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September 26, 2009

Last weekend in Paris

There was a cold snap in the air when we reached Paris...felt very romantic.


Mom and I stopped in a park which I've forgotten the name of..

Wow!! Why don't trees look like that in Texas?

While we were in Paris, we bought an accessories magazine, and they had styled this Ann Demeulemeester boot with one shaft on, one shaft off. I couldn't resist trying it myself!

Mom's beautiful Dries van Noten pumps that I am soooo jealous of.

Just after we left NY...we saw this graffiti on the street!\

Cool model of something in a window...

On the Rue de Archives

We passed this window with a billion jumpropes all tangled up in it..it was oddly compelling.

Saw this AMAZING vintage book store...it was closed, otherwise I would have gone in there and snatched up those Vogues.

Enjoyed a delicious veggie lasagna.

It's true..Paris has the cutest dogs in the world.

Sigh...this post is making me want to jump on a plane to Paris...but it's a beautiful afternoon here in Texas..perfect for some lunch and shopping. My mom and my sister and I had a great time today at Northpark...and we brought home some incredible shoes!! We've waited on these shoes for quite some time. Can't wait to post them.

 I hope everyone everywhere is enjoying their weekends!
xo Jane


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Photo of alicepleasance

Beautiful pics as usual :-) I adore Fall natural palette...

Photo of Fashioncholic Girl

paris looks wonderful , you too :)

I really wanna go there

Photo of My Emma.

i absolutely love paris. it's just magic! i used to live there for 6months and it was 6 amazing months.

Photo of Ebony

Tonight I went out with my friends and my friends boots caught my eye I freaked out because I was like do u understand you are wearing shoes designed by one of my favorite bloggers? LOL she didn't know why I was so hyped but anyway congrats, you are the epitomy of creative convergence( a movement I stand behind) and inspiration. BTW your mom looks amazing!! I love Ms. Judy-a personal style inspiration for me personally.

Photo of pauline, FROM SWEDEN!!

whats the name on your kamera? :)
paulinaberg.blogg.se sweden!

Photo of Brooke

Great photos! You and your mom look right at home in Paris!

Photo of mila

I am so jealous!I`ve been in Paris two times and now when I see yourn photos I miss it so much!

Photo of Nina

Beautiful picture, makes me miss of NY... Where is this book store? I was looking for old magazines stores in NY but didn't find...

Photo of lisa from london

looks like you had an incredible time. i too fell in love with paris when i visited this summer. its just magical. love the styling of those boots and those trousers are great. can't wait to see those shoes

check out my blog at

Photo of shira

here in Israel we don't eat for a full day. it called "Yom- Cipoor". so i don't know about the fun part but your clothes are grate! cause of u, i have this new thing for hills. thanks for being grate!
shira :)

Photo of japke

Paris is so magical, although I can put my finger on it why exactly.. The styling of the ankle boot with the large boot is amazing and I must say I love those boots! You're mother and you are beautiful and you can see that you're having a fantastic time in Paris.

Photo of claudia

I am sure you've seen the film COCO AVANT CHANEL with Audrey Tatou.
I don't know if you can remeber a scene where she is laying in a bed of leaves under a tree.
The first two pictures of this post reminds me a lot that scene! you were really in the Chanel mood when in Paris! ;)

Photo of klee

beautiful pictures, wish i could go there


Photo of Smokylash

The Dries van Noten pumps are Beautiful ! I am jealous too !
I love your photos of Paris , I can see that you love the dogs like me :)

Your blog is perfect !

Photo of Pearl

Oh what fantastic images, Paris always looks special somehow! Like the styling with your boots, it is really compelling! Judy looks really great too. Love all the old Vogues!
Pearl x

Photo of Morel-Derocle

Hi ! I actually live near Paris, in the suburbs and i wanted to know if you remember the address of the vintage book store.


Photo of Daisy

Such delightful photos !

Photo of Oktawia

Hi ;) I visit your blog everyday and I'm waiting for new photos. I think you know you're good photographer ;) I admire your style, it's incredible. (I apologize for my bad english, but I'm from Poland) :*

Photo of Hanene

Jane what a great post, I really love it !
I perfectly understand what you said , my Best friend lives in Paris , I always find a pretext to visit her. But there is other nice cities in France, like Nancy ( where I live ) ^^

Photo of Bulletproof-Stilettos

You're lovely on those photos! Keep us up to date with the Crillon Bal des Débutantes! xx

Photo of Jessica

Oh oui ! Our city is the best !
Paris <3

Photo of fashion roadkill

Beautiful beautiful photos!!!! I love the boots with one shaft on and one off..very cool.


