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October 07, 2009


Are you guys getting ready for Halloween yet? I am...or at least, my dad is. He put up his decorations this weekend. My dad lives for Halloween, which cracks me up because he can be a little tight-laced sometimes. Not when it comes to decking his house for Halloween!


There are three of these big spiders in the house...and even some dangling from the roof outside.

I went over today to keep Denise company...she told me the spiders were creeping her out.

Wearing Levi's jeans, thrifted polyester plaid shirt, unknown scarf, and Proenza Schouler booties.



Blech..I'd love to spend this gloomy day working on some projects and eating Halloween candy, but I think my sister has passed her swine flu on to me. Guess I'll be in bed watching scary movies. Being sick is so annoying when there is shit that needs to get done.

First scary movie on my list: Dario Argento's Suspiria (1977)

The music in this movie is awesome!

Happy Halloween everyone...

xo Jane


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Photo of KD

I am SO ready for Halloween! I love your outfit as well! A plaid shirt is so effective.

Photo of Rosie Unknown

I can't wait for Halloween! Hope you feel better soon, I know from experience that swine flu isn't fun!

Photo of Miranda McCue

Jane have you listened to Cromatics? They sound suspiria-esque- really good! Also the After Dark EP with Chromatics & Glass Candy and others is good. I've already decked out my house too ;)

Photo of Alison

that movie looks awesome. corny as they are, vampire movies are my undoing...I used to watch a ton as a kid.

Definitely will be watching it to wait out my knee surgery recovery.

The colors in your outfit work perfectly. love it. those boots DO look like ski boots.

Photo of Pearl

Thats so cute that your dad loves halloween so much! Hope you feel better soon, love that the scarf matches your boots!

Photo of Rachel

haha I love it! Hope you feel better soon!

Photo of Ash

The scarf is from Anthropologie from a few years back. I have the same one!

Photo of Indigo

I love the halloween decorations in your dad's house! They are so wonderful. =] Also, your giant scarf is darling.

Photo of bru marx

I hope you get better soon, and I love your outfit.xoxo

Photo of Gon

You're right being sick is the worst thing.. (I'm also sick) i love your outfit ! those booties are so cool and denise is so cutee ! Get better soon!


Photo of Brooklynfluff

The Proenza booties are beautiful, love what you have them paired with.

ps check out my blog for an Orient watch giveaway!

Photo of Emma

I love your outfit! especially the scarf


Photo of Anastassia

I'd be so creeped out if there were halloween decorations around the house.

Photo of Becca

I'm so excited for Halloween! Some great defcorations and I love your fall outfit with those AMAZING booties. LOVE

Photo of jmn33

What are you going to dress up as for halloween! you must put photos of it up! x

Photo of gigi!

May I ask... are your parents separated?
Love your outfits!!

Photo of kiddo

Halloween! Can't wait now that i've seen your photos :)


Photo of Lex

what are you going to be for halloween? :)

Photo of Kiersten

LOVE Dario Argento! Have you seen 'Deep Red'? It's my favorite of his.. Goblin wrote the music for that one too.. Also, if you haven't seen it yet, 'Don't Look Now' is amazing!!

Happy Halloween!


Photo of Style Scientist

I'm a big horror movie fan. I should check out this movie!

Photo of WeJustThought

Taken from NYMag, we just thought you should know:

The FTC just passed some new regulations that require bloggers to disclose when something they're writing about is actually free swag a company sent them for publicity. Wired notes that the world of wine blogs will take a pretty hard hit; fashion blogs could, too. Full disclosure: People send us free stuff sometimes. Everything from laundry detergent to nail polish to moisturizer samples to eyeshadow to toothpaste to handbags to jeans. Do we write about these things? At the risk of screwing ourselves out of more freebies: no. We don't feel obligated to invite people we don't like to our birthday parties and we don't feel obligated to write about things just because someone sent them to us for free. However, smaller, independent blogs that focus on products — say, fragrances or handbags or skin creams — surely receive lots more free products to review. They don't often tell readers, "Someone sent me this for free and I happened to like it so I'm telling you I like it." If a company pays a blogger to say nice things about their products, the blogger must likewise admit that in the post, according to the FTC's new rules.

