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September 26, 2009

Last weekend in Paris

There was a cold snap in the air when we reached Paris...felt very romantic.


Mom and I stopped in a park which I've forgotten the name of..

Wow!! Why don't trees look like that in Texas?

While we were in Paris, we bought an accessories magazine, and they had styled this Ann Demeulemeester boot with one shaft on, one shaft off. I couldn't resist trying it myself!

Mom's beautiful Dries van Noten pumps that I am soooo jealous of.

Just after we left NY...we saw this graffiti on the street!\

Cool model of something in a window...

On the Rue de Archives

We passed this window with a billion jumpropes all tangled up in it..it was oddly compelling.

Saw this AMAZING vintage book store...it was closed, otherwise I would have gone in there and snatched up those Vogues.

Enjoyed a delicious veggie lasagna.

It's true..Paris has the cutest dogs in the world.

Sigh...this post is making me want to jump on a plane to Paris...but it's a beautiful afternoon here in Texas..perfect for some lunch and shopping. My mom and my sister and I had a great time today at Northpark...and we brought home some incredible shoes!! We've waited on these shoes for quite some time. Can't wait to post them.

 I hope everyone everywhere is enjoying their weekends!
xo Jane


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Photo of quelle

lovely... dying to visit paris.

Photo of Nicole Cabral

Amazing trip!!! Beautiful pictures in the most romantic city!
Lovely! Xoxo...
Visit my blog (POST THIS)..

Photo of Andrew J

God you really just made me miss Paris horribly! Now I am going to have to put a trip there on my agenda for sometime early next year. Great pics. Love how you are such a chameleon and take on subtleties of whatever the local fashion is for wherever you are.

-Andrew J.

Photo of amy

love love love those bootS!!!
great shots of fall headed our way :)

Photo of woolgathering & miscellany

that 3rd photo is unreal! what an amazing trip...

Photo of twitter.com/Fauxshionable

I so very much enjoy your blog. You are gorgeous, as is your stunning mother! You are an inspiration to so many bloggers and fashion fans alike. I cannot wait to see all that you achieve. Best wishes! Love your Paris pics - looks amazing there!

-Whitney @fauxshionable

Photo of Kwil

Great photos! I would love to experience what Paris has to offer.... sigh.

Photo of Mckenzie Dowler

You outfit in the park is sooooo chic and classic.

I love the one shaft on one shaft off look of the boots, cutting edge.

The doggy pic definitely makes me miss my cute puppies...sigh

Love, love, love

Photo of daphne

What gorgeous photos! Love the one boot high one boot low look here. That seems tricky to pull off, but it seems to have worked for you! I too love your mom's pumps! Oh my!!

Photo of hannahlizabeth

man that looks like the most perfect french experience - cute dogs, new shoes, bubbly - jealous!


Photo of Wikifashion

I love the photos, so beautiful!! I would love to experience a real Fall :)

Photo of Sara

oh jane,amazing pictures,i think I need to go to Paris :/

with love from Brazil

Photo of Ana Leitora

All seasons...I LOVE Paris!
Always will have Paris :-)

Photo of twitter.com/tsjgirl

Love the shoes as always and I can't get over how gorgeous your hair is! x

Photo of The Photodiarist

Isn't Paris grand? These pics have convinced me that I must go back in October . . .

Photo of Johanna

Gorgeous photos! Loving the boots with up & one down :)Tres chic!

Photo of JacquelineRose

Gotta get back to Paris PRONTO!

Wanna see an ASPEN girl in her Jimmy Choos?

Visit me at www.fashionsnag.com!

Photo of Kendra

Paris is amazing, i want to go! Pretty pictures, love the shoes


Photo of Aubrey Mayne

Hey a fellow ginger! oh Paris...c'est tres bien bien bien.


Photo of Midge

Paris is my favotite place in the world... I miss it!

