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September 28, 2009

Saturday Shoe Shopping

One of my favorite things in the world to do is to go to Northpark Mall with my mom and sister, have lunch at the Neiman Marcus mermaid bar, and shoe-shop maniacally. I was really excited when Stacey (the shoe fairy) called us to tell us the new Proenza boots were in...I've been dying to see them. I wore the Proenza pumps at a shoot for Elle...


And fell in love with them. But I had a hunch the boots would be ten times cuter...

We headed into town Saturday morning to check them out.
I figured shoe-shopping was the perfect occasion to debut these drop-dead ridiculous Margiela boots I got last month in New York... 

Half-mesh half-leather knee boots. They are mind boggling. I feel like the luckiest shoe-lover in the world for getting these...I got them at the basement sale at the If boutique, and they were $180...in my size!! 

I figured these boots were so weird that they needed an even weirder skirt to top them. My mom gets all the credit for finding this gem...

This hand-painted leather skirt is vintage Adolfo, my mom found it on eBay. How does this skirt make you feel? I think that frog looks a little creepy...hugging that log just a little too close, know what I mean? So funny that it's Adolfo..that was Nancy Reagan's favorite. I would like to see Nancy Reagan in this skirt.

My mom kept trying to tell me that the log was in fact a cinnamon stick. What the hell? Hahaha

Keeping it dorky with a Velma turtleneck. 
On to the shoe shopping...


Mom tries them on...oh yes! It's a must-have. I debate briefly whether to get a mid-calf verson of this shoe. It's a very slick plain black boot with white piping instead of yellow. I opted for this version instead. It had more of a ski-boot feel, and I love the lace-up action and repetitive spectator detailing. 

Mom couldn't resist this Louboutin ankle boot either. Gotta love leopard pony hair.

Carol always ditches my mom and me when we shoe-shop...she'd rather check out cake molds and egg beaters at William Sinoma. We caught up to have a long lunch at the Mermaid Bar...

Loved mom's outfit on Saturday...

She got this kilt at the If basment sale too...we really did find the most amazing things that day. She's wearing a vintage Christopher Ross belt with it, and some really hardcore Gucci boots. The leather on them is industrial-strength!!

What a lovely day that was.

And I am so in love with these boots...

And so is Denise.



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Photo of Becky

Ahh your mum's boots are divine! And my mum has a skirt just like the one you're wearing, several in fact. She gets them from this amazing local designer here, and one has a picture of a little girl and a baby deer, it's so Heidi it's not even funny. :D


Photo of Meg

Jane! Why didn't you tell us you got a style award in Elle magazine?! That's awesome!

Photo of frenchghosts

you have such an incredible sense of style! i can't stop staring at the gorgeous shoes.

Photo of Wikifashion

Gorgeous, I love that first shot. The boots are AMAZING :)

Photo of Andrew J

Sick new boots Jane! Love your mom's Gucci's as well! You both looked great for a fun day of shopping!

P.S. I miss the Dallas Mermaid Bar :(.

-Andrew J

Photo of ava

Hi Jane!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Photo of Elisa

I love the Margiela boots and your new boots too, and the Gucci boots your mom was wearing.... so I like all your shoes!

Photo of Kate

Those Margiela boots are to die for! Amazing.

And your new boots are breahtaking. So jealous, you'll wear them quite well!

Photo of MK

I LOVE THE MERMAID BAR AT NEIMANS that is part of the whole experience.
Once again and again and again, amazing shoes!
Ugghh I am so envious.You are sooo lucky.
I recently did a blog post about your Marni Chrome Wedges.
If you have time take a peek.
Much love,

Photo of Ore

The Margiela boots are pretty cooooool



Photo of Lianne

Love hthe pictures with denise. shes so cute.. :)
gorgeous shoes as always

Photo of Gaby

Damn I am so jealous of you and your shoes!!!!!!



Photo of Azn Glow

Wow, those shoes Margiela boots are so lush!!


Photo of Flavia M.

The dog is so cute!. You should get her a pair of shoes, there are some great dog shoes to choose from. My dog has red sneakers but he takes them off too quickly... :P


Photo of andrea

Aren't you glad I told your Mom about IF? It is one of the best independent boutiques in NY and it has been for over 25 years. You really made out well at the sale!

Photo of Sara

Nice shoes!!!

I love you blog, it´s amazing.

You always choose the best shoes of the season.


Photo of EQotDaF

I fell in love with those Proenza Schouler booties ever since I saw their Fall 2009 collection at the beginning of the year. I've been waiting for them ever since, but they are so hard to find (whether it's websites that ship to Canada or stores in my city)! I guess I now know that Neiman Marcus carries them... though I didn't see them on the website. I'll keep looking. GREAT BUY, those shoes, and good choice. :)

Photo of chelsea


I love it that the dog is just hanging out shoe shopping too!

For all the best ediotirals, runway shots, front row and style inspiration check out


Photo of yuka

omg the boots are divine!! you always find the best things!!

