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October 16, 2009

Will someone take me to prom??

This morning my mom called me from an antique mall here in Dallas and said, "I got the most beautiful 50s prom dress!! You have to see it!" So an hour later it was here and I've barely taken it off since then...I love it so much!







Worn with patent Givenchy pumps from fall 2007.

*Yes, my hair is much, much darker. I did not mean to get this dark...my hair dresser said he was going to do the same thing as last time. My hair dresser is a liar. 


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Photo of Josephine

I like the hair!! Also, you look adorable. I love how your posts are turning into mini-editorials.

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

you're soooooo beautiful!!!!!
you look like a princesssss!


Photo of Christina

so adorable! I just got a vintage prom dress too!


Photo of Vanessa @ Chic and Charming

That's the prettiest prom dress I've ever seen. Have a ball!

- Vanessa

Photo of Larissa Russo

All hairdressers are liars! But you're lucky: you really look great!
I think is nice that you changed your haircolor, even if wasn't purposely ;]
Your dress looks just perfect!


Photo of Midge

So pretty! You should be in the Miss Dior ads...

Photo of Cara-Mia

What a beautiful dress! & I actually think this is my favorite hair color on you, you look stunning.

Photo of Rhubarb

Sweet dress and shoes. But I prefer your hair lighter color. =)

Photo of Jo

prom dress is divine!

Photo of S.I.Q.

loove it! its so oldschool and so pretty!

-Paris graffiti brand logos

Photo of Girl in the loft

I think anyone would die to take you to the prom in that. Those shoes make me melt. You are like a princess right out of a fairytale or a fairy right out of the woods ready to be taken somewhere special....

i love it.


Photo of Heather

Yay, I love the Givenchy heels making a return! Your whole outfit is way cute Jane!

xoxo Heather


Photo of Jinra

Looking at this dress makes me wish I had enjoyed prom. I obviously didn't since I didn't have an amazing dress.

Photo of chu

oh, this is so lovely... so maryna linchuk for miss dior. fabulous!

Photo of Rachel D.

Lovely! You look like you just stepped out of the 50s... *sigh*

Love the hair, too, but then I love dark hair :)

Photo of Astrid

I LOVE the dress! And your blog!

Photo of Lauren

you're stunning! i love your new hair so much.


Not too many comments on those shoes... they don't seem to fit well on the side :(
The dress is cute though :) Very cupcake-y

Photo of cassaundra

oh my god its like heaven!

Photo of Giselle

Your new hair color complements your skin perfectly - and it makes you look like your age, in a good way!

Photo of Christine

I love the dark hair colour on you!!

These photos are just amazing, I'm loving the theme.
What an amazing find!

<3 Christine

Photo of http://www.facebook.com/frankiecalire

omg im looking for a prom date =[ id love for you to come with me

Photo of K.B.

Well the darker hair is very chic, intentionally or otherwise.

The dress reminds me SO STRONGLY of this vintage game my friend is obessessed with. Her grandma gave it to her or something...It's from 1960 and it's a Barbie board game called 'Queen of the Prom,' I think. They no longer make them, but the game is so quaint and cute.

Photo of Jeanette

Which antique store in Dallas?

Photo of Elle

1) this hair color looks awesome against your fair skin.

2) I absolutely love this dress. This looks like an editorial out of Lula Magazine or something

Photo of Aster

Jane this is so sweet ! <3

Photo of CC

you look so freaking cute!!!

your mom is quite the photographer.


Photo of Stylejustice

You look absolutely adorable in these pictures!! I love that the Givenchy pumps match the dress perfectlyyy

Photo of Monica

I will be your date! You just let me know and I'll get on a plane.

Photo of joce

your hair looks great nevertheless :)



Photo of Maddie

Such a pretty dress! and in the one shot where you are holding the balloons, it looks like the miss dior cheire perfume add!

Maddie <3

Photo of Dithy Rambe

It's pretty and simple- like Molly Ringwald in the fifties instead of the eighties! Very flattering with your coloring, too.


Photo of Erika

Your pictures are amazing. :-)

Photo of Kate

looking good :) not many people could pull of that dress. and i love the balloons-their a nice touch


Photo of Tamia

Grrr...hair dresser lies are the worst! I like the darker color, though.


Photo of M.E. Ster

That is so pretty. I was at D&A in LA today and you are spot on for spring...soft colors, lots of ruffles. And there are no worries that somebody else at school will be wearing the dress! Fab.

Photo of The Voguette

omg jane you look absolutely amazing in that dress! I love the ballons, miss dior cherie commerical? haha. and i do really like the dark hair on you!

<3 The Voguette

Photo of Bargain Bex

This may just be the prettiest little pink frock I have ever seen ...

Photo of ctc

you look wayyy edgier and more model-like with the dark hair

Photo of Lindsay

Omg, your hair looks great! And I also loved the dress (and the shoes, of course) too !

Photo of gleopatra

the color is amazing with your hair and skin. you have the best skin, so jealous.


Photo of chloe

wow jane this is amazing! i love it.

Photo of Ann

Of course, you always look pretty but these are the first pics that make me go "awwww.....preeeeetyyy!"

Photo of sarah

love the hair!

Photo of maggie

I really envy that dress! haha i would never be allowed out of the house in it though and the hair is pretty its about the smae color as mine.

Photo of miele hart

i am absolutely in love with your hair color.

if only i had the same complexion i would do the same exact thing.


keep it like this foreverr!

Photo of anastassia

that dress is the embodiment of youth and beauty

Photo of Lexxi

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous that color. If you could ask your hairstylist exactly what color she used I would LOVE to know!

Photo of Robyn.

Dark hair does look very good!

And that dress is amazing!! I wish I could wear one like that (but my hair is orange, and pink and orange are horrid together) haha~ really pretty though!

Photo of Christine

love this dress on you and the photo op! looks like a spread from a magazine!

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