm a big fan of the poncho. keep wearing it.


Photo of love

les photos sont superbes !! j'adore le jeu de lumières. Always a pleasure to see your pictures !

Photo of Emilie

This poncho is amazing on you, and with this boots, it' a very pretty outfit: fusion folk!!!


Photo of Kym

Your mother is turning into a very good photographer! The light, the location, really beautiful!

Photo of kirsty

loving the thigh highs and patterned tights x

Photo of Paulina

Girl, you look so fabulous!

Photo of Pia Susanne

Im sure that you are a great girl, but if that ugly ass poncho is real fur, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Photo of Rosie Unknown

I love your eye make up here! I would love to know what you use, and how you use it!

Photo of elaine

that poncho is disgusting.

Photo of The Daydreamer

You look extremely ethereal and beautiful :)

Photo of Fashion CHALET

May I ask...
the make of your Polish?


Photo of Moa

Oh my God, I LOVE your outfit! On top!!!

Photo of Kwil

I love this poncho too! such an amazing piece.

Photo of Carina

That light looks good on your. Gorgeous photos, as always!

Photo of Stephania

I have followed your blog for the longest time...perhaps a year now...
However, have never felt urged comment..
The second image of you in this post is sublime, the conflict of textures and tension created is incredible. Fur, felt, leather, patterned hosiery and the fact that you are not posing with any particular emphasis on a feature or your lines. There is finally something very natural about the image.

Wonderful Jane.

Photo of jessica m.

I REALLY think your fur love is so wrong and disgusting. and the fact that you wore it again to spite your readers. wow.

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

i never get tired seeing this poncho.
very beautiful and unique!


Photo of Cruz

khfbsf That poncho blows my mind! That second picture KILLED me. Your outfit's amazingamazingamazing!!!

Photo of Susan

You obviously don't have a problem with fur and leather, yet aren't you a vegetarian? How do you justify this?

Photo of Anne

Aside from the way the clothes look, these pictures are pretty amazing. I love the way your hair looks in the last picture!


Photo of Cecylia

I am so envious of your Sergio Rossi boots! And the poncho too!

Photo of Lore.

beautiful pics! and you have nice hair!

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