August 28, 2009


When will it be winter already??

For no reason in particular I seem to have accumulated a lot of leopard print in my life as of late...and most of these pieces are much better suited for cold weather, and not the 100 degree heat we're experiencing in TX at the moment.

Particularly this one.

This is an Ivan Grundahl  faux leopard cocoon coat that my mom got at a sale at the If boutique in Soho. My mom and I are both big fans of Ivan Grundahl, so it was an exciting find, especially at something like 80% off..ridiculous!

I wasn't with her when she bought this coat, she had it shipped home. I had to try it on as soon as I saw it. The plushy fur is so soft, and the coat is reversible, so you can wear it on rainy days too!

Worn with Balenciaga ankle boots & a vintage Razza elephant necklace.

This is a leopard print skirt found at the Goodwill for 99 cents. The print is great and the length is perfect for my Miu Miu studded ankle boots.

Worn with a shearling bomber jacket by Richard Chai, an antique kimono sash that my mom got in Tokyo long ago, and of course, the Miu Miu ankle boots

I found this Junya Watanabe leopard dress/shirt at the If sale too...I was so happy, I had almost bought this top in Dallas a few months before, but here it was on sale 75% off!
If it weren't for the fact that it is made of wool it would be perfect for today's weather. Even though it was hot in New York I wore this outfit around town.I have to say that as much as I love this top, it's very impractical. My left arm was virtually imobilized in it. A fashion straight-jacket so to speak. 
Worn with running pants, an LGB flannel, and Y-3 bag. Weird outfit, I know.

I guess winter isn't too far away...I'm just impaitient to wear some of these things! 
Till next time...xo Jane


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Photo of Little Red

Absolutely loving your leopard print pieces! I'm especially liking the dress/shirt in the last photo. It looks great paired with the red plaid!

Photo of Fannah

LOVE LOVE LOVE. The first jacket is the best winter thing.. And I love the leopard top too! Only it's weird that it's wool but still a summer-looking piece. I hate when they combine something like that..

Photo of Tasha Gregson

Great style. Cool jacket


Photo of Midge

Leopard print is pretty classic, isn't it? Looking forward to fall weather and the clothes that come with it!

Photo of jameson ruth.

i'm in texas right now for the first time in my life. it's so hot and dry here! unbelievable.

Photo of Cypriotchick

They all look lovely on you! the first coat looks incredibly warm and the miu miu studded ankle boots are just incredible!


Photo of Jen Tarte

That coat is fabulous! I especially love how you found that skirt for only 99 cents!

Photo of Michelle

Love the cat eyes. It goes really well with your theme. :)

Photo of Lisa

Love everything...

I am going to New York for the first time next week, any suggestions of really amazing places to eat and shop and see?

Thank you lovely!



Photo of Prêt à Porter P

jane i dont know how you do it, but seeing your mom i figure it is in your DNA, but you just have this true gift for mixing patterns and prints and textures w/o looking like a clown. even though there is a lot going on, there is a harmony and cohesiveness to it. it's amazing how you do it! i esp. love the 2nd outfit. and when it comes to animal prints i like them as natural as possible, but black/white print is truly exceptional! and i LOVE that kimono sash/scarf!!!!!!!!

-ps. i love your tights in the 1st ensemble. they are not something i get to wear, but i love them on other people!

Photo of Lisa

I love it !

I fell in love wih your blog !

I'm trying to begin one but I don't have lots of time :/. All is writen in French but if I have foreign readers, I'll change the language.
I need opinions & advices.

Hope you'll enjoy,
Kisses from France,

Photo of Ljubica

love the skirt, 99cents, that's an absolutely ridiculous steal!
i love all the shots too :)
but be thankful for hot weather, it's already freezing up in Canada!! (which it shouldn't be, at least not in August)

Photo of ava

Hi jane! I love all the leopard, PERFECT. <3 Ava

Photo of Ann

Love to see your post before sleeping and yeah! here U go!!
Great outfits -- really Love that leopard skirt and that length.

Photo of Nicole

love the coat. that skirt is an awesome find, the print is amazing! also love your miu miu studded ankle boots - always love your shoes, you have an incredible collection.

also love your hair and how it's thrown up in that loose chignon, very pretty.

take care!

