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October 19, 2009


The skirt I'm wearing today is kid's Ralph Lauren and the blouse is from my moms old label Atlantis Underground!


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Photo of ava

Hi Jane! Beautiful boots. I love the way you drew frames. <3 ava

Photo of The Tart

And black tights - Yippee for Fall/Winter!!

The Tart
; *

Photo of God's Favorite Shoes

THESE ARE SO PERFECT!! lovvvvveeeeee THEM!!

Photo of Kaylee

I love these boots. So. Much.

Photo of Keren

Ah, I love those boots! How gothic, and the heel is incredible. especially love them paired with the white, ruffle like dress; the contrast is beautiful. ♥

Photo of Cindy

i am in love!!!!!!!!! too bad it is way out of my budget. Free people just got the knock-off version, but its not as pretty. I worship these boots!!!!!!!!!!

Photo of Miss Crysch

What top/bottom are you wearing? You look super cute! Modern colonialism or something... as always, love your look!

♥ Miss Crysch

Photo of Rose

I love that you are able to wear them!!! Its my fav boots!!! And you look gorgeous in them!!!! I am so happy for you! And we can see more of these boots, and how u play with them!

Photo of monica burnett

gorgeous post! i love the hand drawn picture frames - keep up the good work!


Photo of Emma

I love how the tough boots compliment the blouse/skirt


Photo of Girl in the loft

hahah! i love the drawing. it's really cute. and it must feel good to be reuined with those beauties. yay for fall.


Love that whole outfit! You look so cute!


Photo of Nina

Awesome! These boots are really something else.

Photo of zaneta

cutest outfit i ever seen

Photo of Pati

one of my favorite items I've seen from your wardrobe :)

Photo of Crystal @ Plush Palate

I love fall and winter for this very reason! I adore cold weather fashion much more than warm weather. The boots are gorge! I'd wear them all the time, too if I had them!


Photo of Skylice

i really really love your boots! totaly awesome! love all of your outfit too!

Photo of V

Those boots are suh-weet!!!! I covet. Combining them with the ultra-feminine white skirt/top is genius.

@gritandglamour | www.gritandglamour.com

Photo of chichiChic

You have by far my favorite personal style blog, I love it! I have a more informaative fashion blog but I love your style Your inspiring! www.chichiChic-angela.blogspot.com Checl it out!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

the sharpie frames are so charming.
they are phenomenal boots.
in the cluster of frames i really like the middle outfit in the 1st row, with the double breasted jacket.

Photo of lola

you need to highlight your hair again, u look much better as a blonde

Photo of Mary @ StyleFyles

ooo I am officially dying for some lace ups!!! Really really love how you've paired it with the fluffy, ruffly all-whiteness. Your photo is very nostalgic and romantic.

Photo of Brigadeiro

Ooh, am SO glad you get to wear them again so I can live vicariously through you, loved every single outfit you wore with them, and so so wish my calves would fit into boots again...alas not for a while...

LOVE the Ann D's!!!

Photo of lucie

they really are good looking boots, and don't you wear them well?
looking forward to seeing you work them again this year!

Photo of Meg

I love being able to break out my A/W favorites! The boots are fabulous!

Photo of Kate

beautiful, as always :)


Photo of Jannette

I really love these boots. I am soooooooooooo jealous!

Photo of lisa @ luxe

the boots are still amazing!!!
your hair looks great dark, such a good contrast w/ your skin :)


Photo of mr. freddy's mom

you're always so cute, jane!
i like this outfit on you.
no matter what you wear, you always pulled it off so well.


Photo of The Photodiarist

I love your boots. And you wear them with imagination and creativity. I have the shorter flat heeled ones -- the ones with the large toe box. I love them.

Photo of Christina

Hey Jane! You really inspire me to think outside the box while picking outfits :) thanks

Photo of Faux Naïf

you look beautiful! yay children's clothing - i was analysing this the other day in a panic. i think that a good 60% of my clothes ought to be worn by children. heh. whoops! the boots balance out the romance of your outfit perfectly. you look splendiferous.

Photo of zola

hey jane, the boots are made for you. Love the outfit.

xoxo zola

Photo of xAZD

great collage! love the boots.

Photo of Kate

Those boots are incredibly beautiful!

Photo of Nini's Style

Love the boots Jane. You're so creative!!

Photo of Catherine

Those boots are amazing!!


Photo of k604bc

Aaaahhh those boots!!!

Photo of Mel

I love those boots! I'm glad you get to wear them again!

Photo of Dithy Rambe

I know how you feel, I've just given my kitten heel gray suede boots a big hug today! Gotta love brisk weather.


Photo of fashionisfor

AMAZING boots...so beautiful. i love them with tucked in jeans/skinnys.


Photo of The Voguette

jane you are precious. love this little collage of yours - those boots are preciousss!!


Photo of Davina

I love what you did with the frames and hand drawings, it looks very whimsical! You should definitely study some form of art when you go to college : )

Photo of Isabelle

These boots look super complicated to put on but then you notice the sides. They are STUNNERS with all the outfits.

Photo of Layla

Wow. Those boots were meant to be worn with that white outfit! Totally darling!

Photo of Josephine

yay glad to see them back! love the hair still

Photo of amber


happy to see your boots again.



Photo of Alex

Those are such great boots, Jane.

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