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September 10, 2009

More of the faux fur collection

Spent the last few days hanging out in the hot hot heat taking pictures of these amazing faux fur jackets...looked like a total fool!

I am so in love with this blonde faux mink... 

Worn with cut-off Madewell corduroys, vintage chambray men's shirt, and these amazing Prada studded peep-toe slingbacks.

Stacy, our shoe sales girl, showed us these shoes..my mom and I instantly fell in love when we tried them on. I don't think they are something I would have picked out on my own...I'm so glad Stacy had them out for me to try on, because they go with EVERYTHING!

Here are two more of my favorite faux furs...one being a leopard mohair pea coat & the other a shagadelic 70's monstrosity.

Here is my mom modeling the pea coat..these pics were taken on her friend Jane's property, such pretty woods!

Worn with J. Crew cords & Jil Sander pumps

Can't resist a close-up shot of these shoes...I'm so jealous!

Heres the shaggy coat...judging from the label, it isn't actually vintage.
I got this coat when I was in Tokyo...it was pouring down rain, and my mom and I were wondering around Shimokitazawa. This coat was carelessly hung outside the door of a vintage boutique, and it was drenched in rain...it looked like it had been crying. I had to bring it home with me...even if it smells funky.

These Ann D boots are new...you know I fall in love with an Ann Demeulemeester boot every season...these are bad ass. They're clunky, rigid, and comfortable. Notice how they are actually two separate parts...the shaft of the boot is detachable. Expect to see these in many, many posts to come...

More to come soon!
xo Jane


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Photo of Liset

Very nice and your new boots are fabulous!

Photo of The Anthology

I love that you love faux fur. So luxurious and cozy. Would love a jacket to wrap myself in right about now. It's not exactly boiling hot in Vancouver these days.

* Kelsey

Photo of Ming Min

Those are amazing bad ass boots! Love the coats!
Please visit my fashion blog at http://www.mattressesandmetal.blogspot.com
Ming Min

Photo of anne

jane, I love seeing high-priced, arty designer items combined with vintage combined with urban outfitters combined with your super-sophisticated yet still teenaged sensibility. great combo, and it's what makes this blog so fascinating to me. it gets boring seeing margiela or ann d in vogue -- much cooler seeing how they can be incorporated in a real person's real life. same goes for your mom! nice shots here.

Photo of The Photodiarist

The boots are badass. I am still in recessionista mode, so I am going to rock the two Ann D boots I picked up last year and wait for the christmas sales to see what I can pick up this year in terms of Ann D Boots. Hopefully, my size will be left! Big risk.

Photo of Marcia

whoooa i love those prada slingback pumps, they are craazzy!

Photo of Carola

WOW, JANE! Your way of mixing old with new and cheap with high-class is really amazing! The last coat has a very interesting and particular look...kinda like beach hair;-).

U are always such an inspiration! I am excited to see more faux fur styles. Check out FashionCoup for Paris updates: http://fashioncoup.com/.

Photo of Connie

Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! I wish the weather would hurry up & get cold enough to wear faux fur!
Also, I'm loving your hair! It really suits you well.



Photo of lisa from london

amazing outfit. love how you have paired the vintage faux fur with the shirt. going crazy for vintage faux fur coats at the moment!!

check out my blog at

Photo of Brooke

I love your Prada's and Ann D's. Amazing. I am so ready for colder weather. I love coats :)

Photo of shewearsclothes

Your mom's Jil Sanders are killer.

I can't wait until it gets hot enough to wear all my crazy coats, either. I thrifted a few new ones over the summer that I'm pretty stoked on...

Photo of Jennifer

Beautiful coats, I absolutely love the shaggy one! I love those Prada shoes as well! You and your mom look amazing!

Photo of Naray

The Ann D.s are REALLY GREAT. God Ann D can do no wrong.

Photo of Shannon

Your new hair color really suits these shots, they totally bring out the beauty of the faux fur. Nice! And those Ann Ds are simply amazing!