Photo of Vanessa

I'm usually not a fan of leopard print, because most people don't pull it off well. But, it's a different story with you. You make leopard print look elegant and chic, especially in that last picture!

I also am more of a shoe girl (over a handbag girl) myself!

- Vanessa

Photo of noa

The leopard coat is really amazing!!

I can't wait for winter because the summer in Israel is really hot!


Photo of Cindy

I love all three outfits but I think #1 is my favorite... Where are the tights from?

Photo of aliena

Girlfriend I feel your pain! Just moved here to Dallas from LA and dreaming of fall, its too hot!!!

Photo of Lizzy

i wish it was summer too!! love the outfits

Photo of Catarina

The coat is stunning! Regarding the dress,I really like the way you mixed it with plaid, very interesting looks.

Photo of Girl next blog

Your leopard coat is just LOVE

Photo of christina

wow. i never really liked leopard print but after i saw your amazing coat... i'll might [definitely] change my mind, haha!

Photo of Isabel

you look as beautiful as always!


Photo of Brooke

I feel the same way about winter. While I really like summer, winter clothes are so much more fun! I love your new coat, and you certainly can't beat a 99 cent skirt. My aunt is obsessed with leopard print. She claims it is a neutral, and I totally agree!

Photo of Isabel

The leopard cocoon coat is EPIC! I've never seen anything like it! So beautiful.

Photo of Ofelia

So much leopard. I don't like that print. But vogue's like this.
Nice day!

Photo of Rikke

I think it's really cool that you like Ivan Grundahl - a Danish designer. You should come to Copenhagen and see his shop here. I think I have seen you wear Vibskov as well. They are both very loved here in Denmark.

Hi from Denmark,

Photo of Shannon

Wow that coat is incredible!

Great blog!

xx. Shannon

Photo of Alex

Oh, I wanna some cold days, because I bought grey coat. And I fall in love with it :D

Photo of Pearl Westwood

I know the feeling, I can't wait for cooler weather, so bored of my summer wardrobe that I am craving some layers and my leather leggings!!

Photo of Jigsaw Jones

I love leopard stuff. That coat is amazing, as is the impractical leopard top. I'm in Austin, so I feel your pain with this effing ridiculously hot weather.

Photo of Alex Dom

i love the miu miu ankle boots!



Photo of alison

what a gorgeous coat...especially since it's faux leopard! you are rocking it!

Photo of maria

Gorgeous! That coat is stunning. I covet all your leopard prints.

Photo of Andrew J

Great coat! And I totally feel your pain, I'm ready for fall weather already! I have too many wonderful cool/cold weather clothes for this heat lol.

-Andrew J

Photo of coin-operated ninja

looking good! i heard that your blog is banned in china btw. sad. and wtf, i don't get the hate!! lol.

Photo of Simone Renee

Leopard print is one of my absolute most favorite things. It has the potential to be very tacky, but if worn right, it is flattering, timeless and beautiful. Both of your finds are incredible!

-Simone Renee

Photo of Style crusader

I love leopard print, when done right it is extremely chic!

Photo of Jane

I can't wait for winter either! Today, it hit about 66 degrees though (a HUGE change from the 80 degree weather of just yesterday) so I was temporarily happy :)

Photo of Perfectly Disgraceful

H&M is selling super cute tiny leopard jackets for little girls.

Photo of Marion

I LOVE the coat and the dress/shirt i'm so impressed by your finds i really wonder how you do i wish i could find such things with such prices where i live that's so sad you're so a lucky girl jane i should get you as my personal shopper ;)

Marion -xx-

Photo of Dana

Seriously, we get the brunt of the heat here in Texas. :(

Photo of Noura

Oooooh. That first piece... I'm wanting it so badly.

Photo of fashion roadkill

I'm obsessed with leopard print right now, too!! I love the skirt with the Miu Miu ankle boots.


Photo of Anon Coward

Your feet are going to be straight BUSTED when you are 21. I bet they look nasty NOW. YUCK!

Photo of Kate

i always hate the akward transition between summer and winter and fall...



Pretty pics!!!! kisses

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