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September 07, 2009

Pretty necklaces

I've been having  fun trying on a lot of the necklaces on Atlantis Vintage before they go up on the site-I fell in love with the Razza scorpion necklace. My aunt stole it, it was meant for a Scorpio!

I am also OBSESSED with the python link necklace..very Hermes!

Do you think its starting to feel like autumn at all?

Sweater by local Tulsa designer Terasa Fadem, Levi's jeans, and Balenciaga boots

I'm already dressing for it...
Hope you all had a great labor day weekend!
xo Jane


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Photo of Andrew J

Top left and bottom right are my favorites! And of course love the Balenciaga boots.

P.S. Thrifting day before yesterday in Tulsa and picked up an outfit for you lol. I walked in and saw it there and it just completely looked like something you could rock. So please let me know how to get it to you.

Hope you had a great weekend!

-Andrew J.

Photo of Sputnik Sweetheart

love the scorpion & python link necklaces! Your Balenciaga boots is phenomenal btw :)

Photo of Felicia

you have amazing style gurlie.....love your eccentric fashion sense! www.sheisobsessed.blogspot.com

Photo of Brigadeiro

Gorgeous necklace and amazing outfit! LOVE those boots ;)

Photo of Kat

The necklace in the fourth image is absolutely stunning! And the Balenciaga boots are great, I think they would make any outfit stand-out :).

Photo of rebecca

i love your handband! its very pretty

my favorite necklaces are the ones in the second picture



Photo of kate

Love all the necklaces!
You have amazing style! :)


Photo of WJ

Every time you wear those Balenciagas I die a little inside. Those necklaces are very gaudy and extravagant, I'd say they are perfect for the upcoming autumn you so long for. Jeans, sweater, with epic boots and epic jewelry, that's what I'm talking about! Plus I think your headband looks just exquisite. Can't wait to see your cooler weather outfits again.

Photo of Jennifer

I love the scorpion necklace!!! I also need that sweater, it looks great on you!!!!




Photo of Liberty London Girl

I'm in New York, & it couldn't feel less like autumn! Still wearing shorts in the country at the weekend, although desperate to break out my winter wardrobe...I hope it's not hot during New York Fashion Week or I will melt. ( I seem to remember last year that it wavered between sweltering and torrential rain.)LLGxx

Photo of kathy

Love all the necklaces and the headpiece.

Photo of Samantha

i love your boots, and i pretend its starting to feel like autumn too!

Photo of Noelle + Kendall

Love your sweater in the last picture,
we're so ready for Fall

-N + K

Photo of Cruz

I'm SO SMITTEN by those Balenciagas. I saw that scorpion necklace over at your mom's blog, it's so cool!

Photo of Nini's Style

You look great Jane! I love your Balenciaga boots.

Photo of dannie

Ooh I LOVE your buckled boots!!!
and that scorpion necklace!! scorpios are the BEST ;)

Photo of Marcia

wow you look freaking amazing, yes it feels like fall..i'm waiting for the leaves to change colors! So excited to take advantage of this beautiful season! xxx

Photo of www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729504065

Best fashion blog out there- and written by a 17 year old from Trophy Club, TX, no less!

Photo of Nadia Kamballa

Great vintage necklaces, and I love your autumn outfit!!


Photo of mr. freddy's mom

those are unique pieces of necklaces, jane!
i love your outfit for today!


Photo of mr. freddy's mom

those are unique pieces of necklaces, jane!
i love your outfit!


Photo of Nadia

kill me kill me .. im so jealous of you i know i'll go to hell . what sign are you btw ?

Photo of JacquelineRose

love the jewelry!

wanna see a girl rompin around in the garden?

visit me at www.fashionsnag.com

Photo of gaby

love love love the bottom right hand corner necklace!

Photo of Alexandra

I wish it was fall! Those necklaces are very nice.

Photo of Little Red

Amazing necklaces!
I'm so ready for fall as well. It's been too hot lately!

Photo of Connie

Those Balenciagas are lick-worthy. LOL!


Photo of Eli

wow, what great necklaces, I agree. I think fall in on every girls' mind right now!

Photo of Olivia

Cute! love the scorpion and circle necklaces. Love that sweater too. Damn it, each season I get inspiration from the wrong side of the world! We're just going into summer now! :P

Photo of Leia

I love your sparkly headband! :)

Photo of syd vicious

I love that scorpion necklace... and all scorpion jewelry in general. :) That's a fantastic sweater!

Photo of Cecylia

You love gold costume jewelery! My favourite would have to be the scorpion necklace. It reminds me of your octopus ring!

Photo of Ayah

Beautfiul neckalces, and ravishing outfit.

Extend your fashion to the extreme:

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy your's.

Photo of A style theory by Danae
A style theory by Danae September 08, 2009 at 12:54 AM

What a beautiful outfit!!
The photo though is gorgeous...amazing light coming from outside makes the colours so vivid.

Love your style and photos.xxxx

Photo of jae

The new hair colour is gorgeous. It suits you very well.

Photo of krissy

oh everything is gorgeous!

Photo of MB_

I really like your headband you wear on the picture with the scorpion necklace.
Where is it from?

xoxo Fashion Waitress

Photo of Emilie

I love your headband!

Photo of Midge

I adore your selection!

I live in Milwaukee and it's pretty much been autumn here since July. So sad! I'll trade you for Texas... even for just a li'l bit!

Photo of lisa from london

i love the way you have combined a roaring christopher kane t shirt with a beautiful vintage necklace.
also where did you find your headpiece? really love it!!

check out my blog at http://lisa-smalldetails.blogspot.com

Photo of Fay

I love the neckalace scorpion !

Photo of Laura

The necklaces are so cool. I also love the Christopher Kane top.


Photo of katie

Im so SMITTEN with those lively pieces!!Im SO LOVIN it!!

Photo of fash

where's the grey top from? its pretty.

Photo of Pearl Westwood

Gorgeous necklaces!! I have the same Chris Kane tee and have been wearing it non-stop! Love the cape sihouette with the boots.

Photo of Brooke

I'm drooling over your Balenciaga boots. The necklace in the 4th photo is phenomenal. So pretty!

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