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October 28, 2009

Rainy Day on South Congress

I had a great time in Austin with my aunt and my mom these past two days..we stayed at the San Jose Hotel.


Maybe all of these plants liked the rain we experienced on Monday, but not me. We didn't let the crappy weather ruin our short trip though.

A slice of apple pie at the Woodland Cafe, my favorite food on South Congress. It reminds me of Twin Peaks. As Agent Cooper would say, "This must be where pies go when they die".

Right down the street was Uncommon Objects at 1512 South Congress Ave. You can spend hours in this store..and I think we did.


A trip to Austin isn't complete without a trip to Feathers-I love this store. The owners Emily and Masha are so sweet. It is extremely well edited and they're always getting new stuff! Mom and I came home with some things we love.

Eventually the sun came out, and I was able to debut one of my purchases-a little 70's navajo-style vest I picked up at New Bohemia.

These pants are 'new' too. I got them a week or two ago in New York at What Goes Around Comes Around. I am obsessed with vintage Yves Saint Laurent bloomers and I finally found myself a good pair! I was totally stressed out when I got to New York, but then I found these and the trip was all worth it. I love them. 



These Pradas were the only shoes I brought on the trip-they are from fall 2006. These are some great shoes. Prada Fall 06 was one of my favorite seasons for Prada ever!

Coming up next...my favorite store in Austin! Expect a post soon.


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Photo of Emily Rose

What Goes Around Comes Around is such a great store.... many of my dollars have gone towards clothing from there haha. They have really good sales every so often, if you get on their mailing list they'll email in advance for the warehouse sales. It'll give you yet another good reason to fly to NY or LA!

Photo of Mel

I love your vest! Sounds like you had fun in Austin!

Photo of Mel

Wow I love your vest! Sounds like you had a great time in Austin!

Photo of Erin

the bloomers are great! and the shoes were a good purchase!

Photo of Patricia Ann

Jane! I just saw you on the preview for next week's The City! :) You look great in that .25 seconds your face came up. Tell me, how was Olivia Palermo? :) So exciting. Can't wait to see it next week!

Photo of Kristin

TOY JOY has to be your favorite store!

Photo of monica burnett

oh it looks so gorgeous there, thanks for sharing the pics!
+ i love the new top it is so unique!


Photo of Midge

I was gonna say that the exposed skin at the sides is too much for me, but I can't! I absolutely LOVE this getup! Work it.

Photo of fawn

If oyu're a twin peaks fan you should come to WA, we've got the actual Twin Peaks diner, hiking and some excellent milkshakes out in North Bend.

Not much fashion though, unless you're into fleece.

Photo of bijou

great pics! love this look.


Photo of Jayde

aww, beautiful images as always..crazy over your top!

Photo of carla

I can't wait till next week's episode of the CITY! i'll be wondering what gorgeous outfit you will be wearing for a week!

Photo of georgina

i love your bloomers, they're so cute and your pradas...magnificent!


Photo of anastassia

Those are some sick bloomers. Love the length.

Photo of carolyn

Did Norma serve you that pie ?
San Jose Hotel looks divine.

Photo of Die Konigin Der Herzen

Minus the second to last picture, these are the best pictures I've seen of you to date. I don't know what it is inside of me that wishes you were a few inches taller...maybe it is what you wear. Oh and I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed but you'll be on next week's episode of MTV's favorite travesty called "The City." Vogue is one thing, but no more playing in the mud with MTV!

Photo of Cate

Love It. PS. You are going to be on next week's episode of The City? Sweet!

Photo of Jyun

That is one hell of a pie. Must eat it once before I perish.
P.S. The frilly bottom of the pants make them look like two blooming onions.

Photo of Emilie

Oh this hotel is so cute, like your outfit!

Photo of Phils

It's crazy how you change the image people had on texas (well at least mine!) and it's a compliment!

Photo of Cecylia

Love your outfit, once again. Not many can pull off those bloomers...

Photo of mary

does anyone know the exact label of the jeans from this post:


im desperateeeee to find them ....

Photo of Aline


I'm French and I went to Texas when I was 14 and I had the worst time ever. But now that I see all your pics, I just want to go back there and visit some more.

Photo of Pearl Westwood

Great vintage finds, the vest really reminds me of the Miu Miu mosaic collection! Looks like ur having fun x

Photo of Carola

Beautiful pictures! They seem to be taken out of a travel magazine! And the feathers boutique looks like TREASURE ISLAND!!! The first pic of you is very geisha-like ;-).

Check out our latest obsessions here:


Photo of mr. freddy's mom

i love everything your wearing!!!
that top is soo cute!


Photo of Maja

You're featured in the danish COVER magazine.

Photo of kelly

are you on the next episode of the City??? I think that was you who I saw!

Photo of Louise

OMG! you're featured in The City in the next episode! btw love your pics!

Photo of Di Fitá

Looking for lovely headbands, unique clutches, necklaces and good taste???

go to www.difitaacessorios.blogspot.com

Hope see u soon.

Melissa Malard

Photo of Johanna

First off : super cute outfit! I am swooning over the shops you visited...I could probably get lost in them for days looking at all the treasures!

Photo of CarolineLindsey

Hee, I totally came to comment on the "City" sighting and realized someone already had, of course:) You have to give us the dish on Olivia and if she's really as horrible in real life as they paint her on the show! Cause I just don't want to believe that she is because she's so pretty and I love how she dresses...sigh, so shallow.

Photo of Pen

LOVE your pants! And those Pradas are just so classy!(:

Photo of ray

TAMPA NUGGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hells yeah Jane - this is a really great look with the bloomers and vest. approved and waiting to borrow ;]

still love watching you blow up! so crazy... the city??? are they all really that bitchy???????


Photo of Kate

wow, looks like quite teh cultural adventure! and i agree, those bloomers are obsess-worthy (:


Photo of sioux

I love this look, I like the idea of combining a so stylish pair of trousers, to a rustic top with ethnic jacquard, you always manage to create strong contrasts with impressive results, a true fashion stylist!

Photo of dea

wow! The pool and the garden! Looks amazing! An you are sooo pritty with your heels in those pics!

Photo of Daniella

mmmm... i might have to go to austin, if only for the pie.
and that vest is incredibly adorable.

Photo of invasionista

One of my fave outfits!! The bloomers are perfect and the ethnic touch and texture complements them so well.

Photo of Daniela

I love this pants!!
And the outifit is great!!

Photo of Jess

fantastic silhouette. now I want some bloomers!

Photo of fashion roadkill

The Navajo vest is such a unique piece! You put together outfits no one else would..so amazing!


Photo of Laura

I LOOOOOVEEEEE these Prada shoes so much <3

Photo of Ista

Feathers is a awesome store! And those shoes are amazing!

Photo of Kwil

I am loving that vest so much! Such a great find!

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