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September 14, 2009

rainy fall day


It's been raining non-stop these past couple of days. It's pretty chily out...perfect weather to debut my new over-the-knee boots by Barney's Co-Op and don a favorite Rick Owens cocoon coat. 


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Photo of Andrew J

Oh my! My mouth just dropped open! Those are AMAZING boots!!!

And that jacket is sex! You look really great, way to break up my rainy day blues :)!

-Andrew J.

Photo of Vee

Your whole conservative/classy black outfit is pure love. The nerdy glasses are a nice touch as well!


Photo of Victoria

I love the weather we've been having recently (I'm in Euless)! It's so conducive to sitting inside and reading or studying. And naps! Hah. I love the glasses you're wearing, are they prescription? What kind are they?

Photo of Leslee

I love this post. You look like you're channeling Michelle Pfeiffer in cat woman. I love it. x)

Photo of dana

if there is anything that you should do right after bringing home new footwear its ... TAKE OFF THE STICKERS off the sole...
great look otherwise ;)

Photo of vivee

i can't believe you left the sticker on the sole though:)

Photo of Mckenzie Dowler

Bad, bad, badass boots, love the sheer tights with them as well.

Anything Rick Owens is great, I just picked up a vintage Michelle Lemy rocker suit and it made me think of him and his work :)

Photo of Fashionfletcher

I LOVE THOSE BOOTS! they look so good on you not too high but just right!
check out my blog!:

Photo of Area

amazing boots. this post just reminded me of how much i miss the rain...luckily, it seems we'll have some here on thursday :)

Photo of Jane Aldridge

Guys, it's not a sticker on the sole!!
It's the chrome on the heel reflecting the gravel...
though it looks just like a sticker doesnt it?? ;))

I would never do that!!
Thanks for reading and thanks for your kind comments!
xo Jane

Photo of Ava

Those are some of the most badass thigh-highs I've seen this season! And I'm glad to see you wearing some Rick-- I just got my Rick Owens jacket out for the winter a few days ago!


Photo of Hannah

Has your hair been that color for long? I looks amazing!

Photo of Brooke

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits on you. I love everything. You have completely convinced me that I NEED a pair of over the knee boots, and I need them quickly!

Photo of Stevy

I heart those boots! I want some so badly!

Photo of Rose

Girl, cut the crap. It's a sticker allright. Under your right foot. You can see the different icons for inner shoe outer shoe and sole. But at least it is not the price tag teeheeheee. Killer heels tho, lurrrve them. I'd be happy to shell out for these big time if they'd fit my size feet + my size calf...

Photo of style odyssey

this is sooooo, SO my type of outfit. i am all over the whole edgy thing you have going on here!! i can't even mention how much i adore those boots. you just made my boot addiction worse! *sigh* now there's no hope for me whatsoever. ;)

Photo of Marina

I love the boots! I just ordered my over-the-knee boots last night, only they are made from suede and don't have a heel. I have a VERY hard time finding boots that I like because I think the whole idea of them is quite awkward- A shoe that comes to your knee and there is just random fabric loosley on your leg. But, anyway my thought is: "If you can make a boot that looks good AND doesn't hurt, you get an A+ in my book." And, you one-uped me because you got some heels added to those gorgeous leather BBOOOTTTSS! The jacket looks so well crafted and must have a lot of construction to it. I also would like to say how much I enjoy your photography style because I think a visually interesting backround is important to complement any outfit and I like to see you "in-motion." Showing how this outfit is wearable and I can actually M-O-V-E in it. So, Jane (or whoever else) if you have read this far I would like to say BRAVO because I know this is long! tooodaaalooo <3 Marina

Photo of from lara

love the boots and love your red hair!

Photo of WJ

I've had many a day where I've received new shoes and jumped up and down in delight, proceeded to put them on in a rushed manner and admire myself wholeheartedly...the last thing I want (or remember) to do is to take all those pesky sales stickers off the shoe, haha. And Jane it's so cute that you and your mum have similar pairs of shoes, I think it would be really interesting if you guys can do a post which shows the different ways you style the same footwear.

Photo of Brigadeiro

LOVE LOVE LOVE that coat, and of course, those boots are HOT! ;)

Photo of Johanna

how is it you manage to make an all black ensemble look anything but dark & goth! Some how a ray of light on a dreary day...love it!


Photo of Kate

hmm rain is nice...those boots are not. i just feel like they really make you look like half your actual height...but i love the coat :)


Photo of hanako66

those boots are fabulous....you look amazing!

Photo of Rianna Bethany

This winter I sooooo want a cacoon coat, the shape gorgeous on you. Lovely boots.
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Photo of k604bc

Mmmmmmm... those boots... yummy...

Photo of ebony

These boots are so freaking hot


Photo of Little Clementine

Those are kick-ass boots & a killer jacket!

Photo of Rosie Unknown

Those boots are so amazing!

Photo of taryn

That coat is beyond! This look is hawt! Very NYC all black. Right up my alley. Well done!


Photo of amber

Remember all those other times I said other outfits were my fav? Lied. This one is.

Love it!!!



Photo of Bernie

This is a great look for you--I appreciate the demure edginess of this.

Photo of william shatner

you manage to be sophisticated and mind bogglingly sexy all at the same time. not an easy feat to accomplish!

Photo of Sara

Amazing boots,cool nerdy glasses,i love the way you use your hair,looked perfect on you.

With Love
From Brazil

Photo of S.I.Q.

great boots! and the overall outfit is amazing!!

-Best NY fw s/s10
-The September Issue review

Photo of Cruz

those boots are HOTT! I love the pic with your glasses on, it's very nerdy dominatrix LOL which is kickass

Photo of clo

ohh jane!! your bootsss!!!

Photo of Anna

Love your blog! Great boots, I love them, I am also obsessed with Rick Owens! You are truly a fashion inspiration.

Wardrobe Stylist

Photo of gennie

you look gorgeous!!! love the boots :)

Photo of Shannon

Your boots are gorgeous Jane! Love the entire ensemble, that coccoon coat looks amazing on you.


Photo of Elizabeth

seriously, you have the best shoes of anyone i've ever seen. those boots are killer.

Photo of Rachel

You have the perfect hair "bun" going on :)

Love the glasses and those killer boots! Yow.

Photo of Gina

those boots are beyond! love the outfit

Photo of styleetbidous

OMG, fabulous, they're just fabulous... I'm really glad to found you, can't get enough of your pics!

Photo of Style Scientist

This look is awesome! I love the jacket. You look great in all black ensemble.

Photo of The Photodiarist

Those boots are over the top and awesome. The jacket is one of my personal faves.

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