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October 25, 2009

ROAD TRIP-off to Austin

I'm in the middle of packing for a short road trip to Austin...I'm going with my mom and my aunt Karen for two days of vintage shopping & really good Mexican food. I love Austin, I can't wait to go back. The shopping there is so great!

Before I go, some pictures of tasty junk food I consumed this week with two of my best friends.

 Curly fries at Pizza Hut..nice blue nailpolish Viky!!


Jumbo sized gumdrops..they look so pretty but after eating five of them you kind of want to heave.


Corey tackles Viky


Viky tries on my Ray Ban glasses

Showing off an AMAZING jungle green velvet wrap skirt..it's vintage YSL, I can't stop wearing it. Definitely packing it for this road trip. 
Worn with a mohair Prada cardigan, vintage belt, and Prada sling backs.


Mm McDonad's ice cream!! Haha, I'm sorry for such a boring post. I've been busy this week organizing upcoming trips.

Can't wait to share my pictures of Austin with you guys...until then!

xo Jane


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Photo of Lauren

Beautiful (:
AHHH you look EXACTLY like this girl i know named Stella. I mean, exactly. Except she's blonde.

Photo of sarah frost

Your outfit is fantastic, I looove it

Photo of Stéphanie

Love the post even it's simple ;P Love the pic!!

Photo of gina

Awesome sweater and skirt!

Photo of Girl in the loft

i LOVE THE SKIRT in the supermarket picture! soooooo inspiring.

Photo of Meg Ellis

No! This is not a boring post at all! I think it's always so nice to see a tiny glimpse into each fashion bloggers life. (Granted we don't need or want every little detail...) But it is always nice to get a taste for their everyday life. It gives this cyber world and these online connections a more tangible element. And certainly for someone who is as big of a deal in both the blogging and fashion community outside the internet as you are, it helps to understand how "normal" you are. The fact that you go to the grocery store to buy junk food and goof off with your friends is precious and priceless. (Of course you look more stylish doing so than most people could ever hope to...) I guess what I'm trying to say is that it brings that relatability factor. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, just a thought. Thanks for sharing with us the everyday fun and happenings.
Great outfit! The velvet skirt is beautiful. A truly wonderful piece!
Have so much fun in Austin! Can't wait to see the pictures...

Photo of djfjaerlk

you look like marcia cross in that last photo! xx

Photo of keira

looove that outfit!! ahh!!! i live in austin!!! i hope i see you around town(not in a creepy, stalkerish way)!!

Photo of tonya

they are INVITING us? are you kidding me.

they WANT the attention.

Photo of keren

Haha, you seem so out of place in the super market ! You look great, though.

Photo of S

Tonya, ur a very sad weirdo.

Photo of Megan

I just got back from Austin for Austin City Limits!! Such a phenomenal city-great shopping! Being a southern girl (like you!) I loved experiencing a fabulous southern city, soo have fun! I recently did a blog post on my favorite Austin shopping, check it out!

Photo of Bino

Love your outfit, fabulous shade of green Green is my favorite color.

Photo of Ebony

Hope you're enjoying your stay here in Austin. So much to do. Lots of small authentic Mexican food on South 1st St. Check out the Art of Jewelry Boutique(opened this month) and partner gallery Art on 5th(cool Dr. Seus exhibit) and how could I forget my besties jewelry store, Fashionique Boutique in the Mueller Center. Buffalo Exchange and Cream Vintage on the drag (Guadalupe St.)near campus.


Photo of D.

I absolutely LOVE your blog, you are such an inspiration for girls who love fashion!

I started a blog last week, I would really like if you could take a look at it! Unfortunately it is in french...


Photo of FashionBlogNews

Follow http://twitter.com/FashionBlogNews on Twitter and never again miss any update of the world's best fashion blogs!

Photo of The City Girl

You have a little something of Bree Van de Kamp in your photo. Being soooooooo classy in such a place !!!

Photo of Marloes vandenBerg

Not a boring post at all! I love your outfit, especially your jacket and glasses.
I love the USA grocerie stores, they are so huge and sell really typical American products. I really miss those stores!
Have fun in Austin!

Photo of Margaret

I hate that the Americans wear sweatpants all the time. And they're usually dirty, too long and don't even cover their asses! I can't stand seeing someone ass or "sexy" lingerie everywhere! And I don't understand why does almost everyone wear something from Hollister every day. Hoodie from H., tank top from H., jeans from H. That's a hell. Each of these clothes scream: That's made by Hollister! As I have the same amount of money as normal teenager who works after school I'd rather buy something from American Eagle or the other brands. They don't have big prints thrown all over their clothes. I mean I don't buy a t-shirt which says to everyone: "I'm from AE" I wish I could wear really high hills like you do but I don't know how to walk in them. Ok, if they're wedges or they don't have something skinny, long under my feet that I can easily break my legs it's not a big problem. But still the ones which are so high aren't available for me.

