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September 13, 2009

SELF-PORTRAIT en iPHONE...part two P.S. I'm not a dropout

I've been snapping webcam & phone pics the past couple of weeks to put together for this collage.
I like how by looking at a picture of a previous outfit, I can remember exactly what I did that day....it's a nice trick for someone with a terrible memory ie: me.

I would like to address a misportrayal in a recent Wall Street Journal article which implied that I had dropped out of highschool to pursue blogging/other projects I've taken on.
This is untrue...I am currently finishing up my English credit and will graduate with the rest of my class in 2010. 
Just setting the record straight...I didn't drop out of school.

xo Jane


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Photo of beckybeckinson.blogspot.com

Don't worry girl. Not only is it bad reporting, it's probably a little jealousy, too. ;)

x B

Photo of Brooke

Wow, yeah, it was a good article, but they kind of worded that wrong! Oh well, I think anyone who reads your blog realizes that you're smart and mature beyond your years :) My fiance is in a job where he has to deal with media articles constantly (in college more than now). It's so annoying how they are able to flip around everything you say or just infer certain details from hearsay. Ugh. Anyway, great outfits, as always!

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

good job on the collage, jane!
i'm looking forward to see your graduation pics.
good luck!


Photo of thischicksgotstyle

Well that's weird!
Dropping out of high school doesn't seem like you.
Good luck with finishing!

Photo of rika

wowww... thats such a nonsense !
good luck for your graduation next year ! :)


Photo of Red Lipstick Style

Amazing how mis-information can be printed without verification. However, the Wall Street Journal, very impressive. Good for you for managing your life so well on the school end. I credit packed my first 3-years of high school and graduated almost a year early as well. Its nice that you plan to graduate with your class anyway, eventhough it seems like you have credits to graduate early!

Photo of Talk Pretty To Me

Its really ashame that people need to try to bring other people down. I think your fabulous! And incredibly smart! Love the collage doll!



Photo of faire

you go girl! stay in school and set the record straight.

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i love the picture in the bottom left. love the drama of the sleeves and scarf!!

Photo of Jacqueline

The collage was a neat idea.

wanna see dior cutout wedges in fuschia?

visit me at www.fashionsnag.com

Photo of jae

making up stories to get people to read! pfttt

Photo of Smokylash

i love this self portrait !
Have a good day !

Photo of M.E. Ster

As always...fab original content and amazing photos. Thanks for the inspiration. I've been debating on designing a serape fringed wrap. You sold me on it. The black shawl looks great on you. M.E.

Photo of Trishh

A drop-out or a graduate, I love you and your blog anyway - but it's still good to hear you're going to graduate and kiss the HS days goodbye :-) Keep up the good work, Jane, I'll support you till the day I die!

Photo of Kasia

great collage! love those outfits on the right!


Photo of taylor

I love this iphone collage!! You always look divine!

Photo of Pearl Westwood

Just had to say, after reading the article, I am not surprised Judy is so outraged. Making out that they actually quoted you - bunch of assholes! But hey Jane, if you have WSJ jealous of you, you know you are big. Keep your chin up and dont let this drivel bother you x Pearl

Photo of Laura

Hello, Jane!
Nice pictures. Don't care to what they say. Lots of lies... And I actually don't understand the importance if you are or not in school. Like I thought the article was about fashion -.- wtv


Photo of Kathleen

Regardless, the life experience you are gaining right now is far more educational than sitting in a desk at highschool. You go girl. You are so incredibly talented and inspiring. xoxo!

Photo of Sara

Really cool Jane,I loved it!
I love your 'the carebears' tee.

With Love from Brazil

Photo of william shatner

i have a serious distrust of the mainstream media. just goes to show, if they haven't bothered to check their facts about you what other lies must they be printing?

Photo of ana

lovely soo soo soo pretty!!

Photo of Karen Junking in Georgia

education is always hot and in style not having one isn't so chic

Photo of Jane H.

I hate it when so called "reporters" don't get their facts straight. Kudos on the severely cool outfits here BTW.

Photo of Area

Love your blog & your style.

Photo of Little Clementine

Great collage! And that is so bizarre how a journalist could get it that wrong!

Photo of Rosie Unknown

Love the pics! The collage is awesome!

Photo of Haley

hey i love your blog and everything but no offense they never said you "dropped out"
maybe its different where you live but it sounds like youre not going to school but maybe taking a class at a local community college or online, maybe not...but if you are you cant blame wall street journal because in fact you arent in school.

Photo of Jens

I wish I was half as stylish when I was your age

Photo of Angie

wow, i can't believe you are still in high school! you look like you are in your 20s. i am graduating in 2010, also, and no one in my school is nearly as stylish and sophisticated as you are. i would definitely dress pretty much exactly like you do, if i could afford it haha.

Photo of beetle

so you aren't "dropping out" yet you are just taking one class?

are you really saying that you didn't say that to the wall street journal?

that they are lying?

Photo of Lauren

from what I understand...you didn't drop out, but you are not attending school full-time either. Just finishing up your english credit? At home or at school? FYI to people out of HS-most high schoolers could finish school by only taking 4 years of english and completing 3 years of less of everything esle. Regardless, the majority put in a full-time year as a senior and take advanced courses. Why no more school Jane? Or were you really just ahead?

Photo of alexandra keller

i commented on your mom's blog, too. must be hard to do anything with everyone watching. just kill them with kindness!

Photo of StyleAntagonist

Poor Jane, how on earth do they get this kind of information btw? Anyway, its normal in the reporting business. There's a saying "Do not fully trust what you read" especially these days. There bound to be some added ingredients in it. All the best in your English then!

Photo of jetblackdye

ur collage is so pretty :)


Photo of beckyxoxo

boots boots boots ! aww how i love your outfits !

Photo of A&F

Hey hey !
New article and new shoot !
Let us know what you think !
Thx , bisous

Photo of My Fashion Juice

Hi Jane! Love your blog! I've been an avid reader ever since I found about it. Anyway, what you said about the collage is so true. The thing that makes me remember things are the clothes that I wear! Keep on posting!

Photo of joy

hey! i recognize that guy. doesn't he play with alan palomo/vega?

Photo of Lydia

The Wall Street Journal is the worst! They didn't credit me as the author of an investigative piece that they used to write their own article, referenced my work and everything. Sorry you had an unfortunate experience with them as well!
You're my favorite blogger! I wish I still had time to update, but freshman year of college has consumed my life!

Photo of Jill

Unfortunately your learning at a young age that jealousy is a bitch...You rock, chica!

Photo of zarina

hi jane is it okay if ill send you some of my pieces? :) hope to hear from you soon! :) thanks

Photo of anon

There's a big difference between finishing up one English credit from home and going to school from 7am to 2pm 5 days a week like almost every high school student does... Although you're getting your degree, you are opting to stop going to class in order to pursue your fashion stuff. If you're not going to school full-time, that's fine— you have career opportunities already. Don't get all pissed and say the WSJ is saying you're dropping out of school. They used your own words, girl.

Photo of andrea

very nice collage! and a great idea:)

Photo of Clarissa Werthport

I know Jane personally and she is considered among the rest of us in school to be a drop out. I mean, she's not taking classes with us and left ages ago to pursue her blog and father's ultra-deep wallet. Whatever, not a big deal as she didn't have many friends ANYWAY. But there's no reason for her to hide the truth: she is a drop out and is getting her GED from home so she can fly around the globe with her job less mother. We are so not interested in her but just had to set the record straight.

Photo of Curiously Me

Nice medley of pics!

love it


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