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September 04, 2009


If my posts are slow...
Its because I've been busy working with my mom on dissecting this rack of vintage & secondhand furs...most of them are faux. My mom has been collecting these since the beginning of the year and has curated quite the collection...
I can't wait to show all of her finds! As you can see, I've got a lot to cover...expect posts with all of these coats soon!

First off is a personal favorite..

Vintage faux fur jacket-extremely boxy and very warm.
Worn with Joie skinny satin pants and Ann Demeulemeester triple lace up burgundy boots.
Oh hey...notice anything different?

I went red today!
I really like it...it's an exciting change for me, I've never really been anything but dirty blonde before.

Remember this cute jungle green faux-fur coat I posted a few months back?

These faux fur coats by Sasson were what kicked off my mom's obsession with faux-fur.
At the moment she has five of these coats in her possession, and even managed to round up a Sasson baseball tee to go with them.

The green is still my favorite. Worn here with vintage velvet harem pants by Kenzo, and suede tri-tone Pradas.

Plain black doesn't have quite the 'WTF' factor as the green one, but I still love it. Worn with Kill City tie-dye jeans and Balenciaga ankle boots.

More to come soon!

xo Jane


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Photo of stephanie


Photo of Stella

I really Love ur new hair color it looks beautiful on you and that collection of fur is to die for. Wish I had a reason to go and buy them but I can't.

<3 Stella

Photo of Sputnik Sweetheart

the red is amazing on you jane! not to mention ooooooooh all the fur coats!!

Photo of Michelle


xo rococoandcaffeine.blogspot.com

Photo of Jennifer

I LOVE that first photo of you, all of the luscious brown!!!!!

I really like your hair too!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, I'll be headed your way tomorrow to do some consignment shopping!!


Photo of The Photodiarist

Wow Jane. The red really works for you. I absolutely love it.

Photo of ace

very lovely! as always one of my favorite fashion blogs. i've been scouring my home town for cheap vintage furs, faux or otherwise, and this is very inspiring because you wear it well. lots of people are afraid to wear fur... most of our local shops' furs are away for the summer but when they're back out, this is definitely what i'm drawing from! thanks. :)))

Photo of Little Red

LOVE the red on you! I'm a natural redhead, so I always love red hair!
The coats look fabulous! Can't wait to see more of them!

Photo of Connie

*sigh* Those all look so warm and fluffy! I can't wait for winter to start! :)


Photo of Kimberley

I love those jackets. Right now I am obsessed with feathers.


Photo of k

you and your mom remind me so much of rachel zoe w/ your love for fur and anything vintage! :)

Photo of karen

i looove the red hair on you Jane! Beautiful!

Photo of Style Scientist

Awesome fur coat collection! I love the green one the best!

Photo of (always)alanna

OHMYGOSHH! your hair looks amazinggg girl! and those furs are gorgeous - especially with the balenciaga boots
love, love, LOVE it

Photo of Kelsie

I'm obsessed with your red hair...the green fur is absolutely fierce!

Photo of Smelly Cat

incredible collection!! and the new hair colour is great

Photo of daphne

The green fur is fantastic, and I can't wait to see where this mini-obsession leads. To some great photos, at least, i'm sure!

Photo of Sarah James

i've been wanting a vintage fur coat for a while....its been quite the challenge to find one i love though. these are Gorgeous!! i wish i was in a better place to look.

Photo of JacquelineRose


wanna see a girl rompin around in the garden?

visit me at www.fashionsnag.com

Photo of Jennifer

Love the coats and love the hair! You look amazing!

Photo of ladyish

wow you're so pretty. i just found your blog and i'm loving it.

Photo of fashion fletcher

Love yr close up! Man I would make u a model in a hearbeat! You have an exotic look and red lipstick looks good on you! :)
check out my blog! new post up!


Photo of Brigadeiro

Wow, love the red!

Great pics ;) Especially the first photo of you on the stool!