Your fan from Chicago (the hell full of rarely washed sweatpants, Hollister teens, and those who think that they're emo, but they're just weird "WTF's").

Photo of juegos de estrategia

wow, this gumdrops... superb!!

Photo of ely

the last pic is my fave.

love how the ice cream cone's at the forefront and the background is just slightly out of focus


Photo of Margaret

I guess I spelled wrong these "heels". Ha ha. But why do I care?:) I'm not American, I'm just couple years in the US.

Photo of Gina

You won a award on my blog :)
xoxo Gina

Photo of Aileen C.

I love your style!

Photo of stylista

your outfit is amazing...those prada shoes are to die for!!! and I love mcdonalds ice cream cones, although i detest everything else from there. check out my blog at http://allthingsvogue.blogspot.com

Photo of juliet

Not boring at all! It's nice to see you live nrmal live -just in the middle of vintage ysl and other goodies-

juliet xxx

Photo of Courtney

wow, what the hell? People are getting pissed off that you dress up to go grocery shopping? I love it, you look fabulous! You don't need a special occasion to look great! I go to UT and I dress up to go to class everyday while everyone else on campus is in running shorts...but running shorts aren't my thing, so I wear what I want. Some of you commenters sound ridiculous...go back to your sweatpants and old t-shirts and whatever and stop reading fashion blogs!

Photo of regina

hi, I don´t know if you even notice my comment but I just want to send you one.
Your blog is damn nice:D

Photo of Vanessa @ Chic and Charming

Market chic! You're not the only one who dolls up to go to the market. I've been doing that for years. It makes me feel pretty and it's inspiring to look at.

I love your glasses, by the way. Keep the posts coming! You have a style that's inspiring. :)

Photo of nana

oh the sweets looks so yummy!
love your glasses
and your friends outfit^^

Photo of Lidia

hi! if you're going to austin, you really should try a great place to drink AMAZING smoothies :D it's on 1112 N. Lamar Blvd (austin tx 78703) http://www.food4fitness.com/index.php

it's like, the BEST smoothies ever! try it :D

Photo of Patty

You're going to be on The City next week!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome!!!!!!

Photo of tippy

jane! just saw you on a preview of "the city"! anyway, loved this post-the glasses are so cute. looking forward to seeing pics of your trip!

Photo of Victoria

I LOVE that you don't care where you are--the market, McDonalds, you wear designer and you pull it off! Those Prada slingbacks and the vintage velvet YSL skirt is so warm and so Fall. Have a great time in Austin, Jane!


Photo of Solo

Austin. Such a wonderful place to be. ;D

Travel and Living
Job Hunt Pinoy

Photo of Monika

just saw you in "The City"! Great, great girl!:)

Monika from J'adore Fashion

Photo of Jane

Jane! Just saw you on a preview for next week's episode of The Hills! :) Can't wait to see it!

-Jane @ brunchatthebeach.blogspot.com

Photo of peggy frey

hello Jane, i work for the fashion french magazine MADAME FIGARO. I'm trying to email you but, i don't know why...i can't!! i'd like to tell about your collection for urban outfitters. Can you please give me your mail so i can telle you every thing??????
thanks a lot!!!

Photo of Sarah

Hey Jane

I've been reading your blog for about a year! I adore it. Any way, I was just watching the latest episode of " The City" on mtv and guess who I saw??!

YOU :)

Photo of Stephanie

I love your blog. I wish I that chic when I was 16. Have fun in Austin!

Photo of zola

hey, jane! I just saw you that you will be on mtv the city. I'm very excited to see you.

xoxo zola

Photo of Style Signorita


Slide the bar towards the last few minutes to catch yourself sweet pea.

Photo of Meadow

Jane it's so interesting to see you with your friends. Your style is so chic and unique. What do your friends think about your exciting endeavors? it's not everyday a teenager has a line at UO.


Photo of Kristina

I just recently moved out to here Austin for college yay!
And I miss thrifting in Dallas so I was wondering if you could give me a list of the best thrift stores you know of here in Austin?
especially any that are closer to the UT campus?


Photo of karen

You will be on "The City" next week right? Thats awesome :)

Photo of mally

girl! i see you in "THE CITY"

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