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12 posts from September 2009

September 10, 2009

More of the faux fur collection

Spent the last few days hanging out in the hot hot heat taking pictures of these amazing faux fur jackets...looked like a total fool!

I am so in love with this blonde faux mink... 

Worn with cut-off Madewell corduroys, vintage chambray men's shirt, and these amazing Prada studded peep-toe slingbacks.

Stacy, our shoe sales girl, showed us these shoes..my mom and I instantly fell in love when we tried them on. I don't think they are something I would have picked out on my own...I'm so glad Stacy had them out for me to try on, because they go with EVERYTHING!

Here are two more of my favorite faux furs...one being a leopard mohair pea coat & the other a shagadelic 70's monstrosity.

Here is my mom modeling the pea coat..these pics were taken on her friend Jane's property, such pretty woods!

Worn with J. Crew cords & Jil Sander pumps

Can't resist a close-up shot of these shoes...I'm so jealous!

Heres the shaggy coat...judging from the label, it isn't actually vintage.
I got this coat when I was in Tokyo...it was pouring down rain, and my mom and I were wondering around Shimokitazawa. This coat was carelessly hung outside the door of a vintage boutique, and it was drenched in rain...it looked like it had been crying. I had to bring it home with me...even if it smells funky.

These Ann D boots are new...you know I fall in love with an Ann Demeulemeester boot every season...these are bad ass. They're clunky, rigid, and comfortable. Notice how they are actually two separate parts...the shaft of the boot is detachable. Expect to see these in many, many posts to come...

More to come soon!
xo Jane

September 07, 2009

Pretty necklaces

I've been having  fun trying on a lot of the necklaces on Atlantis Vintage before they go up on the site-I fell in love with the Razza scorpion necklace. My aunt stole it, it was meant for a Scorpio!

I am also OBSESSED with the python link necklace..very Hermes!

Do you think its starting to feel like autumn at all?

Sweater by local Tulsa designer Terasa Fadem, Levi's jeans, and Balenciaga boots

I'm already dressing for it...
Hope you all had a great labor day weekend!
xo Jane

September 04, 2009


If my posts are slow...
Its because I've been busy working with my mom on dissecting this rack of vintage & secondhand furs...most of them are faux. My mom has been collecting these since the beginning of the year and has curated quite the collection...
I can't wait to show all of her finds! As you can see, I've got a lot to cover...expect posts with all of these coats soon!

First off is a personal favorite..

Vintage faux fur jacket-extremely boxy and very warm.
Worn with Joie skinny satin pants and Ann Demeulemeester triple lace up burgundy boots.
Oh hey...notice anything different?

I went red today!
I really like it...it's an exciting change for me, I've never really been anything but dirty blonde before.

Remember this cute jungle green faux-fur coat I posted a few months back?

These faux fur coats by Sasson were what kicked off my mom's obsession with faux-fur.
At the moment she has five of these coats in her possession, and even managed to round up a Sasson baseball tee to go with them.

The green is still my favorite. Worn here with vintage velvet harem pants by Kenzo, and suede tri-tone Pradas.

Plain black doesn't have quite the 'WTF' factor as the green one, but I still love it. Worn with Kill City tie-dye jeans and Balenciaga ankle boots.

More to come soon!

xo Jane

September 01, 2009



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