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September 22, 2009

Bye Paris!!

Hello from Paris! I'm sitting here in the airport...the only place I've had internet so far. It was broken in our hotel but I guess thats the way life goes sometimes. Why waste a beautiful weekend in Paris worrying about the stupid internet?

The past three days here have been crazy...definitely one of the most amazing trips I've ever taken. I've never been to Paris before and I am sad that my stay here was so brief.  It's just beginning to look like autumn and its absolutely romantic.

The reason I came to Paris was for a fitting at Chanel Haute Couture...I was recently referred by Vogue for an invitation to the Crillon Ball here in Paris in November. It got even more unreal when I was told I was going to be dressed by Chanel. Needless to say, I was simultaneously more excited and more nervous than I have ever been in my life. I still can't believe it happened!

The fitting was yesterday (less than 24 hours ago...I was in the Chanel haute couture fitting room less than 24 hours ago..how crazy is that??) It was like a real life fairy tale...I'm still buzzing from the experience!
I'll tell you more about it later...looks like I have another plane to catch.

Thanks so much for reading..I can't wait to share my pictures with you!

xo Jane


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Photo of www.stylishthought.ccom

That is such an amazing opportunity, undoubtedly one that you will remember for the rest of your life! Congratulations!

Photo of vaiva

I'm so insanely jealous and bitter that it'd be super easy to be a bitch and say mean things. I mean seriously. But good (actually awesome) for you. and too bad for me sitting at home feeling sick. I wish I had your opportunities. wow

Photo of beam

Wow. You´re really amazing! It´s very interesting to follow you. Thanks for letting us all into your life! :o)Can´t wait to see the pictures.

Photo of Annie Spandex

I can't imagine!! Can't wait to see pics!

Photo of sofiasophie

paris paris....
the city of light,
my city in France...

i hope you enjoyed the macarons, the walk in the Seine....& the fitting in Chanel of course!

Photo of Alexa

HOW AWESOME! OMG you're soo lucky! Enjoy it ;DD

Photo of jennifer

How amazing! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Photo of nicolette

i envy you. i'd die for a chance to step into the chanel haute couture fitting room.

Photo of amy williams

The Crillon Ball and Chanel HC!?!? That is pretty amazing, you must be beyond excited! There will be some amazing people there!

Photo of Nahal


Im so excited for you!!

Photo of claudia

fairy tale

can't wait to see the pictures
and how chanel sees you: how they dressed you!

Photo of meaw(yourthaifan)
meaw(yourthaifan) September 22, 2009 at 09:03 AM

can't wait to see yur pic

love u wonder girl xo

Photo of Julie

Jane That's AMAZING!!!!!

You will look beautiful at the ball.

Can't wait for the pics.


Photo of suzia

I'm sooo jealous !! cant wait for the photos

Photo of k604bc

OMG OMG OMG!!! You're one very very very verrryyy lucky girl Jane! Such an amazing thing to happen in your life!!! Crazy!!!

Photo of JacquelineRose

I have been to Paris and it is one of my favorite cities. You must not have stayed at George V/Four Seasons because the internet there is great. We stayed there and it is one of the best hotels in Paris (where all the celebs stay also). Next time you go to Paris check it out! Congrats on the Chanel fitting. They have tons of Chanels in Paris, don't they?

See me & my Jimmy Choos in Barcelona @ www.fashionsnag.com

Photo of Tikki

That's amazing Jane..I'm Looking forward to see you in Chanel !!!

Photo of Sandra

That's so cool. I'm so happy for you!! Btw, I hope you can continue your education (maybe in fashion major???) after you graduate high school, but anyhow this is just my opinion hehe because school even though its boring it taught me a lot of basics in the dream job I have right now. But yeah, you inspired me so much to become myself and your experience and talent and creativity definitely the reason why you are so successful now and in the future. (forgive my English). xoxo.


Chanel fitting!
Love it, finally ppl with style are getting appreciated, not just "common celebs" taking all for granted. Congrats!

Photo of J.A. Hodges

Congratulations! That's so exciting!

