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October 30, 2009

Austin pt 2

The best part of our trip to Austin was definitely Toy Joy. We are all avid collectors of plastic animals (my aunt runs a blog called Plastic Animal a Day) and toy enthusiasts in general, so we went totally ape over Toy Joy's offerings. Karen and my mom had never been before, and they were both blown away. Mom said she liked our trip to Toy Joy better than our trip to Kiddy Land in Tokyo. Also, they stay open till midnight on the weekends. If you love toys you have to go ASAP!

With all of these fantastic animals, Karen had a hard time choosing which ones to bring home.

My new sisters

They have a 'baby bar' in the back, complete with bubble teas named after Sanrio characters. I had a Chococat.

Loved the bucket o' babies...mom couldn't resist a handful for herself.

We brought home so many toys...expect to see some of our purchases on all of our respective blogs soon.

When we got home from Toy Joy we played with our new toys for a long time. The next morning Godzilla helped me accessorize before breakfast & shopping.

Wearing a vintage blazer purchased in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a fur collar from thrift store, vintage YSL green velvet skirt from eBay, and black Prada sandals


Our trip to Austin was so great, and I wish I could share all of it with you but there is an exciting secret project in the works that cannot yet be revealed...we are having so much fun working on it.

I've gotten many emails about where to shop in Austin, click to keep reading for my favorite things in Austin. 

San Jose Hotel
 1316 S Congress Ave Austin, TX 78704
 (512) 852-2350

La Condesa (thanks for the recommendation Reid! Great Mexican food by the same chef of NYC’s La Esquina)
 400-A W 2nd St
 (512) 499-0300 

Mothers Cafe & Garden (vegetarian comfort food)
 4215 Duval St
 (512) 451-3994 

Casa de Luz (vegan food)
 1701 Toomey Rd
 (512) 476-2535 

Woodland Cafe (tasty pie)
 1716 Congress Ave S
 (512) 441-6800

Uncommon Objects
 1512 S Congress Ave
 (512) 442-4000

Yard Dog
 1510 S Congress Ave
 (512) 912-1613

Buy Definition (great selection of lesser known designers, check out the online store)
 3100 South Congress Ave Suite 3B (at Havana)
 (512) 670 7448

By George (Balenciaga, Lanvin, Chloe, Marni)
 524 North Lamar
 (512) 472 5951 

There are a lot of vintage stores in Austin, but these two are really, really good.

Feathers Boutique
 1700 S Congress Ave
 (512) 912-9779

Big Bertha's Bargain Basement
 1050 S Lamar Blvd
 (512) 444-5908


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Photo of Mai

very cute!!
love Jane!!

Photo of Lauren

Thanks for all the info! I have family in Austin and will definitely be dragging them to some of these places next time I visit!! Love, love, love the blazer you are wearing!

Photo of Camila

i loved it,fantastic,i want this two-head baby *-*

Photo of Sevendialsgirl

How can I arrange a trip to Austin? What possible reason can a girl in London working in telly come up with as a reason to get there ASAP? That toy shop looks killer!

Photo of Dagnushka

Aw! Wish I was in town when yall were there! Looks like you had a great time - of course who wouldn't in Austin especially with that list of favorite places!

Photo of serena

love the outfit to bits

Photo of The Cheap Girl--Canada's Budget Fashion and Beauty Blog

The baby bar is adorable and you look like a Russian princess :-) XOXO

Photo of Laura

Gorgeous. Can't wait to find out about the secret project.

Photo of Sam

I go to Austin every year for SXSW but I never been when it looks so peaceful.

Photo of monika poppy

oooh i love that idea of a blazer liek that with belt and fur collar, inspiring!


Photo of Isabella

I saw you beeing in the next The City-episode and I'm so loking forward to see it! :)

Photo of Sutton

austin is great, one of my favorites. do you ever travel to marfa? awesome art galleries, wonder if they have any vintage shopping?


Photo of Miranda

This is a little random, but I have light skin like yours, and I was wondering what kind of makeup you use on your skin, if any. It looks so pretty and porcelain!

Photo of Cathinka

i must say I simply LOVE your blog. adore your sense of style and the pictures you choose to show on your blog as well:)

Photo of Bisou-joue

Your vintage blazer is awesome ! The fabric seems so great !! Your fur collar is really beautiful too !
This toy shop seems to be so great ...

Photo of Le 21eme Arrondissement

I love your belt, Jane! Lookin' good!

- 21arrondissement.com

Photo of ava

Hi Jane. This is beautiful and perfect. It looks like a painting.

