August 28, 2009


When will it be winter already??

For no reason in particular I seem to have accumulated a lot of leopard print in my life as of late...and most of these pieces are much better suited for cold weather, and not the 100 degree heat we're experiencing in TX at the moment.

Particularly this one.

This is an Ivan Grundahl  faux leopard cocoon coat that my mom got at a sale at the If boutique in Soho. My mom and I are both big fans of Ivan Grundahl, so it was an exciting find, especially at something like 80% off..ridiculous!

I wasn't with her when she bought this coat, she had it shipped home. I had to try it on as soon as I saw it. The plushy fur is so soft, and the coat is reversible, so you can wear it on rainy days too!

Worn with Balenciaga ankle boots & a vintage Razza elephant necklace.

This is a leopard print skirt found at the Goodwill for 99 cents. The print is great and the length is perfect for my Miu Miu studded ankle boots.

Worn with a shearling bomber jacket by Richard Chai, an antique kimono sash that my mom got in Tokyo long ago, and of course, the Miu Miu ankle boots

I found this Junya Watanabe leopard dress/shirt at the If sale too...I was so happy, I had almost bought this top in Dallas a few months before, but here it was on sale 75% off!
If it weren't for the fact that it is made of wool it would be perfect for today's weather. Even though it was hot in New York I wore this outfit around town.I have to say that as much as I love this top, it's very impractical. My left arm was virtually imobilized in it. A fashion straight-jacket so to speak. 
Worn with running pants, an LGB flannel, and Y-3 bag. Weird outfit, I know.

I guess winter isn't too far away...I'm just impaitient to wear some of these things! 
Till next time...xo Jane


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Photo of Sunny Mimi C.

I can't wait for fall! Winter, however, I despise. I have a hatred of extreme temperatures.

Amazing pieces!

Photo of jae

you look so damn tall in your first two shots while i'm here at 5'0.... hahaha

Photo of JacquelineRose

love it!


Photo of Victoria

heyy Jane!

I absolutely loooooooooove your blog!!! If you are ever in portland check out the the Bonnets. It has really cool hats. I was recently in portland and remembered that you loved hats. Their blog is bonnetsboutique.com. Also, have you seen the Balmain zipped ankle boots yet? They are really cool. You should check them out. And lastly, have you ever been to the store LF? there are two in NYC. maybe you could check it out. One is on 5th Ave. and the other on Spring Street in SoHo

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

i love your outfit, jane!
i'm inlove with leopard/animal prints too!


Photo of Brigadeiro

What an amazing coat! Love the brown shearling most! And *sigh* those Balenciaga's...gorge! :)

Photo of WJ

Very gaudy and completely non-trend based. I love it. Leopard print is a classic and I'm loving the look on such a young girl like you. You work it in many different ways, both ostentatiously and in a more relaxed manner. The key to great dressing is versatility and creativity - you you have shitloads of both! Also it's great to see that you are pretty much the only blogger who has the Balenciaga boots whilst everyone else drools over the Edelmans.

Photo of Vanessa

I absolutely adore your leopard prints! The coat is amazing.

And I absolutely agree about the weather-- winter needs to be here ASAP!

Photo of Noelle + Kendall

The long leopard skirt is my favorite,
so chic!


Photo of Nini's Style

All of the photos look great Jane. I know Dallas's weather is way hot and I can't wait for it to cool off soon :-)

Photo of Little Clementine

That is such a beautiful jacket! (:

Photo of Libby

Love the print fun and sexy yet very versatile..suprisingly!

Photo of Leia

I love leopard print! I have been on the hunt to get a coat just like the one you're wearing in the first picture. I love love love that top, too. Great finds! :)

Photo of Joan

The last outfit is the best--so eclectic (such a dumb, over-used word, I know), I love it.

Photo of P

I was ALSO at the IF Boutique sale in SoHo! I was there on the first day of the sample sale -- odd that I didn't see either of those pieces. There were some really insane half nude mesh/half black leather Margiela knee high boots there that reminded me of your crazy shoes.