Photo of Jen

Oh wow, you lucky bitch. And I mean that in the nicest way possible -- I am green with jealousy. :) xoxo

Photo of Sara

YOU'RE SO LUCKY!!I'm dying to see your pictures

Photo of Lucila

oh my godd!! You're the luckiest girl in the world. The photos are beatiful.
I love your blog and I can't wait to see more photos..

Photo of tereza

omg..I am so jealous. :) I am glad you had a wonderful time. and can´t wait for more from you!

Photo of Sabina

Congrats, this is just crazy!!

Photo of ladyish

Chanel haute couture, that's amazing! I'm so jealous of you!

Photo of Nubby

Your life just keeps getting better and better! 2009 has been your year!

Photo of Maeko

Congratulations, darling! I can't wait to see the photos of the gown.


Photo of Angela

I love Paris!! I hope you got to enjoy some things during your brief visit! Can't wait to see your Chanel dress, I bet it will be like a dream.:)

Photo of Sonia

Paris is amazing isnt it?
Living in england its easy for me to get there, which is defo a good thing!


Im too jealous for words!

Sonia x


Photo of Antonia

This is UNREAL Jane - every single girl who is obsessed with fashion has dreamed about this day. What an amazing experience. Can't wait to see pics. Paris looks gorgeous!

x Antonia

Photo of shopdiary

that is so wonderful! Chanel Haute Couture + Crillon Ball = Amazing! looking forward to your photos.

Photo of Genielin

Oh my goodness. I can't wait to see what you're wearing.
Dang, a weekend in Paris. How lovely.

Photo of h

:speechless: !

How many girls can easily switch between Cassette Playa and Chanel Haute Couture?!


Photo of c lo

wow...I can't wait to SEE the pictures! That's just amazing. Congrats. :)

Photo of Nikki Osei

WOWWWW! U are really living my dream! You are gorgeous, stylish, and appear to be quite humble about the situation that is your life. I mean dressed by Chanel! OMG! Did you meet "father"? I'm dying! Love you, your style, and your blog! Keep doing what you do! xoxo

Photo of Annie

What an amazing opportunity! Congrats!

Photo of Laura

Je suis française et j'adore mn pays ! Paris paris paris. See you there Jane :-)

Photo of ananya

this is so awesome! how did you choose ONE outfit? i would try and walk out with their entire collection...

Photo of Jess

oh my god, thats like every girls dream!

Photo of Laura

that sounds AMAZING,
good for you! Who styled you?
gosh, can't wait to see the picca's you made,
have soo much fun in NY!
Paris is unbelievable, isn't it, it's gorgeous :)


Photo of lisa from london

wow i went to paris in the summer. isn't it just amazing. you just instantly fall in love. and i swear macarooons are one of the best things i've ever tasted. did you go to laduree? not only are the pastries mouth-watering but the decor and flamboyance of the place is spectacular. can't wait to hear more about your trip!!

check out my blog at

Photo of Isabel

Ahhh, you're going to the Crillon Ball? This is going to be so epic!

Photo of Reina

Hi! I loooove your blog and I read it almost every day, but never leave comments.

Today I write about you in my blog but it's in spanish! either way check it out: reina293.blogspot.com

Photo of Krizia

Maybe you could pick up some nice cutie at the Crillon Bal. ;)
Paris is amazing! I've been there 3 times and it's never enough.
Sooo much to see!
Enjoy, this is (probably) a once in a lifetime opportunity!!

xx Kisses from Belgium

Krizia. x

Photo of eloise

congrats!!!! that's wonderful.
You should have organised a night out with your french fans...

Photo of Laura

I saw you and your mum leaving the Chanel boutique yesterday, but I was too shy to say anything. Mostly because it wasn't my best outfit/ hair day and you both looked so gorgeous I felt intimidated!
Anyway, congratulations for the invitation, sounds amazing! This kind of things make me consider starting a blog...


Photo of dannie

ur amazing
u deserve all this attention ;)
keep workin it girlie cos its soooo apying off right? ;)

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