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October 25, 2009

ROAD TRIP-off to Austin

I'm in the middle of packing for a short road trip to Austin...I'm going with my mom and my aunt Karen for two days of vintage shopping & really good Mexican food. I love Austin, I can't wait to go back. The shopping there is so great!

Before I go, some pictures of tasty junk food I consumed this week with two of my best friends.

 Curly fries at Pizza Hut..nice blue nailpolish Viky!!


Jumbo sized gumdrops..they look so pretty but after eating five of them you kind of want to heave.


Corey tackles Viky


Viky tries on my Ray Ban glasses

Showing off an AMAZING jungle green velvet wrap skirt..it's vintage YSL, I can't stop wearing it. Definitely packing it for this road trip. 
Worn with a mohair Prada cardigan, vintage belt, and Prada sling backs.


Mm McDonad's ice cream!! Haha, I'm sorry for such a boring post. I've been busy this week organizing upcoming trips.

Can't wait to share my pictures of Austin with you guys...until then!

xo Jane


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Photo of Pearl Westwood

Only you could look so chic in the supermarket!!
I have the Prada cardigan in black and adore it! The glasses are very cute too!
Have a fun time
Pearl x

Photo of Cassandra

That cardi's adorable :) Have a good trip!

Photo of Annabel

that is an amazing outfit darling. i've always wanted a furry/hairy sweater!! lol and not just because of where the wild things are! xx


Photo of Hayley

I love this outfit!
Your skirt is so amazing - the colour looks great on you!


Photo of Carina

I love how you wear things like these (!) to a supermarket and would pack velvet on a roadtrip. You are one of my new heroes.

Photo of Carole

Can you also share addresses in Austin? ive been dying to go there. I love going to the supermarket in high heel :)

Photo of Eva

Hi Jane,
Love your blog, and glad to see you're going to Austin! I myself am a Swede living in Texas for a while, going to visit Austin soon. Would love to get some addresses and tips of cool Austin places. Take care!

Photo of Style Odyssey

yes!! junk food, vintage clothing and fun with friends, plus upcoming road trip- what's not to like! :)

Photo of Erin

AH where are you shopping in austin?!?!!?! I recomend Juan in a Million for some whole-in-the-wall mexican...

Photo of Meggy

Hey lady --

First of all, that photo of you in the supermarket literally made me smile. In a public coffeeshop!

Secondly, it reminded me of the latest post in my blog, Fashion for Writers, which I do with my friend Jenny; the post is called FFW Heart-to-Heart: Wearing a Cocktail Dress to the Grocery Store, or, The Implications of Overdressing. It's a thoughtful, yet whimsical discussion between the two of us in which we talk about what it means to -- often -- be the most dressed-up person in the room.


Hopefully you'll find it interesting; I'd be honored if you'd take a look.


Photo of Briana

Hardly boring! If nothing else, the photographs are the highlight of the post (especially that first photo - the lighting it just breathtaking - and ironic considering it's of a hand salting fast food). I come back to this blog again and again not only for your interesting take on fashion, but for the absolutely superb candid photography. I would die quite a happy woman if I could take photos like yours!

And it's nice to see that someone still dresses up to go do the supermarket shopping. :)

Photo of Sofi

The colour of that skirt is amazing, and I love love love the belt, looks fantastic on you!!

Photo of Account Deleted

Nice pics. OMG, I'm so fanatic. lol Lovely candy picture!

Photo of Isabel

Curly fries are tasty, ain't no shame in that!

Photo of xAZD

those shoes are incredibly tall + amazing! have loads of fun

xo, xAZD

Photo of Gon

OHHH Jane ! That junk food looks sooo delicious ! You look great love the mohair.


Photo of Catarina Moura

Great outfit!! I love love love the prada shoes!

You look like you had a really great time together, in those photos!!

Photo of Tegan

Now who are these people that Jane paid to be a in photo shoot to show that she has friends? I'm not convinced.

Photo of Jamie

I love that you aren't afraid to be dressed up when you're friends are in jeans sweatshirts! You look amazing and totally true to who you are. That takes courage girl!

Photo of colleen

you're a standout! i love that you can look so amazing grocery shopping

Photo of beetle

it must be weird for your friend to go out with you when you are dressed for a dinner and they are dressed like a normal teen in a hoodie and jeans.

it's almost like you are trying to prove something. enjoy your teen years.

shame on your mom for letting you grow up so fast.