The basic premise of the new regulations is great. People deserve to know when anyone is endorsing something simply because it's free. But what about print publications? They may borrow clothes and send them back (though not even every article of clothing is returned), but that's not the case for beauty products, which companies send to bloggers with no expectation that they'll come back. (What would they do? Send them out again? "Dear Marie Claire, Enclosed is a jar of our BRAND NEW MOISTURIZER containing REAL PEARL SHAVINGS and THE BLOOD OF SEAHORSES that Vogue and Elle editors have already sampled. Thought you might enjoy a third go at it! Cheers, YOUTHFUL LOTIONS OF THE SEA.")

But if the FTC will impose fines on people who so much as tweet about products they're getting paid to endorse without saying so, they should also crack down on affiliate links. Many blogs covering products include links to where you can buy that product online. Those sites then give the referring blogs a cut of the profits for the recommendation. In the fashion blogosphere, that is probably a bigger problem (if it is a problem — people do have to make a living) than is bloggers endorsing freebies they happen to actually like, or even getting paid for the vote of confidence. The FTC is yet to clarify these regulations. Maybe they should "get online," as they say, start a Twitter account, and throw us a tweet when they've come up with a revised set of rules that makes more sense.

Photo of Kelly

Love the Halloween decorations! I have not put mine up yet, but you have motivated me to get them out soon! Love the outfit and pics are so cute with Denise ;)


Photo of Isabel

You have the most amazing clothes.

Photo of Aubrey Mayne

That movie looks epic! I need to watch it....and eat some candy corn.

Photo of traub

The scarf is from Anthropologie... 100% positive cause I have it too.

Photo of fashionisfor

love this outfit! especially the warm, cozy scarf and the boots, obviously!

Photo of Dynli

I love Suspiria and agree the music is awesome. I had to set the theme song as the ringtone on my phone.

Photo of Dynli

I love Suspiria and agree the music is awesome. I had to set the theme song as the ringtone on my phone.

Photo of isabel

Te sigo hace tiempo. Hacéis unas fotos divinas. Y tienes unos zapatos de ensueño. Besos desde Estella.

Photo of Victoria

Those are some intense decorations! I have to admit, I have a huge phobia of spiders and I had to scroll down really quick to avoid that hairy spider picture! Your outfit is so cute and the first thing that popped into my head was "D Squared." The cuffed jeans paired with the Proenza Schouler booties go perfectly with the plaid shirt!


Photo of Heather

Definitely watching that movie for sure, as soon as I can.
And the house looks so gorgeous Jane!

Photo of kiriko

i looove that movie (;
and i looove your shawl!

Photo of Kirsten Kuehn

need your boots! love them!


Photo of Katrine Krøjby

Your style is so great!


Photo of Rianna Bethany

That movie looks so weird and creepy, i'll have to give it a watch this haloween!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Photo of gus

wow your bf is so hot- you guys make a cute couple

Photo of Daisy

Lovely outfit, and I love Halloween too!

Photo of MªÁngeles S.T.
MªÁngeles S.T. October 08, 2009 at 07:37 AM

Well, we don't have Halloween in Spain so I envy you because I love that type of parties ;) The scarf is amazing!!!

Photo of fashion roadkill

Amazing outfit. I love how the neon green in the scarf totally pick up the neon green in the bootie. Perfection.


Photo of Kassie

I just found your blog and read back so many enteries. I love your style and taste.
The swine flu is not fun. I just got over it. Its best to take two or three days and just sleep. I got over it in about a week.
Good luck and feel better!

Photo of JW

SUSPIRIA is my FAVOURITE scary movie of all time! love Argento, love love love that movie! I actually SCREAM everytime i watch it ... xx

Photo of Libby

Never seen that movie, looks creepy, maybe i should!
Enter my Giveaway!

Photo of anna

Amazing combination of the scarf and your heels (:

Photo of Rae

oh my god! the scarf is from anthropologie I have it! It's amazingg soo big and comfy! love your blog!

Photo of joelle van dyne

oh i love suspiria! i am a big fan of dario argento (if you haven't seen 'opera', add that to your list. i think it's his best.). when i first saw suspiria, i couldn't tell if it was awful, or amazing. but then i kept wanting to see it again and again, so i had to go with amazing. i hope you feel better soon!

Photo of anna

Suspiria is the BEST movie!
Goblin does a great soundtrack!

Photo of Hotlosz

The picture with the bones in focus and you out of focus and really great
who takes your photos?

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