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October 25, 2009

ROAD TRIP-off to Austin

I'm in the middle of packing for a short road trip to Austin...I'm going with my mom and my aunt Karen for two days of vintage shopping & really good Mexican food. I love Austin, I can't wait to go back. The shopping there is so great!

Before I go, some pictures of tasty junk food I consumed this week with two of my best friends.

 Curly fries at Pizza Hut..nice blue nailpolish Viky!!


Jumbo sized gumdrops..they look so pretty but after eating five of them you kind of want to heave.


Corey tackles Viky


Viky tries on my Ray Ban glasses

Showing off an AMAZING jungle green velvet wrap skirt..it's vintage YSL, I can't stop wearing it. Definitely packing it for this road trip. 
Worn with a mohair Prada cardigan, vintage belt, and Prada sling backs.


Mm McDonad's ice cream!! Haha, I'm sorry for such a boring post. I've been busy this week organizing upcoming trips.

Can't wait to share my pictures of Austin with you guys...until then!

xo Jane


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Photo of Brigadeiro

I cannot remember the last time I ate curly fries, yours look DELISH! Cute pics! :)

Photo of Amalia

Curly fries for dinner
in a vintage, green velvet skirt
Like a little Lolita in over-sized glasses
she'll take one soft serve for desert...please

Photo of Miri

the frames are AWESOME!



Photo of anastassia

McD's ice-cream is sinfully good. You know its bad for you but there is no helping it.
Love the skirt. Velvet is a wonderful look for fall and winter.

Photo of GGShoe

Nice pictures, great outfit! Can't wait to see the Austin photos!!

Photo of Rosie Unknown

Not a boring post at all! Your pictures are amazing!

Photo of Molly Rose

fabulous outfit... aren't curly fries the absolute best?!

Photo of k604bc

Great outfit Jane... but yeah, thanks... now I'm craving for curly fries!!! :\

Photo of Emily

very fun, i love the way the candy pops out with your camera. I can't wait to get a DSLR!

Photo of Becca

I can see why you don't want to take of that skirt - it is lovely!

Photo of Vanessa

Aw thats so awesome, I live in Austin.

Photo of Connie

Those glasses are pretty classic.
They suit you adorably well.



Photo of Megan

The little signs on the left say "Great Deal" when they should say "Great Heels!"

Photo of Dithy Rambe

I'm such a big fan of your selection of belts!


Photo of dy

looks like fun! you look cute with your ice cream cone. :)

Photo of Anna

People usually say all friends dress the same. But that doesn't apply to you and that's a great thing.

Photo of Amy

I've been craving a velvet skirt or dress for so long, that one is amazing!

Photo of Vanessa

Have a lovely trip, dear!

Photo of jetblackdye.blogspot

yes macs vanilla cone is th best! if u evr get th chance, try mr bean's soy bean ice cream!!!!!!!!


Photo of Erin

ah what a great cardigan!
i absolutely love the fact that you wear this to the grocery store and mcdonalds.

Photo of kirstine

I'll be there for peaches on halloween. you should stay there so we can partay!


Photo of Angel


Photo of undercoverlover

yesssss the salting money shot! <33

Photo of fashionisfor

cute post! mm love junk food.

Photo of Natasha

Hooshaw for the figure skater! Haha, and your outfit is pretty nifty too :P

Photo of tonya

I am sure you scare off all the guys in town. What 16 yr old guy is going to be attracted to that look unless he's gay? Your "boyfriend" isn't the exception. He is the rule...so gay it's ridiculous. He's probably just using you to try and get some internet fame.

Photo of Shannon

Have fun on your trip! :) Love your cardigan, looks amazing on you.


Photo of dannie

I love the color palette of your look, its works sooo well together, esp. the jacket and skirt combo! I love your ray bans as well, I have a couple pair very reminescent but they're from Downtown LA and probably at least 40 dollars less. Hahaha, glad you had a great weekend!

Photo of lightsilk.blogspot.com

I never really posted anything but I saw a comment above and really feel like I need to say something: My boyfriend loves fashion too. Probably not as much as me but he appreciates it and also buys high-end fashion. It's not necessary that guys who appreciate good design have to be gay. I disagree. I do read Jane's bf blog sometimes and I highly doubt that he's gay.

Photo of Jules

Oh you look great! And Vicky is cool too. =D Can't wait to hear Austin from you girl. =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Photo of Debbie

i love your blog! looking fabulous even for a supermarket visit. you go girl!
the luxury of fall - boots, cashmere, suede and layers.
if only my little tropical island would snow!


Absolutely IN LOVE with your velvet skirt, so retro!

I owned a black Chanel one, I love velvet, it's so flattering !

I couldn't wear such glasses but it suits you really well.

Have a nice week !



Photo of Pen

You look so good even when you're shopping for groceries! It's so awesome! Love your skirt!

Photo of Cecylia

You look amazing on your road trip! Great frames!

Photo of DAISY

The first photo is fantastic, I really like the light in it ! Fab shoes, Im not sure I could walk all day in them however ! Are they really comfy? Or have you got used to walking in such fantastically killer heals ?!? :)

Photo of h

Some commenters are so bitter and twisted.. if this site makes you so jealous you feel that you have to leave malicious comments just don't visit it!

I love that pic of you in the supermarket.. if I came round into the cereal isle and saw you there dressed like that I think I would *die*!


Photo of Rosa

TONYA: wtf? I hope you realize how rude and inappropriate your comment was re boys and J's boyfriend. I am sure Jane doesn't need anyone to defend her and I hope she is above all the shiz that some morons throw at her blog, but really, how do you think a 17 year old - who is unique and beautiful - might feel when people keep telling her that everybody is jealous and her boyfriend is just after publicity and she's just a spoiled brat for having beautiful things? Jane and her mom have been extremely kind to let us all into their homes and closets, and their attitudes have always been positive, welcoming and way too nice for the crap that some of you leave here. show some respect at least.

Photo of Filippa

Do you have a driver's license?

Photo of Felicity

I love how you dress like everyday is a special occassion. I love to wear upscale, chic outfits like velvet skirts and heels to ordinary places like the grocery store with my friends but I often feel like I clash with their "jeans-sweatshirt" ensembles and I look way too overdressed.
How do you do it?

Photo of Mr.G

Very cool pics. And great outfit (blue pul + Ray Ban)


Blog it! >> http://fashionmeetscologne.blogspot.com/

Photo of Ruby

You look completely amazing! I LOVE the green skirt and cardigan! Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

Photo of Michelle

you look great as always jane .
and McDonald's ice cream is always the best ! plus it's cheap !!
your friend looks adorable with the blue hoodie :D


Photo of Stephanie

Shoes are sick of course!

Mickey D's cone is the bomb.com and a bit guilt free.


Photo of reid.damnit

You should check out La Condesa for THE best Mexican food in Austin, super cool space and great food. Okay so my buddy Rene is the head chef there but as the old head chef of La Esquina in NYC you will not be disappointed!

Photo of Rachel

Yes! so glad to find someone else who thinks gumdrops are absolutely spectacular.

Photo of Ista

Love the glasses!I'm from Austin and yes it is a amazing city!

Photo of Brie

I can't believe people are giving you crap about overdressing. Most people wish they had the wardrobe and style to wear a beautiful outfit to a mundane event. Life is way too short. Everyone should wear something they feel beautiful in whether they're going to a cocktail party or the grocery store.

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