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August 01, 2009


Have really been wanting to wear this silk floral eighties dress for a while...today I wore it out to lunch.


With a vintage Michael Morrison studded belt

And these peep-toe Prada booties from spring 2006.

C ya later...Jane


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Photo of Nina

love ur outfit!!! Especially the belt! You always figure out how to look amazing and original :) love ur blog <3

Photo of Samm

thos shoes are beautiful,
and the dress

Photo of kimm

:O i LOVE the look of that bag!!!! whose it by??

Photo of caitlin

I admire your bravery, I have a bright dress that I haven't worn. Tomorrow I will wear it. Thanks

Photo of Bisou-joue

you look so great ! I love the print of your dress !

Photo of Maddy V

I love the colors of that dress, they are exquisite!!

Photo of anna

I'm totally in love with the belt. (guess I just love bling bling haha)

Photo of Fannah

I love the dress! And the belt makes it even better.. both pieces on itself though are godly.

Photo of Rachel

Oh, that belt! And those shoes, and that dress. Jeez. How do you find such amazing stuff? Such a perfect outfit.

Photo of stilist

Lovely dress, very summery-feelish.

Photo of Alexandra

You have an amazing sense of style at such a young age!
You're always classy and appropriate, yet fun and stylish!
Loved you in Vogue btw.

Keep it up! YOU LOOK GREAT!

Love from Norway

Photo of thischicksgotstyle

Great, what a colorful outfit!

Photo of Roz

Beautiful! I love the vibrant colours of this dress, it really makes it stand out.. I'm not really a huge fan of 80's pieces, but this is one of the rare few that look amazing! There's always something about floral patterns that are incredibly appealing.
I like the way you've just matched it with some understated boots (although still gorgeous) so that yu really notice the dress.. The belt is very interesting too. The studs just make sure that the whole outfit isn't too girly. But you didn't mention what make is the bag in the first 2 shots? Its a nice colour.
As a blogger who's only started up recently, I wouldreallyappreciate a few tips and ideas on how to get your blog known and noticed. I'msure quite a few of us out there would really appreciate it!
Great post as usual..


Photo of Marieke

O mY god! I love it! What a beautiful colors! The pictures are also very beautiful, who is the photographer?

Photo of Pearl Westwood

I love how you tone down the intense floral with the tan basics, those Prada boots go with everything! A great pretty look for lunch x

Photo of ichigo-chii

Nice and colourful - love it.

Photo of Noa

looks really good!!

love the floral dress!

great combination with the belt and shoes


Photo of japke

what a great dress!!

Photo of a la mode

Awwwww you look amazing! Great outfit! And I have fallen for that belt, BIG TIME!

Photo of Maren

what an outfit, Jane. you look smashin :D

Photo of Anni

Really like your dress and the belt!!!


Photo of Martyna

you look beutiful and colorfull.i like your dress.floating!

Photo of ilona

Oh my! Are you 17 or closer to 88?
Absolutely tasteless.

Photo of Anika

I adore this outfit....its amazing. Those colours just step it up to the next level.
p.s. that belt is killer! Would love to see your entire belt collection, you have some really nice ones

Photo of The Queen of Hearts

I think this is a delightful outfit, it is a shame that you aren't taller. I think this is a dress that needs some serious leg, especially if you are going to do it with boots that high.

Photo of jaime

That outfit is amazing! I love each piece together and individually. That belt is unreal!!

Photo of lisa @ luxe

Love the boots!
I thought you darkened your hair but it looks blonde again,
are these old photos??


Photo of sof&em

I love this outfit! The belt is killer too!


Photo of Nana

I love your blog! In two seconds it ´ll be on my blog list at blogloving :)
i adore those shoes... And the colours of your dress: <3

Photo of Vanessa

oh my gosh jane!! I just found your blog & am in LOVE. seriously you have the cutest most fearless style, and truly have inspired me to just wear whatever the heck i want to wear, rather than thinking it's too much. life is too short to not wear your favorite outfit. I've doubled dared myself to do this.

Photo of Zoe

That belt is ridiculously cool!!


Photo of Wrecked Stellar

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your entire look. literally from head to toe it's perfection.

Photo of Sophiemei

Jane~i love ur dress
and it's the new belt!?

Photo of maria

Gorgeous outfit and I adore your peep toe booties.

Photo of Cecilia

Yes! The old hair color is back!That color is so right for you. It´s just more fun. You looked very pretty in a darker shade as well but it wasn´t really you.

Photo of Anna

oh my lord, adorable! i love those boots, i want them so bad! :O

Photo of Kim

That belt is fan-freakin-tastic!

Photo of Moni

I *swear* my mom had a dress like this when I was young. Oh, memories! :P

Photo of S.Elisabeth

Absolutely in love with this whole outfit. The dress is so colorful and surprisingly modern looking. And the belt=love! Of course the shoes are amazing.

Photo of jill

Fabulous look! That belt elevates it so something quite dissonant & special.

It's funny I've been seeing a lot of 80s colours: primary, bold, and a blue that we haven't seen around in a while:

& esp. mixing bright colours with brown heeled boots:

hope your laptop's feeling better.

Photo of Little Red

Such an amazing dress! I especially love with the belt and boots! So fabulous!

Photo of Lena

Love your outfit<3

I've just seen these amazing shoes at elleuk.com, you have to check them out! Ballin's brown leather gladiator heels, they are so cool:) By the way, just want you to know that I'm from Norway, and you got a lot of fans over here ;)Some other shoes I thing you might like:Chloé by Hannah MacGibbon beige and tan canvas wedge boots, love them<3

Thank you for this amazing blog:)

Photo of Tawney--A Chichi Life

What a great dress! It's like a painter's canvas with vibrant colors and painterly strokes.

Photo of Lindy

LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit.

Photo of nicole


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