Photo of Midge

*favorite... whoops! :)

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

the fallen leaves are so beautiful in paris. cool boots! All those vintage magazine shop looks cool. and oddly enough there is something to those tangled jump ropes.

Photo of Colleen

ahh i miss it as well. i love your photos

Photo of WJ

I love the exposure an light in all of these photos, it always makes me miss autumn (although we are currently heading into spring here in Australia). Your outfit is very urban equestrian chic with your tan pants and those Ann D's. Great styling wearing them like you did.

Photo of Kate Hartland

ah-mazing :) just like i imagine paris-i hope it never changes


Photo of Maggie

I love Paris and I also completely covet your mother's shoes!

Photo of Carola

Beautiful pictures! U managed to really managed to capture the atmosphere of a golden fall day in Paris. I love how your hair goes with the color of the fall leafs;-). What kind of jeans are u wearing?
We took a lot of fall-ish pictures too lately:


Fall is definitely my favorite season!


Photo of Christine

You've definitely captured the essence of fall with these photos. How beautiful :)

Photo of chelsea

this is such a beautiful post
the autumn leaves, champagne, warm food & cute dogs



Photo of Isabelle

some of these shots are stunning! My favorite are the still life ones, especially the vogue before the antique books, very well done! I also love mom on the leaves, makes me wish I wasn't in Florida.

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

those are incredible and awesome boots everrrrr!
you and your mom look so gorgeous!


Photo of Cecylia

Looks like you had a lovely trip- did the French women come up to you and ask you about your clothes and shoes?

Photo of Maddie

Looks like an amazing trip! Love the outfits!

Photo of Little Clementine

You look so fabulous! Now I really want to go to Paris!

Photo of Becca

It looks like such an amazing trip - so many beautiful shots!

Photo of Gabrielle

Paris dogs are crazy cute! I don't know how many well behaved dogs I saw wondering around with no leash after their owners. Put my dogs to shame in their behavior. You're making me miss Paris!

Photo of Laura

Love, love, love your Paris/NYC pictures! The veggie lasagna looks delish, and that vintage bookstore looked incredible! Sorry for you that it was closed. I wonder if they have a website...


Photo of Chloe

Oh, the jealousy. I am dying to go to Paris. I am dying to go anywhere. Your pictures, as always, are fabulous and if I ever saw you in person, I think I would knock you over and steal your shoes. Except I wouldn't actually knock you over (because I am a pacifist and, well, little and scrawny) but maybe I would give you a good poke in the ribs. AND THEN STEAL YOUR SHOES AS NICELY AS POSSIBLE. *sighs happily*


Photo of braden

i love your blog and i love paris!


Photo of Caitrin

paris in fall is hard to beat... oh wait- a fitting at chanel will do it:)

Photo of Angel

I LOVE YOUR pictures!!

they are stunning

also your mom's pumps..~

Photo of Marj

Ho i am so sad to be in Australia when you're in Paris, I would like to see you there, hope I could see you in your next trip in Paris!!

Photo of Goodle

Lovely photos and seems like the food was delicious! Paris is such a modern but yet historical city!

Goodle x

Photo of Brigadeiro

GORGEOUS pics! LOVE the boots, the autumn leaves, colours...everything!!!

Photo of Olivia

I'm DYING at the beautiful pictures. Your hair is just like Autumn. :)

Photo of Lucy

omg those magazines! I would've snatched them as well! Actually if you were there, I guess I'd attempt to snatch them before you hehehe :b oh Paris...what a gorgeous city...a few sketchy people in the mix of Parisians but still, a gorgeous city.

and Jane, your mom just might give those Dries shoes someday! No need to be jealous, just have to be patient! :D

Photo of anne marte

Paris is just wonderfull <33

Photo of Maria

Hi! Those pictures are fabulous! Could you tell me the address of that vintage book store? I'm going to Paris next summer and I would love to go there. I can buy you one too :)

Photo of Linie

Great shots:X

Paris looks beaufitul in ur foto & so do u girl:X

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