I picked up an Ivan Grundahl piece too -- a really fabulous wool/silk vest with a long (triple wrap) leather belt. I'd never even heard of him but I really liked his stuff. I'm jealous of your coat, it's beautiful.

Photo of Stephanie

There's something about leopard print that has me torn, when worn by others it can look elegant & chic, but for some reason as soon as I wear it I feel like an old lady. I can't explain it. I do love the folds of that first coat though, just beautiful.

Photo of CZ

u look so cute, how old r u!


Photo of Nina

you look like bjork. and that is fully a compliment.
very unique and original.
i love you blog :)


Photo of Maya

i totally know what you mean about the weather. It hasn't been nearly that hot up here but i keep coming up with outfits that would be great for winter. Love the coats. Those boots look great with the skirt.


Photo of Becca

I am in love with the voluptuousness of that coat. It looks perfect for a Canadian winter if you tire of it in Texas.

Photo of Shannon

Your makeup looks beautiful! Loving your tights in the first picture with the Balenciaga boots.


Photo of Jo

I actually think leopard print and flannel match perfect together!

Photo of Alice

LOVE your hair in the first outfit picture and your makeup.

Photo of sexyinthecity

Amazing coat!!!


Photo of Jessica

The leopard cocoon coat is so fun! I think I could get away with it for my all-black work wardrobe... which you can follow at http://www.blacktowork.blogspot.com. Jane, you are adorable!

Photo of Jacob

I love your blog, your style and everything you wear! Keep the good work

Photo of shocolaat

Lol you made this the same day of the release of Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard Release.

Photo of Betty

New eyebrow shape? Looks great!

Photo of dannie

oooh yeeees
aamazing leopard fiiiinds ;)
esp. the immobolizing top, haha- its sooo vibrant and cool, you could weasr a billion diff ways ;)
i loove your quirky take on it ;)

Photo of Indie Cake

I love wearing plaid with cheetah print!!!! :)

Photo of Eneida

Very very beautiful!
I live very much animal print!

Photo of Johanna - MyShoebox.se

Love tha jacket, it looks so warm and cosy!

Photo of Amy

A while ago you mentioned you didn't wear makeup -- you only did your eyebrows, I think you said. Do you have eyeliner/mascara on in these pictures? Any reason for the change of heart or just trying something new?

Photo of Molly Rose

Those pieces are fabulous! I love them.

Photo of Cruz

When I saw that last one of your twitter, i was like WOW I love the plaid and leopard together. It may be weird, but it kicks ass!

Photo of mademoiselleglitter

i cannot wait for winter, either, although of course my winter wardrobe is not as elaborate as yours. but you inspired me, i really need to buy something leopardy, too.

Photo of Jennifer

I love your cocoon coat! And congrats on making Style.com's "Who's That Girl?" list, where you're featured
with some of the fashion world's youngest it girls!

Photo of Lilee

great outfit! the leopard print is amazing!

Photo of Kate Hartland

i am very impatient for winter!!!! where i live, we only have hot, hotter, hottest, and not so hot. so you see my dilema...


Photo of Josephine

great post! i love this


Photo of Don't Be A Hero

haha, I know what you mean, can't wait to break out this almost Rick Owen cut army coat I found for about a dollar. granted, it has to be taken in, so that makes it, what, 9 bucks? I think I can handle it :P

and, excuse me, where the hell, do you put all this stuff?!? I have trouble with my pathetic collection, no doubt you have major space issues with all this fabulousness, am I right? don't know how everything looks so fantastically tidy all the time, I'm totally jealous :P

Photo of Christine

really sucks about the weather, a family friend told me its been 100+ for over a month. I love the skirt, and coat. I really want some leopard stuff!

Photo of a frock a day

I love anything leopard print. I remember having a fuschia leopard print sweater that I loved to bits in grade 7, even if all my relatives thought I was off my rocker for wearing it.

Photo of Kelly

I am crazy about animal print...


Photo of Catherine

Oh my, I love leopard print. Its so classic and glamorous.



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