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September 28, 2009

Saturday Shoe Shopping

One of my favorite things in the world to do is to go to Northpark Mall with my mom and sister, have lunch at the Neiman Marcus mermaid bar, and shoe-shop maniacally. I was really excited when Stacey (the shoe fairy) called us to tell us the new Proenza boots were in...I've been dying to see them. I wore the Proenza pumps at a shoot for Elle...


And fell in love with them. But I had a hunch the boots would be ten times cuter...

We headed into town Saturday morning to check them out.
I figured shoe-shopping was the perfect occasion to debut these drop-dead ridiculous Margiela boots I got last month in New York... 

Half-mesh half-leather knee boots. They are mind boggling. I feel like the luckiest shoe-lover in the world for getting these...I got them at the basement sale at the If boutique, and they were $180...in my size!! 

I figured these boots were so weird that they needed an even weirder skirt to top them. My mom gets all the credit for finding this gem...

This hand-painted leather skirt is vintage Adolfo, my mom found it on eBay. How does this skirt make you feel? I think that frog looks a little creepy...hugging that log just a little too close, know what I mean? So funny that it's Adolfo..that was Nancy Reagan's favorite. I would like to see Nancy Reagan in this skirt.

My mom kept trying to tell me that the log was in fact a cinnamon stick. What the hell? Hahaha

Keeping it dorky with a Velma turtleneck. 
On to the shoe shopping...


Mom tries them on...oh yes! It's a must-have. I debate briefly whether to get a mid-calf verson of this shoe. It's a very slick plain black boot with white piping instead of yellow. I opted for this version instead. It had more of a ski-boot feel, and I love the lace-up action and repetitive spectator detailing. 

Mom couldn't resist this Louboutin ankle boot either. Gotta love leopard pony hair.

Carol always ditches my mom and me when we shoe-shop...she'd rather check out cake molds and egg beaters at William Sinoma. We caught up to have a long lunch at the Mermaid Bar...

Loved mom's outfit on Saturday...

She got this kilt at the If basment sale too...we really did find the most amazing things that day. She's wearing a vintage Christopher Ross belt with it, and some really hardcore Gucci boots. The leather on them is industrial-strength!!

What a lovely day that was.

And I am so in love with these boots...

And so is Denise.


September 26, 2009

Last weekend in Paris

There was a cold snap in the air when we reached Paris...felt very romantic.


Mom and I stopped in a park which I've forgotten the name of..

Wow!! Why don't trees look like that in Texas?

While we were in Paris, we bought an accessories magazine, and they had styled this Ann Demeulemeester boot with one shaft on, one shaft off. I couldn't resist trying it myself!

Mom's beautiful Dries van Noten pumps that I am soooo jealous of.

Just after we left NY...we saw this graffiti on the street!\

Cool model of something in a window...

On the Rue de Archives

We passed this window with a billion jumpropes all tangled up in it..it was oddly compelling.

Saw this AMAZING vintage book store...it was closed, otherwise I would have gone in there and snatched up those Vogues.

Enjoyed a delicious veggie lasagna.

It's true..Paris has the cutest dogs in the world.

Sigh...this post is making me want to jump on a plane to Paris...but it's a beautiful afternoon here in Texas..perfect for some lunch and shopping. My mom and my sister and I had a great time today at Northpark...and we brought home some incredible shoes!! We've waited on these shoes for quite some time. Can't wait to post them.

 I hope everyone everywhere is enjoying their weekends!
xo Jane

September 25, 2009

Good times in NYC :)

At a shoot in NY...


The weather could not have been better...it was a perfect New York fall day...


Couldn't leave home without a couple of cats to keep us company.

A nice view from the loft we usually stay in when we're in NYC!

Autumn has even seeped into the Japanese grocery store next door...

These Pradas look even better atop the crisp fall leaves...


And so do my mom's chrome wedge Marni booties...love these shoes! 

Mom wearing Prada peeptoes...

