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September 14, 2009

rainy fall day


It's been raining non-stop these past couple of days. It's pretty chily out...perfect weather to debut my new over-the-knee boots by Barney's Co-Op and don a favorite Rick Owens cocoon coat. 


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Photo of Connie

Hey Jane! Your utter fabulous-ness in those boots is making me consider splurging on them. However, I'm wondering if they run true-to-size? Thanks!

Photo of Alyssa

LOOOOOOOVE your boots!! Sexy and it looks quite comfortable!
PS. You always look absolutely gorgeous! You have the purest complexion ever. I'm jealous!


Photo of caitie

simply put: amazing outfit!!!!!!

Photo of Christina

i love the rain! sounds like a nice day and a great outfit to match it!


Photo of Libby

Stunning boots you look 6'5 in them!

Photo of Jane H.

That is one KILLER look

Photo of Jennifer

Wow I love your boots! So gorgeous!!


Photo of Heather

You're freaking beautiful Jane. Keep rocking your style, you beauty queen.

xoxo Heather


Photo of Liz

this look is absolutely perfect.

Photo of thebeautyfile

pretttttty much obsessed with this look. you pull these over the knees off so well...wow.

Photo of Alexandra

Awesome boots and I love your glasses!

Photo of javier

nice! love the boots!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

that cocoon jacket looks so cozy, something to hide in, (like a cocoon), which what i love.

Photo of Marcia

wowww i love those boots, you look hawt!

Photo of Namtan

you look cool with long boots. I'll never able to own boots for the place I'm staying is absolutely hot. :D

Photo of Isabel

You're so pretty and I'm madly jealous of your Rick Owens coat.

Photo of Layla

You look so totally hot in those boots, Jane! Love the outfit!

Photo of Kelly

do I even have to say, I love the boots...and the shape of the jacket is perfection!



Photo of Monique

this coat is gorgeous and the boots are wow... BEAUTIFUL.

Photo of Cecylia

Jane, where did you get your amazing boots from? They're even more awesome from the back- love the quilted detail

Photo of Olivia

Those boots are just AMAZING. You look gorgeous as usual.

Photo of ann

I love this look. You look so sleek, and smart. hehe.

Photo of monicais

love the cat-eye liner! those boots are amazing! seen them in person & are seriously divine!

Photo of StyleAntagonist

Hi Jane,

You looked beautiful and mature. Nice ensemble. Coat is marvelous.

Photo of louliedeparis

I love your cuissardes!!!

Photo of lisa from london

Great jacket. Did you purchase this Rick Owens piece online or in store? Love the structure!!


Photo of EMILIE

Love your over-the-knee boots!

Photo of catherine

Well cut of the jacket and perfect for this weather. The boots are wearable finally.

Photo of Kim

I didn't like the high boots-trend untill I saw these pictures. Those boots kick ass! In fact I love your entire outfit a lot!

Photo of Daisy

Fantastic boots my dear !

Photo of MIA

The boots are soooo COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I love your blog, such an inspiration!

miamarionette.blogspot.com ( NORWAY :) )

Photo of Pearl Westwood

Fantastic chic look, I like how you toned down the way sexy boots with the slouch jacket and geek glasses, cant wait for it to get cold enough to try out my over knee boots! x

Photo of Koko

love your shoes *.*

really cool pics


Photo of Removalist Melbourne

I love the boots! It matches with the outfit.

Photo of Bisou-joue

great outfit ! I love your boots and the collar of your rick owens coat is so beautiful !!

love when you wear glasses, it suits you well !

Photo of jetblackdye

nt too hyped abt th over th knee boots bt ur legs r gorgeoussssssssss


Photo of Removalist Melbourne

I love the boots! It matches with the outfit.

Photo of Rena

Very, very Nice! ( understated)

Photo of recruitment new Zealand

Nice shoes. I love this blogs it has a lot of fashionable shoes.

Photo of acadia

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Photo of fashion blogger

LOVE THE BOOTS!!! :) you're so lucky to have them!!


Photo of h

Yes! Love it..

I was wondering when the queen of shoes was going to rock over-the-knee boots


Photo of joan

Those boots paired with that RO jacket make you look like some sort of superhero, especially in the first picture. Very very badass!

Photo of japke

I find over the knee boots tricky, but you give them some class! they look wonderful on you!

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