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August 01, 2009


Have really been wanting to wear this silk floral eighties dress for a while...today I wore it out to lunch.


With a vintage Michael Morrison studded belt

And these peep-toe Prada booties from spring 2006.

C ya later...Jane


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Photo of ava

Hi Jane!!! I love this dress and belt and your boots!! <3 Ava

Photo of jackie

love this outfit. the shoes are great.

Photo of Johanna

That belt is fantastical!

Photo of jameson ruth.

your style is unbelievable.
seriously, i am in awe every time you post.

Photo of Rosie Unknown

I love the belt, you look absolutely gorgeous!

Photo of Isabel

Gorgeous, as usual!


Photo of Stéphanie

Your dress is as a painting. Really like the idea.

Photo of GEMima

your clothes are just breathtaking
and the way you put them together is wow.
I've been wanting one of those dresses for a while(:

Photo of Fickle Red Riding Hood

Amazing! The belt is so fantastic. You have such great style. I'm constantly in awe. x


Photo of sk

Wow look at all those studs on the belt! They're almost hypnotizing!

Photo of Nahal

Great outfit as usual!
love the boots


Photo of Ashley

Oh wow, I absolutely love that belt! Gorgeous! The dress print is darling as well, it's just so colourful and happy! <3

Photo of Rianna Bethany

wow that belt is a fabulous piece to put a quirky edge on any outfit. Beautiful stuff.
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx

Photo of Tayler

These pictures are STUNNING. I am so jealous of that dress.


Photo of Anna

you wear that dress SO well!

Photo of Ginger

Those boots look familiar. Oh yeah, aren't they almost the same as the ones you designed?

I do like the dress though

Photo of Ava

I adore the giant scale of that belt!! And those Pradas are some of my favorites-- super cute!!


Photo of Kim

Holy fantastic floral! I love this outfit to pieces! =)

Photo of Zarna

you loook tiny!

love that dress on you!


Photo of maggie/noirohio vintage

that belt is AWESOME! love the dress too

Photo of stylecrusader

i love the floral pattern and the colors are utterly gorgeous!

Photo of Brigadeiro

What a fun gorgeous print! Love the dress, and of course the belt & Prada booties too ;) GORGEOUS!

Photo of Beth

I love your style, I've seen that bag in a few other posts but can seem to track them down now, where is it from? Thanks!

Photo of Ljubica

i adore the belt!
and you look great!

Photo of Andrew J

Great dress!!! Marisa and I went shopping on Thursday and she tried on something very similar, but she didn't end up getting it because the zipper was funky :/. Really loving the belt too.

Me & Marisa

Photo of Paula

I adore your clothes!

Photo of Jenn

My light brown gladiator heels from JANE ALDRIDGE for Urban Outfitters came yesterday! I tried them on at home and didn't take them off for over 3 hours! Thank you so much for designing comfortable, beautiful and sexy heels!

Photo of kelly

Sooo fun, love the dress and the belt is amazing!

Photo of (always)alanna

i think that belt is the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen in my life. dont be too surprised if i come back with a picture of a DIY studded belt
you're fabulous jane

Photo of daphne

Look so much like your mama in that last photo!
And those boots are one of my favorites in your collection...perhaps THE favorite.
Oh, and that first photo looks just like my blog's header. The blond flip-effect is fab.

Photo of k a t e

Love love love love love :].

Photo of Becca Dudley

prettyfull dressss! i've got to say, you always put things together that i would never have thought would fit, yet on you it always works! go you missy x

Photo of Ally

beautiful!! i am in awe of your talent for wearing colour

Photo of isabel

I absolutely am in love with this dress. Where is it from?

Photo of Cat

this belt is amazing, love the mix of different studs! cat x http://fashion-disco.blogspot.com/

Photo of Caddie

Love the colors in this post! Keep up the good work :)


Photo of mr. freddy's mom

i love your colorful dress, jane!
oh boy, and that studded belt is fantastic!


Photo of Kate

thats a cool dress ;) notyour usual style, but still good!


Photo of Laurin

shut up, you're gorgeous.

Photo of Jane

Oh my gosh... I think I just fell in love with that dress.

Photo of lindsey b

girl...you have the best hair. it is your key piece for all your style posts. love it

Photo of Josephine

That looks really fresh. Way to pull it together

Photo of Marion

omg, beautiful dress! i love it

Photo of Christine

You make this vintage look really updated with the Prada booties!


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