Photo of Kelly

Loving the coats, the first one looks sooo real!

Photo of Ofelia

Like a magazine's editorial. :D

Photo of kirsty

loving the sling backs xooxox

Photo of laura

AWESOME coats!! Love the last one!!!

Photo of Nata

Those pictures are beautiful, what lovely woods!
And those Ann Demeulemeester boots are gorgeous, literally to die for.
As always, fabulous.


Photo of Bri Emery

envy envy envy.

looking oh so chic. what a cute mother daughter shoot.


Photo of Rosie Unknown

Gorgeous photos! I love the coats!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

that leopard coat is gorgeous!!

Photo of Brigadeiro

Oh my! Those Ann D boots are PERFECTION!!! Great shots of you & your mom! ;)

Photo of STW

those ann d's are beautiful, i haven't seen them before...can't wait to see them styled in new ways! xx

Photo of Cruz

WOWWOWOW That first look in that field is ethereal! I mean all the outfits kick ass too js lol. I really want that shaggy smelly coat of yrs.

Photo of Kate

simply delicious!! and i love love love the Ann d's! great :)


Photo of Little Clementine

Beautiful coats! And I am so, so, so jealous of your mom's Jil Sander pumps. I love those

Photo of Jules

jane, your mom's outfit is perfect... gorgeous coat paired with the white pants, and i have been dreaming of those jils for a long time!

Photo of Ashley

I love those black Ann D's. They look like they would be so comfortable and warm during winter. A stylish, sturdy boot like that would be perfect for the snow. The faux furs are amazing as well. Quite a collection!

Photo of Josephine

Love the faux mink! the new slingbacks are great

Photo of The Voguette

the shaggy faux is amazing!!

<3 The Voguette

Photo of Lactose Intoler-Art

I love the shaggy coat the best! And I love Shimokita!!! haha. What a nice find...It almost reminds me of a really scruffy dog, but in the coolest way possible. Awesome

For street fashion inspired illustrations, check out my blog, onegaishimasu!! :)


Photo of dy

love the color combination of the grass, faux fur, pants, hair and shoes in the second pic. beautiful.

Photo of Betony

i really like the mink and those detachable boots are something else! really interesting. oh also like the denim studded denim you're wearing


Photo of Fla

Fringe Indie Magazine and chickdowntown.com INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY http://bohohipster.blogspot.com/2009/09/fringe-indie-magazine-and.html

Photo of Scal

Oh, I have that coat your mum is wearing! Is it by a French label called "Safari"? Mine has the original gold filigree buttons, though. Too gorgeous!

Photo of Lauren

I will take the monstrosity, please!

Photo of Liya

adore your moms pumps


Photo of britty

this pretty awesome i have 2 very old fur coat their were my grandmother's but not anymore=] but this post is rad girl keep up the good work!

Photo of Samantha

i love the first look.

Photo of Erin

i love the shaggy coat on you!

Photo of Erin

i love the shaggy coat on you!

Photo of WJ

Both these fur coats are very gorgeous, looking forward to seeing you guys wear them more as the cooler weather takes over. And as always, beautiful shoes! The Ann Ds are very chic, I love the fact that the heel is not too high at all, and I never realised they had a detachable shaft...always thought they were just ankle/calf length. Don't too fond of the studded Pradas though...they look way too clog-like to me!

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

omg, you and your mom look glamourous as always!
i adore your sense of style so much!


Photo of Jessy

The beginning images of Jane look so very grey gardens. I love it. It makes me think EVEN more, because both of you are mother and daughter.

A modern Little Edie and Big Edie?

Photo of Jennifer

Suxh gorgeous photos!!! I really love the first set!



Photo of Mckenzie Dowler

Jill Sanders aaaaaahhh so fantastic! And your two piece boots are ingenious and super cutting edge :)


Photo of Heather

Those Jil Sander's are rocking my world right now.
This blog is revolutionary, you and your mom are both super stellar.

xoxo Heather


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