Photo of anastassia

last shot is epic. fake fur coats are amazing, but they need lots of care not to lool drab.

Photo of syd vicious

What an amazing coat collection!

Photo of bru marx

All the fur coats,amazing,and you look so cute too.

Photo of Alexandra

The red hair looks great!

Photo of cindywan

good to hear that most of your fur collection is faux fur and not real.
love it everytime u do the crimped hair!

Photo of Andrew J

May be playing it safe here, but my favorite is the black. I'm also looking forward to seeing the patchwork looking jacket in various shades of brown on.

When I saw your tweet today I was a little afraid to see you as a red, but I have to say it's much more subtle than I was fearing. I dig :).

-Andrew J

Photo of Ava

That green faux fur has such an alluring, peacock-like sheen to it! GORGEOUS!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the collection in action!


Photo of cindy

jane your hair looks amazing. such a great move going into fall too. i love your jacket collection but i want to see the mongolian, the leopard and the brown fur beside the leopard. do those soon!

Photo of Josephine

love the hair! especially love the first outfit and last one as well! :)

Photo of Amy Rae

Jane, you look amazing with red hair. I'm not kidding. It just makes you glow. And the shade looks great with fur :)

Photo of Mary

You the best nd i talk you in y blog
see please here

I put your credits ok
xoxo your fan in Brazil!!!!!


Photo of Ofelia

I hate fur clothes...

Photo of heleen

arrrr I want to caress them
your hair looks stunning, by the way! you really pull off the red.

Photo of Bisou-joue

wow I love your first fur, it looks so great ! so cosy !! Your Ann D boots are amazing !
This color of lipstick matches so well with the color of your hair !

Photo of lisa from london

love these so much. went to beyond retro (a vintage store in london) yesterday and saw a bunch of these faux fur. they are so gorgeous. i think rachel zoe wears them well. and i love how you have paired the brown with simply trousers and boots leaving the fur to do the talkin!.

check out my blog at

Photo of anne marte

I love the ankle boots at the last picture, acutually, at the last picture I loved everything xD

Photo of nicole

i have to say, you've been saying in alot of posts im going to start posting heaps and then the next one you post you say "sorry for the slowing down in updates." confused?

Photo of Lesley

I love it! Can't wait to see more pics with the coats!!! It's hard to think about coats right now when it is 100 degrees out...

This is so inspiring though...and right on time! My mom has a vintage coat with fur trim from the 60's that she is giving to me. I'm trying to figure out what to wear with it to make it look more modern.

BTW, where did you find your black satin skinny pants???

Photo of Cecilia

Gah! I´m jeallous. I´ve been trying to find the perfect faux fur coat and you have a whole rack of them! You look gorgeous as ever. Also, I really liked the article about you and your mom that she posted on her blog.

Photo of olaitan

I learned about you while reading style.com's list of "up and coming style mavens" that may be in the front rows this fashion week. Got a link to your blog and I think its very interesting. You're extremely eloquent and I love your style. I wish you all the best this school year!

The Editor


Photo of Jen

I looooove your hair color! I like it a lot. It's something different. :)

Photo of Laura

I would love to sleep on top of all of those coats, they look soo cosy.
Also loving the new hair colour.


Photo of Pearl Westwood

I really love faux fur coats, they way you have styled these is fantastic, great work with the colours and textures. One colour combo I would usually avoid is green and brown but you work it really well with the prada, perhaps it is the flash of lilac breaking it up. Is that a mongolian I spy loving sheepskin at the moment. I would also love a pair of tall Ann D's here collection this season is quite a minimalist look but Ive always loved the laces!
That colour hair is absolutely divine, really suits you and a lovely shade for the autumn.
Pearl x

Photo of Rose

That haircolor is the best shoebuy of the year. brava!

Photo of Brooke

You hair looks great. Awesome color. I also love that first coat. My mom, sister, and I discovered a lot of vintage furs at my grandmother's house, so we have had fun with them too :)

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