Photo of Vanessa

I know you talk about the crazy boots and the crazy skirt, but I actually kinda love that outfit, not gonna lie.

Photo of Kate

Awwww man those are my dream boots of the season and you have them!!! I know you will rock em well x

Photo of Ava

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous finds; I'm incredibly smitten with those Margiela boots-- probably some of the most innovative and straight stunninnnnggggg boots I've seen in a long while! (Leave it to Martin haha...)

Also, congratulations on all the amazing opportunities that you've had recently- you're fabulous and deserving of each one!


Photo of Heather

You ladies are too damn cool. Seriously now, those half-mesh, half-leather shoes just rocked my world radically. seaofshoes is my religion.

xoxo Heather

Photo of twitter.com/tsjgirl

The Adolfo skirt is AMAZING, along with all the beautiful shoes.

Your blog is my favourite!

Photo of gina

Your dog is adorable. I love your orange turtleneck and necklace with that skirt. The mesh/leather boots are weird in the most intriguing way. Your mother's belt is great and her boots are A-MAAAAAZ-ING!!!

Photo of amber

good heavens! WOW. Those boots are amazing. And you, just somehow keep getting more amazing too.



Photo of JacquelineRose

Love these photos !

check out my mummy dress @ www.fashionsnag.com !

Photo of Emma

those boots are amaazing!!

Photo of Margarita

Those boots are gorgeous. I especially love the Margielas, those are so unique I've never seen them before.


Photo of Britte

woah... how do you afford this?
Everything you own is beautiful... but the expense is mind-blowing.

Photo of Daniela RD

Those Margiela boots are the greatest thing ever (L) I loved them!

Photo of Lana

Wow. I enjoyed reading this post about a mother/daughter dropping $5000 on footwear in one fell swoop. AWESOME!

Photo of Patricia

That Margiela boots look nice up close but from afar it kind of looks like you have no feet 'cause the boots look sort of like leggings, therefore making your legs look like stumps. Just saying.

Photo of Brigadeiro

OH. MY. GOSH!!! Shoe porn! Denise is GORGEOUS, those Proenza's are seriously 2D4!!! LOVE your mom's Gucci boots too!!!


Photo of sd

the shoes are beyond beautiful
haha and the photos w/your dog and the shoes made me laugh haha
i can't let my dog near my shoes..she thinks they are her toys..haha

Photo of WJ

There are some seriously banging shoe porn in this post...no pun intended, haha. I love it the words Margiela and shoes are put into the same sentence, inevitably ends with good results! Yours are gorgeous and such a great bargain too. The skirt is completely creepy but amazing cute at the same time.

Photo of Style Odyssey

good lord, those MM boots are surreal! the delicacy of the mesh combined with leather is downright genius. MM does it again...
the skirt- oh, man! at first glance, i would have surely passed on something so whimsically bizarre, but in actuality it's awfully cute- log or cinnamon stick, whatever! lol

Photo of Laura

I have followed your blog since the beginning and I would just like to say that I am SO happy for you and all your recent triumphs in fashion - you're one of the very few who GET IT.

And those Proenza Schouler boots are just FANTASTIC. Probably my favorite shoes you've posted about since the Ann Demeulemeester lace ups (which i now own thank you very much, haha)

I have a feeling that if I ever come across those Proenzas in my size, they'll be coming home with me.

Thanks for the inspiration! Keep it up!

Even if my wallet is a little tired now...oh well. :D

Photo of Judy

I am lovin those ankle boots, your adorable dog even more, and your mom's guccis which are indeed so so very kick ass :) Industrial strength leather? Sounds like exactly what I need!! I'm always scuffing up my new boots!! Anyway, you must be the luckiest girl in the world...seriously. :) take care! xoxo

Photo of manya

I always love the color of your photos. Are you still using the Nikon DSLR? If so, is it on Auto Mode? You are a shoe queen, yes, but I admire your pictures!!! Hehe. Keep it up.

Photo of Michelle Elford

WHOA that was alot to take in all in one post. FABULOUS.
(and i love that carol just bows out of the whole shoe shopping thing. so cute)

Photo of Megan

adopt me , k thanks :)

Photo of candice chu

what a fun post! u rock those margiela boots! they are sooo coool!!!!

glad u guys found some great stuff in nyc!


Photo of gennie

wow... i don't know what's more amazing- the shoes or denise ;)

Photo of samantha atlas

WOW those boots are amazinggg! i dont even want to say what i would do for a pair of them haha
i'm obsessed with the yellow piping and the color of the wood, it gives me this sort of punk fairy tale feeling for some reason, sooo jealous!

Photo of Isabelle

The heel in these boots is what fascinates me, they're stunning and they look like you can use them with nearly everything.

Photo of Catherine

I am in love with the Margiela boots. What a lucky find! I'm so jealous...



Photo of S.I.Q.

the proenza boots are amazing!!!!

-Wintour vs. Alexa Chung

Photo of TaylorSterling

OMG gorgeous!! I want them all!!

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