Photo of evangeline

you look amazing in these pictures, and i have to say it is really refreshing to see that you are not intimidated into wearing jeans and a sweatshirt (i know i am) you are such an inspiration
xoxo from chicago

Photo of The Cheap Girl--Canada's Budget Fashion and Beauty Blog

I love the whole outfit :-) From the clogs, the skirt, the belt...Wow! XOXO

Photo of sioux

beautiful look, and beautiful location! I also want to try to take photos in a supermarket, but I know it's not easy, there is much monitoring here in Milan ... I love your skirt of emerald green velvet and the fur cardigan, even the shoes are crazy!

Photo of Mel

You look so chic in that supermarket! Wow I love your skirt! It's so gorgeous! Yum I adore McDonald's ice cream! So cheap and so delicious!

Photo of sioux

This is for Beete, 22 ° comment from above: Jane, you are a myth because you have a strong personality and individuality, do not get influenced by the boring and "all-the-same" fashion of your friends, you are an artist, you managed to be unique, against all conformity and mediocrity in our society ... your mom is a genius, do not listen to sad people and bigots!


love that green skirt on you! Great find. I love that color green. The fries look good and I love ice cream from mcdonalds. My favorite.

check out my camilla skovgaard heels at www.fashionsnag.com

Photo of Emalyn

WHOA. Who is beetle to speak? Jane, you look AMAZING as always.

Photo of Yadel

WOUW! you look amazing!

Photo of judy@judyaldridge.com
judy@judyaldridge.com October 25, 2009 at 01:56 PM

To Everyone--This is from Jane's mom--I'll get a list of addresses of the places we visit, and post it for all! Cheers-judy

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

jane- i love your green skirt.
you know, it's my fave color!
your girl friend is gorgeous!


Photo of Camila

cool pics jane (:

Photo of Marie

Love your glasses!! Looks like you were having fun... safe travels

Photo of Marie

and your sweater is fab


Photo of Victoria

The picture of your friend Vicky is just awesome! She looks so cool with regular clothes and your RayBans! (And love her hair too)

Photo of Ganymede Girl

It's pretty hard to eat healthy all of the time, those curly fries look so delicious... now I've got a craving for possibly the most unhealthy food in the world, poutine! Also, I adore those glasses!


Photo of Camille

wow your friend figure skates?! so do I

Photo of amber

beautiful photos. And I really like the textures in your outfit!



Photo of Elizabeth

those jujubes look pretty good, but after a while they start to make you feel kinda nauseous. i love love love your emerald green wrap skirt! have fun in austin!



I got a friend from Austin who studied here in Portugal for one year already, I want to go there so much! ^^

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@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

Photo of jamie clare

you look amazing!

the one thing we truly share is being from pretty small towns, you from trophy club and i from omaha. (although i suppose you're right outside dallas, kind of.) i've always found it really hard to find people in my town who share my same love of fashion, i wonder if you ever have the same problem? although i'm sure your mom is probably really amazing when it comes to that sort of thing. idk. just lamenting. haha.

Photo of Razzi

Love the skirt Jane! I have the same glasses too!

Photo of amber

idgi. why would you wear this to the GROCERY store, pizza hut and mcdonalds. GIRL get some sweats PLEASE

Photo of Jade

Beautiful outfit! looks fab.
I love the green of the skirt with all the neutrals. and GORGEOUS SHOES! (as always)


Photo of Rosa

You always look like the epitome of what one should dress like daily. It's like a dream I have where everyone always dresses stylishly. Sigh....

Photo of sarah

to whoever said get some sweats above, i completely disagree. sweatpants are inappropriate outside the gym or my heater-less house. please don't ever ever wear sweatpants!

Photo of Kat

I love the green skirt! And the belt. I probably wouldn't even be able to stand on those shoes, although they look amazing. Have fun on your trip! Take loads of photos.

Photo of Zeva B.

there is no such thing as being overdressed, that's the big problem with Americans - they underdress all the time, and you are a wonderful exception, Jane. Hope you will have fun at Austin. BTW, I bought very similar shoes at Penney's just yesterday, my budget is much smaller than yours but my love for fashion is just as strong :)

Photo of Kirsten

your outfit is adorable! i noticed your friends sweatshirt says US Figure Skating, I'm an ice skater too!

{uninhibited fashion blog}

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