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October 10, 2009


My small tribute to some of the BEST SHOES OF SPRING 2010!


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Photo of Emily

so fun!! prada's shoes were DEFINITELY incredible.
your drawings have a bit of an igor + andre/danny roberts feel :)


Photo of KD

Oh yes! Those shoes were AMAZING!! And your drawings are so sweet. :-)

Photo of addictedtoysl

The chunky platform and heel of the shoe make it very retro, but the prints are nice.

Photo of Rosa

what about McQueen? I think Lee's designs surpassed them all this season!

Photo of Marie

I love those shoes!

Photo of Cecylia

I didn't know you were such a talented illustrator! Hence the previous post with you at your desk and a bunch of coloured pencils. Very nice.

Photo of kirsten

i love theseeee!


Photo of Shona

haha this is awesome....those shoes are so dreamy!!
love your blog

Photo of k604bc

Who knows... maybe a pair is on the way to your house Jane!!! Hopefully someone from Prada read this post!!! You've had the most unexpected things happened to you so many times... maybe this one will come true as well :)

Photo of Katie

good deal!
marc jacobs shoes featured in the new teen vogue are so cute!

Photo of Cindy


Photo of lisa from london

great post. love ur drawings. very quirky style!

check out my blog at

Photo of Chloë

I love the drawings, especially the first one is so cute!


Photo of Monique

Miuccia is the best:) She is BRILLIANT. I love love love love her:) Your illustrations are beautiful Jane. You should do them more often:)

Photo of Laura

Very well done! Very creative! Great!

Photo of Edwina Bulfrage

I bet you she will see this post and send you some in the mail. Or someone will. Some assistant or publicist or something? Oh you are so lucky I bet it will happen!

Photo of Jeanette

Hi Jane, I emailed you earlier. Was wondering if you've received it?


Photo of K

1 <3 Miu MIu too!!!! what a great spring 2010 collection!!!!!!

Photo of K

o sorry to add... your drawing is amazing... have you ever considered being an illustrator??

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Photo of Jasmin

Dear Ms Jane, what sweet pictures! And how brilliant the shoes, indeed!

Photo of stylia

ohhhh these shoes make me think that spring is not that far ...<3

Photo of Krizia

I like those,
but I also absolutely adore the shoes at Alexander McQueen's "Pluto's Atlantis" show, from the spring / summer 2010 collection!
Made a post about it.


x Kiss

Photo of Molly Rose

So cute, I love it!! did you do the drawings yourself?

Photo of Brigadeiro

Aw, too cute! I especially love the 2nd drawing, gorgeous! :)

Photo of Anastassia

those shoes are not too bad

Photo of nouvella.blogspot.com

Beautiful sketches. You have a great talent

Photo of Stephanie

You should illustrate more often, I love the drawing!

Photo of LJ

oh my god the last drawing is disgusting.

Photo of jetblackdye.blogspot

wow i cn only say im so impresseddddddd


Photo of Taru

these i will get a hold on for sure

Photo of Beth

I was just looking/drooling over them!
Have you seen the crazy amazing shoes by Alexander McQueen?
Love what you drew, pretty pretty (:


Photo of K.B.

I made you fan flair. :O Go on Facebook, go to the Pieces of Flair applications, and search "jane aldridge" or "sea of shoes" and it should come up. It has those Miu Miu pumps on it.

Photo of Grace

Yay Miu Miu.

Love Grace.

Photo of Mara

aw very cute! i can't wait to see which ones you get!

Photo of dy

love the drawings, so cute!

Photo of MK

The last drawing is my absolute favorite!
So adorable.
Much love.

Photo of Ashley

whimsical and so beautiful!

Photo of Nata

Not only are you an incredibly talented outfit coordinator and fashionista extrordinaire, but you can draw!
And I love the style of it, the little charicature looks like you. (:
You must be good at almost all you do!


Photo of Becca

I agree - love the drawing and I am in love with the shoes from this collection. AMAZING.

Photo of dreamsequins

There's something slightly hospital shoes on platforms about those Miu Mius. But I think I am loving the chunky heels.

Photo of denni

it´s really really great.

Photo of eboogie

awww i think i like your drawings better than the shoes!


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