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November 07, 2009

Cool art & other things

I was so honored to be painted again by the talented Danny Roberts  of Igor and Andre..this time with the shoes I designed for Urban Outfitters. He is amazing! Thank you so much Danny!

I was introduced to fellow Dallasite Blake Wright's blog by my friends at Helloooooo...his blog The Blake Wright is so funny. You have to go look at his skeches! He sent me this one last weekend...thanks Blake!


Too true.

And to round off this post I'm going to post some of my favorite things as of late...click below if you want to see more!

I got this Cassette Playa Fire Face jacket at Seven New York this spring, and I am so glad I did.  Definitely a piece of pop art. I like clothes with faces on them, maybe this is an extension of my habit of personifying inanimate objects...this is one of my favorite things I own, even though I'm technically 'sharing' it with my mom...;-)


I'm in love with Briggite Bardot's style-so unapologetically feminine. I like fluffy hair and heavy eye makeup like BB's...sometimes going au naturel is totally overrated!!
 (I almost went as Briggite Bardot for Halloween, but I kept messing up my eye makeup.. so instead I went as Pocahantas.)


Really into the hair bling idea at Dolce and Gabanna.

My favorite animated film I've ever seen...Masaaki Yuasa's Mind Game...the incongruity of the different styles of animation in this was really inspiring.


Found this vintage Kenzo ad from an old Vogue Paris...I collect vintage Kenzo and would love to get my hands on some of these knits. I love Kenzo Takada's personal style too.


How cute is he? The mismatching plaids are genius!

Loved this image of old turqouise on Strange Eyes tumblr..my mom has a great collection of turqouise concha belts...promise to do a post about them soon!

For the last couple of months all I've been listening to is Yellow Magic Orchestra and its various related projects...when you've got Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yukihiro Takahashi and Haruomi Hosono what else do you need?? Every song is so simple and so right...when I'm not listening to YMO I'm listening to breakcore, italo, synth pop, or dark wave...

I really love fish...especially really big, prehistoric looking fish. The arapaima is one of my favorite types of fish...if you've ever wondered why this blog is called Sea of Shoes, its partly because I love things that live under the sea as much as I love shoes. I often post pictures of fish on my other blog, Leeland.
 Ever since I was little, fish have appeared in almost every dream that I have...I wonder what they symbolize to me, because they seem to be so deeply ingrained in my subconscious. 

and lastly...one of my favorite paintings, by Hanno Karlhuber..

Hanno karlhuber1 

See ya later...xo Jane


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Photo of Kate

swap barney's for selfridges and that shoe painting sums up my life :)

Photo of Holly

i love how your blog isnt just about clothes and has other aspects of fashion aswell
I love your blog, thankyou for being a great inspiration
Holly x

Photo of j. vorwaller

gorgeous. especially that turquoise jewelry!

Photo of Ashley

Great post! And I love that sketch about Barneys - it is too true!


Photo of Michelle

Your inspiration posts are always so fun Jane. You have such diverse and quixotic taste; it's fun to see someone posting something thoughtful instead of predictable.

xo michelle

Photo of Paulina

That shoe painting is definitely the story of my life.

Photo of zi

Beautiful post
it's BRIGITTE BARDOT and not bridget

Photo of Aurora

I can't even begin to tell u how much I hate myself when I watch ur photos. u're so damn beautiful it hurts.

Photo of Christine

How sweet is that portrait by Danny Roberts?? I love his work.

Photo of Kelly

I love Danny's illustration of you!


Photo of Heini

Lovely portrait of you!

Photo of Hayley

I love Brigitte Bardot - such a beautiful picture of her!
And what an amazing portrait of you by Danny Roberts! You are SO lucky!
I love your blog by the way.


Photo of Diana

you were on mtv's The City this past episode!

Photo of luxirare

I always have dreams about aquariums, very weird. In fact...my real life dream is to live in an aquarium house. How rich must one be to have a house built as an aquarium?
You should live in a shoe aquarium with swimming shoes instead of underwater creatures.

Photo of Elizabeth

love these pictures! the danny roberts painting is beautiful. and i went as pocahontas for halloween too- it was so much fun.