Photo of Ofelia

I love the photo's colours :D
Have a nice day

Photo of CECILIE

omg. every shoe in this post is beautiful. and i can understand the jealousy of your mom's fantastic pumps! tjeck out my blog:



Photo of dea

Nice! NY and Paris... Am I jalouse? Oh, hell yeh!
You look pritty on your fotos.

Photo of mina

I live in Paris and I would like to know if you speak French ? And your boots are so beautiful, I love them !

Photo of georgina

I took a picture of that exact same graffiti this summer!! now I' m back in sunny England:( really beautiful photos...

Photo of Martine Mussies

Paris is great!!!! :-) Love your blog & your pictures, keep up the good work! Best wishes from Holland, x MM

Photo of Libby

Sounds amazing, how I wish i could go back and visit now!

Photo of Shannon

Your pictures are beautiful! Paris looks amazing, I have yet to go.


Photo of Sun'

You just make me miss Paris sooo muchh ! That's the Paris I love and used to live in, and it was just so incredible...
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, and as always, your shoes are gor-geous.
Haha, it's actually really nice to see this post on my birthday, you enlighted it a little more :)

Photo of S.I.Q.

great photos!
i love how you wore your boots!
paris is amazing, like most european cities!

-art in fahion
-fashion & cartoons

Photo of Alice

I love your pictures ! In fact, i'm french, live near Paris and I walked on la rue des archives this week end with my camera. I took the exact same picture of the magazines, but i have to admit, yours look better! :) Oh and in fact it is only a magazines store because it is the press archives. Your pictures are gorgeous and make me feel even prouder to live near such a beautiful city.
I love your blog... and your shoes !

Photo of Jennifer

I can't wait to see your new shoes! Yay for Northpark!

That vintage bookstore looks like it would have been so fun! I would've gone in there to snatch quite a few of those vintage mags myself!

Lovely pictures as usual my dear!!



Photo of faye

i love your blog!
i think youre absolutely adorable!
and which bookstore did you go to?
was it shakespeare book and co?

Photo of Bru.

I love your blog! The shoes are gorgeous and Paris is amazing!

Photo of Catalina

that magazine store is right by where I go to school right now! (I am studying abroad in paris at the moment.) I pass it every day, and I've gone in a few times. They have some amazing treasures in there - you would love it!

Photo of Jyun

The photo of trees you took juz had me blown away completely.

Photo of Jules

You look gorgeous!!

By the way, what is the name of the restaurant
where you got your lasagna? It looks delicious :P

Photo of ely

you and your mom are soo beautiful. i love both of your outfits, as always. your boots are amazing


Photo of sexyinthecity

Paris is just an amazing city!!
Wonderful photos ;)


Photo of Laura

Hey Jane!
Just wondering about the address on the shop with the vintage magazines!
it would really be a big help (:

// Laura

Photo of Lana

Real Talk: the only reason why you are able to enjoy this fantasy life that you lead is because you are filthy stinking rich with parents who clearly aren't looking for a lawyer or doctor out of you. You clearly aren't attending school of any kind so I suppose the NYTimes article about you WAS spot on. I'm sure it also helps that your mother gets to live vicariously through ALL of your appearances and events. This isn't an attempt to tear you down but to basically make sure you know that you need to own it. Own the fact that this blog is just a mass of narcissism that feeds the hungry little jealous readers that comment excessively and aggressively. it is their obsession with your blog that has created all of the opportunities that you have been so graciously afforded. I'm not even quite sure what it IS you do apart from wear insanely expensive couture and vintage clothing. Are you a stylist? Designer? I'm just confused, disturbed and completely put off. You'll probably delete this because this comment is entirely too real for the likes of the mindless drones that write on and on about much they envy, love and adore you but I must say I'm afraid. Afraid that this is the future. Idol worship of a wealthy girl amid economic chaos.

Photo of Kathleen

Your pictures of Paris are awesome! I love the one shaft on, one shaft off look.

Photo of Elodie

I leave in Paris and, please, can you tell me where is the vintage book store?
Thank you :)

Photo of amalie

Greaat pictures! you and your mom are so lovelyy. i love your outfits!
and paris looks so TEMPTING. aah x

Photo of candice chu

sigh. yes, this makes me want to go back to Paris too. love ur mom's dries van noten heels too. beautiful shot of u on rue archives.

thanks for posting!!


Photo of Gabriela

oh putain. i always walk through rue des archives & rue du temple, and i always see those old magazines. it s strange that you where there since i go throught it all the time. it s funny. when where you around there?

Greetings. from Paris.

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