Just doing some laundry...wearing Ann Sofie Back sweater, tan courdoroy pants, Zara scarf, Prada slingbacks

There were too many pictures to cram into one post...pictures from Paris coming soon!
xo Jane

September 23, 2009

Monday at Chanel

'Stairway to Heaven'??
A small peek inside the Chanel Haute Couture fitting room at the  31 Rue Cambon store...it was very large and beautiful, with mirrored walls and tall ceilings...when I walked in, a very famous hair stylist was sitting in the studio..his name escapes me now. He looks just like the male model with the beard in the H&M campaign this season!
edit: thank you to a helpful reader...it was John Nollet! He is so handsome.


.........some of the dresses I tried on.....

A very beautiful, stylish, and sweet girl helped me during the fitting. I loved her outfit..especially the shoes!

We were shoe twins...I have the same shoe in white tulle. So great in black satin too.

The whole experience was unbelievable...I had worked myself into a panic in the weeks prior to the fitting. I was almost more anxious than excited by the time I arrived...as soon as I met some of the haute couture team my nerves dissolved. Everyone was very laid-back...of course I enjoyed every second of the fitting!

The gown is so beautiful....

Part of the day was spent getting pictures taken for a press package for Le Bal...I got to see so much of the city!

"I can totally do that!"

Maybe not as well as the photographer could...


My mom and I at the Place de la Concorde..
I wish I were still in Paris!!
I will be back in November for the Crillon Ball..wow, I cannot wait!

September 22, 2009

Bye Paris!!

Hello from Paris! I'm sitting here in the airport...the only place I've had internet so far. It was broken in our hotel but I guess thats the way life goes sometimes. Why waste a beautiful weekend in Paris worrying about the stupid internet?

The past three days here have been crazy...definitely one of the most amazing trips I've ever taken. I've never been to Paris before and I am sad that my stay here was so brief.  It's just beginning to look like autumn and its absolutely romantic.

The reason I came to Paris was for a fitting at Chanel Haute Couture...I was recently referred by Vogue for an invitation to the Crillon Ball here in Paris in November. It got even more unreal when I was told I was going to be dressed by Chanel. Needless to say, I was simultaneously more excited and more nervous than I have ever been in my life. I still can't believe it happened!

The fitting was yesterday (less than 24 hours ago...I was in the Chanel haute couture fitting room less than 24 hours ago..how crazy is that??) It was like a real life fairy tale...I'm still buzzing from the experience!
I'll tell you more about it later...looks like I have another plane to catch.

Thanks so much for reading..I can't wait to share my pictures with you!

xo Jane

September 16, 2009

Beautiful Tina Chow tribute in this month's Vogue Paris





Tao Okamoto as Tina Chow in this month's Paris Vogue...it's hard to find anyone as beautiful as Tina was but Tao makes a wonderful doppelgänger. 

I was so happy to see a tribute to Tina...she will always be my number one style icon.

Here is a collage I made of some photos of her.


Thank you to everyone who has shared their pictures of Tina!

Must run...I have a plane to catch soonl. I'll be in New York for three days and Paris for three days. Very exciting things await me, I am so nervous right now. 

TTYS xo Jane

September 14, 2009

rainy fall day


It's been raining non-stop these past couple of days. It's pretty chily out...perfect weather to debut my new over-the-knee boots by Barney's Co-Op and don a favorite Rick Owens cocoon coat. 

September 13, 2009

SELF-PORTRAIT en iPHONE...part two P.S. I'm not a dropout

I've been snapping webcam & phone pics the past couple of weeks to put together for this collage.
I like how by looking at a picture of a previous outfit, I can remember exactly what I did that day....it's a nice trick for someone with a terrible memory ie: me.

I would like to address a misportrayal in a recent Wall Street Journal article which implied that I had dropped out of highschool to pursue blogging/other projects I've taken on.
This is untrue...I am currently finishing up my English credit and will graduate with the rest of my class in 2010. 
Just setting the record straight...I didn't drop out of school.

xo Jane


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