Photo of Brooke

I love both paintings! And, that turquoise is amazing.

Photo of Intrinsically Florrie

I love the blue shoe illustration it's stunning, thanks for introducing me to him!
Ah I love vintage Kenzo too, especially this amazing floral wrap top I found: http://intrinsicallyflorrie.blogspot.com/2009/08/kenzo-floral.html =] That's such a nice advert.

Florrie xx

Photo of yoshi

ohhhhh! Saw a shoe illustration with a similar remark in Harrods! I found it to be very cute, I can't recall exactly what was written though! x

Photo of The Cheap Girl--Canada's Budget Fashion and Beauty Blog

Congrats Jane! Love the illustrations! Have a great weekend! XOXOXOXO

Photo of twitter.com/tenstyle

This post is so inspirational...LOVE LOVE
Especially the vintage Kenzo ad.

Photo of Liya

your blog is always inspiring


Photo of Danny Roberts

awe thanks Jane! your are wonderful! ;)

Photo of Krissy

Oh wow, that painting of you is so awesome! I wasn't familiar with his work before now, but thank you so much for sharing! Truly a wonderful artist. :)


Photo of georgia

I agree, very cool things. You are drawn beautifully
It would be mine

Photo of juli

hahaha hanno karlhuber was my arts teacher in school i'm from vienna .. he was so sweet

Photo of Maria

such a fun post! bb is so gorgeous!


love this post. i love all things under the sea too =)



Photo of Pearl Westwood

Some great inspiration here Jane! I have had a love of vintage Kenzo for years which I got from my mum, she has some amazing shirts - must have a borrow!
I've been inspired by hair accessories too, I really love haircombs, its so strange how out of fashion they became, as they were so popular in the past, and often given as sweetheart tokens. Chanel did a huge golden feather one last year I wish I had bought now!
Have a great weekend,

Photo of bijou

haha! I love the barney's quote!! my mom named me after Briggite Bardot!!!


Photo of anjo

YMO is fantastic!!
i love "TONG POO" and "RYDEEN"!!

Photo of Bryony

I love the quote on that shoe sketch - really so true haha :(
FF x

Photo of Ganymede Girl

Mind Game! I wish more people would see that movie. I think I first watched it maybe two years ago, and it still remains not just my favorite animated movie, but favorite movie in general of all time. Completely awe-inspiring, eye-opening, and mind blowing!


Photo of Grace

Don't you think Lara Stone looks like Brigitte Bardot? Probably a similarity zillions of people have pointed out, but I like to pretend I was first.
Also the shoe sketch is amazing. I wish I could draw like that.

Photo of F.

You are so lucky to attend the Crillon ball, hope you will enjoy it !
Don't forget to post some photos of it ! Who are you coming with ?
sorry fot my bad english...

Photo of Christina W.

What an inspiring list! I really like the fire coat and your little spiel about fish. :)

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i like the last painting, the glasses off, the glass of water, like a bed side table, sleeping, but the window open, sort of flying away dreaming, i dunno maybe it's just me.

Photo of sara

i like that last painting as well.

Photo of sal

The funny thing is that shoe looks like a brian atwood shoe i am coveting at the moment..altho it is nude (colored) and patent. go figure..

Photo of Hayley

Bridgette Bardot - omg she personifies beauty.

Peter Sellers sure got lucky.

Photo of Robyn.

Those fish are darling! They live in the Amazon, and though I totally forget their name, I've seen them in more than one aquarium before and they are just the best~

Photo of amber

that Barney's comic is so true. I do that at Neimans and Sax all the time. (SF, the Barney's here is teeny tiny).



Photo of veronicahhh

DID YOU SEE THIS?????????????


Photo of quelle

i like this seemingly random smattering of 'likes'.

Photo of Cecylia

The drawing of you looks just like you! I love the cute cheek blushes =)

Photo of Sarah Hannah

i can't believe you are 17, you are far too sophisticated and amazingly cultured! not that 17 year olds aren't, but, well, you know...

Photo of Miss K.

If you love the turquoise rings, you can find similar large-scale pieces by Nicole Cruz of Yen Jewelry. Her craftsmanship is impeccable. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=30316079

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