Photo of Hur Ska Jag Gå Hem...

Oh I just love the photos! They are great, and scary haha... Keep it up, great blog!

Photo of Areli

Jane what are you going to be for Halloween?

Photo of Dithy Rambe

But is it more fun to play with toys, or shoes? I can't decide, myself...


Photo of alisha

ahhhhhh i want to scoop plastic babies out in a bag
haha I am crying this is amazing.



Photo of trestippy

love the collar! i've been looking for one for quite some time now! thanks for sharing that long list of places to visit in austin.

Photo of lisa from london

great post! austin sounds amazing. great outfit. can't wait to hear about the project.


Photo of Marla Singer

you look so glamor and beautiful!! i'd die for the gorgeous blazer <333

Photo of Poet

Toy Joy is the best part in Austin,besides this little restaurant i remember that was across the street that had fried pickles..i know crazy :P I remember when there were two stores. The one that is still open & the one further down the gaud by UT's food court & tower records. My mom was the manager of both stores from about 95ish - 99' and alot that they've done with the store was because of my mom :D I remember helping pick out all the awesome little animal toys and stuff. Anyways this is rambling.

ps. i LOVE the octopus in the first picture! *Fave animal EVER* :)

Photo of Daniella

looks like a lot of fun.
that blazer looks amazing on you and the fur collar is a perfect touch. i need to find one like that...

Photo of girlcreeture

It's good to enjoy toys, necessary even! You should buy a Super Dollfie and design for her. They're part of an incredible little fashion subculture, Super Dollfies I mean, and of course they're Japanese so you know they're sublime (^_^)

Photo of jillian

Jane,i wonder if you're appearing on MTV's THE CITY? i kinda caught a glimpse of next week's episode. Maybe i'm wrong. just guessing.

Photo of dy

love your velvet green skirt!

Photo of Pearl Westwood

Adore all the cute toys! I would love a giant icecream cone!
Your outfit is beautiful the rich colours look very luxurious!
Pearl x

Photo of chantele cross

My god your are so elegant!! Toy store looked fun!

Photo of Isabel

Jane, this outfit is speactacular! You are such a star.

Photo of monica burnett

ahh! that bucket o' babies is hilarious and your new two headed sister is darling...

happy halloween!


Photo of Rosa

Your jacket is exquisite and that fur collar was just the right touch. Thanks for letting us into your world. I love to see what you're wearing!

Photo of Zoe

The little baby orphanage is too much! Toy Joy looks like a great funny little shop! Thanks for all the good recomendations there. :)

Photo of Zeva B.

lovely outfit, Jane, you look very Russian in it, the hair up and the fur around your face... any Russians in your bloodline? and I luv the description on the plastic baby bin, LOL!!! Glad you had a good time despite the rainy weather :)

Photo of Christa

Cute blog - I keep coming back.

I imagine the local/regional brand is a big part of these fashion blogs. I'm still confused about the Texas essence though. I understand it is all about car-culture, and that seems contrary to street-style fashion.

Photo of Amber

Oh man I love toy joy! I used to live in San Marcos, it's about 30 minutes away, and I would make trips to Austin just for Toy Joy and nothing else. They used to have disco balls in every size, and I got one for my car.

Photo of Eugenia Vela

Hey Jane! I've been living in Austin for a little over a year and haven't made all the rounds yet- Toy Joy I've been to, it's so cool and bordering on creepy am I right hahaha.. and you went to a great selection of vintage shops- especially Feathers I love!!!

Photo of Mary @ StyleFyles

that blazer is awesome. Just sayin.
That is all.

Photo of Alison

stunning. absolutely stunning. except I'd lose the fox and work with a more traditional belt. usually i like the addition of the animal belts...and Im all for excess...but I think it takes away from your look. very shanghai 20s.

Photo of Jessica

What vintage store in Tulsa did you go to get that piece? I actual live in Tulsa so im interested in finding better shopping. So far i only go find vintage at Cheap Thrills.



wow, such cool stuff! Thanks for sharing Jane =)

Check out all my designer shoes at www.fashionsnag.com

Photo of Connie

Oh my gosh!
Those ice cream cones are to die for!
I love them so much, it makes me feel like taking a trip to Austin for the sole purpose of buying one.



Photo of Mel

Those toys all look so cool! I love your outfit! It's so elegant and chic, and I love everything about it!

Photo of Nana

you look like a princess^^
lovely outfit
and that place is so nice
i can imagine the cool stuff there:))

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