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September 23, 2009

Monday at Chanel

'Stairway to Heaven'??
A small peek inside the Chanel Haute Couture fitting room at the  31 Rue Cambon store...it was very large and beautiful, with mirrored walls and tall ceilings...when I walked in, a very famous hair stylist was sitting in the studio..his name escapes me now. He looks just like the male model with the beard in the H&M campaign this season!
edit: thank you to a helpful reader...it was John Nollet! He is so handsome.


.........some of the dresses I tried on.....

A very beautiful, stylish, and sweet girl helped me during the fitting. I loved her outfit..especially the shoes!

We were shoe twins...I have the same shoe in white tulle. So great in black satin too.

The whole experience was unbelievable...I had worked myself into a panic in the weeks prior to the fitting. I was almost more anxious than excited by the time I arrived...as soon as I met some of the haute couture team my nerves dissolved. Everyone was very laid-back...of course I enjoyed every second of the fitting!

The gown is so beautiful....

Part of the day was spent getting pictures taken for a press package for Le Bal...I got to see so much of the city!

"I can totally do that!"

Maybe not as well as the photographer could...


My mom and I at the Place de la Concorde..
I wish I were still in Paris!!
I will be back in November for the Crillon Ball..wow, I cannot wait!


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Photo of chloe

wow jane your so lucky. my heart is racing. an opportunity like that is just incredible. its great you had fun!

Photo of k604bc

So surreal!!! Congrats again Jane!!! You deserve every bit of it!

Photo of S

Can I ask where your boots are from? They are fierce.

I can't wait to see what you will wear to the ball, Cinderella.

Photo of Romi

Ugh... jalouse! haha
You look absolutley amazing with those boots. Love how your scarf sort of matches with the sculpture!

Photo of The Photodiarist

Isn't Paris amazing? Pity you couldn't time the fitting with Paris fashion week!

Photo of Davina

That's amazing! You must have felt like the luckiest girl in the world : ) Will you get to meet Karl Lagerfeld as well?

Photo of Leah

What boots are you wearing?

Photo of Lexi

That looks like tons of fun! I want to see your dress!

Photo of Jennyfer

you and your mom are the cutest! love the last three pics. :D

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

jane- i can't wait to see you wearing your gown!
i'm happy for the opportunities you have.
good luck jane!


Photo of Stephhh

sooooo jealous! of your whole trip/experience AND your boots! who made those boots?! i know you mentioned it in one of your posts, but i cant remember...

Photo of Style Odyssey

how wonderful. :)
i was giddy just looking at your paris photos!
looking forward to more of paris/nyc trip, or whatever you happen to post next. always a delight, always interesting and fun!

Photo of WJ

What an unforgettable experience, I think we are all hanging out to see what the gown actually looks like...oh well, we will have to wait! In the meantime the photos you posted are gorgeous, I especially adore your scarf, and it's good to see you putting those over-the-knee boots to use already.

Photo of gennie

wow this all looks so incredibly exciting!! paris is such a dream world ♥

Photo of Deep In Vogue

Oh Jane, this is going to be the most fantastic experience! My favorite time of the year is Ball season in Vienna, and each time it is a fairytale come true. I am certain you will shine like a princess at the Crillon Ball!! Lots of Love!

Photo of Emily

Every girl in the world wants to be you!!! Did you meet Karl? Can't wait to see the dress!! What did you buy from the store (I'm assuming that you weren't just carrying around a Chanel shopping bag)?

Photo of Elisa

Jane I'm so happy you're going to have the opportunity to be at the Crillon Ball, and that you're going to wear Chanel, you are one lucky-lovely girl!!!

Photo of Jay

woww!! That's such an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics with us (especially those shoes)!
love your blog. xo J

Photo of mag duru

love the pictures and your style. thanx for sharing!

Photo of Nichole

you are one lucky lucky girl. very jealous, although those clothes are amazing :]

Photo of klee

wow, the store looks amazing and her shoes are really pretty!
you look great too !


Photo of kaily

omg, you look amazing on these pictures, your haircolor is totally beautiful - you look so grown-up &the chanel-fitting is incredible, how did you get in there? :D

Photo of Erika

Ohmygod you are soooooooo lucky! I am extremely envious. I can't wait to see your dress for the ball! :-)

Photo of Simone

three remarks...
that fountain is beautiful. your outfit is beautiful. and seeing pictures of that beautiful Chanel fitting genuinely gives me butterflies.

Photo of ashley heaton

great photos, what an amazing experience it must be!


Photo of Jennifer

Such gorgeous photos!!! I can't imagine how unreal all of that must have seemed! Such a dream!!


Photo of candice chu

i CAN'T WAIT to see u at the ball in your couture chanel gown!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!


Photo of Jillian

truly lovely congrats my dear you completely deserve it and are so lucky
cannot wait to see you in your HC <3


Photo of Gabriel

You're going to be a deb at the Le Bal!!! I hate you but I love you at the same time... healthy envy lol...



Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

what an experience! absolutely beautiful pictures :)

Photo of Goodle

Paris is just awesome :) and it seems like you've enjoyed it!
I love your hair colour,it looks really warm with your face features.

Goodle x

Photo of Connie

You are so unbelievably lucky and blessed. Everything that a girl could want, you have! I'm so envious! LOL! :)


Photo of Sydney

So cool. So envious! I love Paris.

Photo of Libby

Ah, lucky lucky girl! You looked amazing can't wait to see what your dress is!

Photo of Jen

Wow, what an amaaaazing experience. That had to have been so cool. I can't wait to see your dress!!!!


Photo of StyleAntagonist

Hey Jane!

This is indeed a very unforgetable experience. ha ha! yeah, you looked a bit nervous in front of the camera i guess. i really feel you can do it much better without the cameraman around. i really can't wait to see your dress! Keep us posted yeah!

Photo of Maria

You are so incredibly lucky! Congratulations on that! Must have been a dream come true. You look so beautiful in these wonderful pictures!

Photo of Account Deleted

oh wow, Jane you're so unbelievably lucky for a girl of your age (well, we're at the same age anyway). You're invited to the Crillon Debutante Ball? That's so amazing! Not an ordinary people can get invited :D I'll be waiting for more of your posts, and anyway, nice pic Jane. I love the close up photos. You look cute.

Photo of Style Scientist

I can't wait to see you in those dresses you tried on. Ahhhh...Chanel Haute Couture...you lucky girl!

Photo of alice

please, post more photos.....i may never experience paris, but through your lens.....

Photo of Delia


Photo of fashion tidbits

geez, you're so lucky! :) can't wait for the ball so we can see your dress

Photo of Jen

Wow, your outfit here is so stunning! You are one beautiful girl. I love your blog and have been silently stalking it for months but these photos are just perfect.

Photo of Sarah

Which camera are you using for the fountain shots??

Photo of Lindy

this is my dream realized. thank you for posting all of the beautiful pictures. i'm so in love with your whole wardrobe and if my budget allowed for it i'd own pretty much every pair of shoes you have. keep it up! your blog is like food to me.

Photo of sara

you look so so gorgeous in that dress and those boots!

Photo of Nina

You've been to heaven and back! Oh anticipation... looking forward to seeing the dress


Photo of amber

completely stunned. beyond my wits



Photo of Laura

uhhh...how I wished I would be right there..Love Paris, Love Chancel, love your style!


Photo of Anna

I agree about her shoes!

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